Congratulations he’s popped the question and you said YES! No doubt you will be bursting with pride and want to shout your good news all over social media, and of course show off that gorgeous engagement ring that your wonderful fiancé has placed lovingly onto your ring finger.

    Back in the day newly engaged couples announced their happy news with an engagement announcement in their local paper. Nowadays, love them or hate them selfies are THE way to share great news as it's all about shouting it from the rooftops on social media. Engagement ring selfies can be regularly seen plastered all over Instagram and Facebook.

    For an engagement ring selfie, it is all about making your ring look its very best and showing off that beautiful diamond. Taking a great engagement ring selfie is a bit of an art and if you have ever tried to take a picture of your left hand you will totally understand that it’s not exactly easy. Taken from the wrong angle and you can make your fingers look like stumpy carrots and your beautiful engagement ring look very dull.  So if you are a newly engaged couple here are our five top tips for nailing an awesome engagement ring selfie that will be the envy of all your social media friends:

    The ring is the thing

    It is vital to remember that in the perfect engagement ring selfie the ring is THE thing.  It needs to be treated like a rock-star and allowed to shine and sparkle in all its brilliant glory. To do this you need to take a very close look at the design of your engagement ring. Decide what is special about it and what feature/s you want to emphasise to showcase this jewel in the crown. Is it a solitaire diamond that is perfectly set? Are there unique and romantic details in the profile view? Is there an engraving somewhere? Is your engagement ring custom made and you have not yet seen another quite like it?  You need to define what makes your engagement ring super special and ensure that the selfie that is taken really highlights this special quality.

    Experiment with the angle of your shot so that you capture the most amazing qualities of your ring.  But remember, there can be only two best angles to show off the ring - top down and direct from the top. These two angles will give the most real impression of your engagement ring, giving it best coverage in the shot. So for example if you love the ring setting then take a photo on an angle to highlight it.  To show off the shape of the diamond try an overhead shot without the flash.

    Treat yourself to a manicure 

    The ring has to be king in a good engagement ring selfie so do not detract from its beauty by having less than perfect nails that will attract more attention than the beauty of the diamond on your ring finger.  So treat yourself to a really good manicure and get those weather beaten hands looking silky soft and those overgrown cuticles cut short. Have your nails painted in a colour that suits your skin tone but preferably choose a neutral colour that is mild and gentle on the eye as this will make your engagement ring look even more stunning.

    If your hands are rather veiny, you can resort to the age old trick that many well know models use to make skin look fuller and plumper.  Hold your hand up, above your head for at least 30 seconds which will have the effect of draining the blood from your hand and thus making those protruding veins vanish.

    If your fiancé caught you by surprise when he proposed and you are overdue for a manicure but he is desperate to make that shout out on social media, then as quick measure put plenty of hand lotion on to soften your skin and get creative with your pose. For example, hold hands with your fiancé and keep your nails just out of the shot or even a fist pump with your nails firmly tucked into the palm of your hand!

    Lighting is everything.

    If it’s a diamond engagement ring then you will naturally want it to shine like no other diamond has shone before, to do this use light to your advantage.  The best time of day is the short period after sunrise or before sunset as many professional photographers know that lighting during this time makes everything look better. It is very flattering, not only for your ring, but also for your skin and your surroundings.

    Another reason why natural light is the best for an engagement ring selfie shot is that it will not take over the beauty of your ring.  Nor will it overemphasise the ring or add unnatural gleam to it. It will simply make the beauty of the ring shine out for all to see.

    If you do not wish to take your engagement ring selfie outside then set up your shot near a window to maximise natural light. If you take a photo with your mobile phone in a dimly lit room, you are pretty much guaranteed to get a blurry photo. Fluorescents and yellow bulb lights aren't much better, you want natural sunlight. Whether you take your engagement ring selfie inside or out, watch out for tricky shadows.  Also remember to take away all the accessories that are not related to the engagement ring.

