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Top Tips to Help You Care for Your Jewellery 

We recommend that you have your jewellery professionally cleaned and inspected at least once a year but are also some simple things that you can do at home to help your precious jewellery look its very best for even longer. 

A Diamond Fit for Royalty – Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

Princess Cut Diamond engagement rings are second only to the classic round cut in popularity with  brides to be throughout the world, but what is the reason for the popularity of this cut? 

A Guide to Giving an Eternity Ring

Here at Reve Diamonds we appreciate that purchasing a diamond Eternity Ring as a Christmas present for your loved one is a significant investment, both in terms of time, money and emotion.

Choosing Your Engagement Ring Together

Getting engaged is probably one of the most important and emotional moments in your life which makes choosing the  right  engagement ring for your loved one an absolute must. Not only are you investing in a ring which will be a permanent symbol of the most important relationship of your life and your love for each other, but […]

Bespoke Engagement Ring Service

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to design your very own engagement ring? Here at Rêve Diamonds, we can make this dream come true thanks to our bespoke engagement ring design service. If you haven’t found the engagement ring that you will love and cherish forever, then allow our team of highly experienced creative designers and expert jewellers to guide you through the whole process from […]

Art Deco Diamond Jewellery

Art Deco Asscher Cut Diamond Ring

Art Deco Style Jewellery The 1920s and 30s was an age renowned for glitz and glamour, Hollywood movie stars, Flapper Girls, the Charleston and the Great Gatsby. During this era of ‘The Roaring Twenties’ the modernist style of ‘Art Deco’ was born and was the very first internationally recognised style revolution influencing fashion, jewellery, interior […]