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The Difference Between Platinum and 18kt White Gold

White Gold RIng against Platinum RIng after one year of Wear

Platinum and 18kt White Gold are the two most commonly used metals for the setting of engagement rings, wedding rings and other pieces of jewellery. Whilst these two metals may have a very similar appearance, they do have unique benefits and proprieties that are very important to compare and consider when deciding upon the choice […]

How to Make a Romantic Proposal Without an Engagement Ring

Proposing marriage with the gentleman on bended knee with a gift box opening to reveal a stunning diamond engagement ring has always been the classical way to make this life changing proposal. However, a recent market research survey undertaken by the team here at Rêve Diamonds & Fine Jewellery has shown that 40% of men in the UK now propose without a real diamond engagement ring. The survey also revealed that an astonishing 40% of men […]