    Get the right background 

    It is essential that you make sure that your chosen background emphasizes your engagement ring. Using the right prop or appropriate background is a much better idea than going for the sole ring shot. Stay away from cluttered backgrounds and use solid colours keeping a good distance between your hand and the background. Many girls like to use feminine details, like flowers or maybe try to use his hand as a background which is a very romantic gesture.

    Above all DO NOT use your bathroom or bedroom mirror as mirror selfies are anything but great.

    Do not use a flash or try to pull in the focus on the ring by zooming in on it as it will only serve to blur the image.

    Camera and Filters

    Photographs taken by mobile phones will never be as good as those taken professionally by a photographer who knows his art. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t take your time to get the perfect one.

    Firstly do not use the zoom function. If you want to take a close-up picture, with more details, bring your phone closer. Then, tap the screen so that the focus will be on your stunning diamond engagement ring. It is better to avoid filters, but if the no-filter quality doesn’t give you the look that you require then use one. The most commonly used filter is Valencia.

    It is crucial to try different poses and angles to get that winning image of your engagement ring.  Change the angles and try to see which highlights the centrepiece – the engagement ring. Keep trying until you find the picture that has the perfect shot, expressing your heart and mind. Keep it perfect, soft and romantic.


    An Eternity Ring was traditionally given to mark a special anniversary or time in your life together, but many couples now give Eternity Rings to show their undying love for each other and the strength of their relationship.  So, what better way to show your wife, girlfriend or loved one just how much they mean to you this Christmas than with the perfect gift of love – a stunning Eternity Ring. 

    Here at Reve Diamonds we appreciate that purchasing a diamond Eternity Ring as a Christmas present for your loved one is a significant investment, both in terms of time, money and emotion. There are many factors to consider so to help you make an informed decision, here is a short guide to all that you need to know about eternity rings. 

    What is an Eternity Ring and what does it symbolise? 

    The Eternity Ring has been given as the symbolism of commitment and eternal love since as far back in history as 2,000 BC.  

    An Eternity Ring, sometimes called an Infinity Ring, is traditionally designed from a continuous band of precious metal set with a line of identically cut diamonds. This continuous band is said to symbolise the unbroken bond of a relationship of two people going through the journey of life as one.   It is also said to symbolise the circle of life, and was often given after the birth of a couple's first child.  Whatever you interpretation of its meaning, giving an Eternity Ring means more than giving just a piece of beautiful jewellery, with this ring you are giving your heart to someone as the ring symbolises everlasting love and devotion. 

    The History of the Eternity Ring 

    The tradition of giving an Eternity Ring dates back over 4,000 years when the very first Eternity Rings were carved out of natural materials such as bone, beads or metal.  It is widely believed that the first Eternity Rings were worn by the Ancient Egyptians. They did not necessarily give this ring to mark a special occasion or anniversary, but rather as a symbol of the circle of eternity and everlasting love, as it is suggested by historians that this ring originated as a representation of the Ancient Egyptian symbol Ouroboros which is a snake swallowing its own tail to form a full circle.    

    In what order should you wear your engagement, wedding and eternity ring? 

    The Eternity Ring is most usually worn on the left-hand ring finger. Although of course this is not set in stone, for many couples the Engagement Ring, Wedding Ring and Eternity Ring Infinity Ring are worn on the same finger. The Eternity Ring is placed between the Wedding Band and Engagement Ring, but again this is ultimately down to personal preference. 

    Which style of Eternity Ring should you pick? 

    As an Eternity Ring is most usually worn on the same finger as the Wedding Ring and Engagement Ring, one of the most important factors to  consider when choosing an Eternity Ring to give to your loved one this Christmas is whether it will fit with current or future wedding sets.   

    Eternity Rings are available as both full and half rings. A full eternity ring will have diamonds set all the way around the band without a starting point or an ending point.  Alternatively you can also choose to have your Eternity Ring in a half style, which only has the stones going across the top of the band.  Half Eternity Rings are usually easier to create and size, consequently making them more affordable. Next consider the setting. We offer a wide selection of beautifully crafted Eternity Rings in a wide variety of settings including channel, claw, micro, pave or grain set designs:  

    channel setting is a ring without a centre stone. Channel Eternity Rings feature one or more rows of diamonds set side by side without separation in sections of precious metal, giving a smooth finish and maximum sparkle.  

    The claw setting is where the diamonds on the eternity ring are held in place with a claw shaped type of binding. Usually, three, four or six prongs are soldered onto the ring, and the jewel is then mounted onto the ring. Unlike the smooth metal edge on a channel setting, the stones in a half prong eternity ring and full prong eternity ring often feature. 

    Pavé Setting - a full  or half pavé Eternity Ring  is a setting that features small diamonds very close together, with almost no visibility of the metal prongs holding the stones in place. The word pavé comes from the French word, "to pave", and means your Eternity Ring is literally paved with diamonds giving it a textured surface and the illusion that the ring has a surface of jewels. 

    Once you have decided on the style of the Eternity Ring which you wish to choose for your loved one, you need to consider the metal.  18k white gold Eternity Rings are beautifully timeless and can easily complement existing jewellery. Though 18k yellow gold and platinum eternity rings are just as alluring. 

    We have a very wide selection of gorgeous Eternity rings but if you still cannot find what you are looking for, or you want something more special, then we offer a bespoke design service.  Our team of jewellery experts and master craftsmen will make your vision a reality with helpful guidance on everything from styles to setting type. 

    Can a diamond eternity ring be resized? 

    For many purchasing an Eternity Ring as a surprise Christmas gift the question of size can be a tricky issue. What if you get the size of your chosen Eternity Ring wrong?  Well do not worry half Eternity Rings can be slightly adjusted around 1 - 2 sizes depending on the style.  A full Eternity Ring can be made larger or smaller. To increase a full Eternity Ring in size slightly, the ring needs to be thick enough to allow a small amount of metal from the inner surface to be polished out of the ring. The  only way to reduce the size of a full Eternity Ring is to add metal to the inner surface (small metal pips or balls) to fill out the ring making it more snug on the finger. 


    With Christmas 2017 getting ever nearer it is time to start deciding upon the perfect gifts for the leading lady in your life, and what better gift to give at Christmas time than the sparkle of beautiful  diamond jewellery.  The gift of a piece of exquisite diamond jewellery will not only show that you have put real thought into choosing your present,  but will be a gift that will last a lifetime and certainly be appreciated as every lady loves to receive diamond jewellery.   

    Visit our Christmas diamond gift page 

    If you are looking for inspiration but have yet to make your choice then don't panic as here at Rêve Diamonds we have some suggestions that will be just perfect for the leading lady in your life. Whether she is your wife, girlfriend, mother, sister or a best friend we can offer you the perfect gift this Christmas from our stunning range of diamond necklaces, diamond rings, diamond earrings, and bracelets, and if you should you wish to propose to your loved one this Christmas we also offer a range of stunning diamond engagement rings. So with Rêve Diamonds you can make this the best Christmas ever, with diamond jewellery gifts. 

    For the perfect present for that special lady this Christmas, you cannot go wrong with Diamond Stud Earrings.  We have a superb selection of Diamond Stud Earrings to perfectly suit your recipient’s individual style and taste.  Diamond Stud Earrings are the perfect choice this Christmas for a lady whose style is chic and classic yet stunning.  These earrings are fashionably beautiful but not loud yet are a symbol of the power of femininity.  

    We offer a variety of settings to suit every face shape and style from classic four-claw settings to a diamond halo surround in a variety of classic and contemporary designs. All our Diamond Stud Earrings are made bespoke hand-crafted in your choice of metal. Giving Diamond Stud Earrings from Rêve Diamonds is a timeless gift that will always remind the lady in your life of your thoughtful Christmas gift.  

    If you want to give something special but aren’t sure that a pair of Diamond Stud Earrings is the answer, then we would like to suggest choosing one of stunning Diamond Pendant Necklaces.  This is a classic piece of jewellery that will add instant sophistication to any woman’s wardrobe and will not disappoint when opened as a gift on Christmas Day.  We offer a wide choice of Diamond Pendant Necklaces in Pear, Princess, Round and Heart cut with a three or four claw setting available in Platinum, 18k White, Yellow or Rose Gold and different chain styles and lengths. Our wide choice of made to order Diamond Pendant Necklaces will allow you to choose the design that you feel will create the perfect gift for your special female to suit her style and taste.    

    Should you be looking for a diamond jewellery gift for a modern lady then the perfectly fashionable yet classical choice has to be a beautiful Diamond Tennis Bracelet which is the ideal piece to wear with any style from casual to evening glitz.  Our Diamond Tennis Bracelets are designed to sit delicately on the wrist of the lady to whom this gift is given and are available in several widths to suit differing wrist sizes and preferences. We offer simple styles for the lady who prefers a more casual look or a more elaborate design that is perfect to be worn on special occasions.  

    If a proposal of marriage isn’t on the cards (or has already taken place), a Diamond Eternity Ring makes a fantastic Christmas gift as the ring will symbolise your everlasting love at Christmas time and forever more.  So if you want to buy a gift that exceeds all expectations for your girlfriend or wife then why not splash out on one of our exquisite Diamond Eternity Rings. Receiving a Rêve Diamonds eternity ring will be a gift that your special lady will never forget and will treasure for always.  We offer a wide selection of high quality Diamond Eternity Rings available in claw, channel, micro, pave or grain set designs and have a design to suit every taste and budget.  Whether your lady prefers the elegant simplicity of a single row of stones or the more ornate design of a fully encrusted ring that shimmers and sparkles on the finger, we will have the perfect Diamond Eternity Ring for your gift.  We also offer a bespoke design service if you wish to design your own Diamond Eternity Ring and our highly experienced designers and master craftsmen jewellers are happy to advise on your design style and settings to create the perfect Christmas present that will bring your leading lady the ultimate Christmas happiness.  

    While the most important day of the festive period may often pass by at super-fast speed, the gift of a piece of diamond jewellery from Rêve Diamonds will last forever, and let’s face it few Christmas gifts really do stand the test of time  - what did you do with that Christmas jumper you were given last year? 


    Christmas is a magical time of year, a time of joy, a time for families and friends to gather together, and a time to tell those closest to you just how much they mean to you.  So why not make this Christmas one that you will remember forever by proposing to your special someone and truly putting the icing on top of their Christmas cake!

    If you are planning a Christmas proposal we have six romantic and charming ideas for a Christmas that are sure to make this moment unforgettable:

    • Think outside the box 

    As the Christmas tree is the focal point of many homes why not make your tree sparkle even more with the addition of a beautiful diamond engagement ring. Cleverly disguise your engagement ring perhaps as the centre point of the star or angel on top of your Christmas tree, within a festive box hung like a bauble or inside a custom made proposal bauble that contains your ring.  Or for a more traditional approach why not hide your engagement ring with the other presents under the tree adopting the Russian doll tactic, and build up the excitement as each parcel gets smaller with your engagement ring being the last to be unwrapped.  As you get down on bended knee to make your proposal your loved one will be delighted to receive the ultimate Christmas present - your declaration of love and a stunning diamond engagement ring the whereabouts of which are revealed as you make your proposal.

    • Pull A Christmas Cracker

    Christmas crackers are a traditional feature on the Christmas dinner table. Why not make your proposal in front of your friends and family over Christmas dinner – a great way to share this special moment with those that mean the most to you. Present your loved one with a Christmas cracker that when pulled, instead of a corny joke, reveals a note asking her to marry you at which point you present her with your chosen diamond engagement ring.  Just make sure that you put the right cracker on her table place to avoid the embarrassment of asking Great Aunt Mabel to marry you!

    • Underneath The Mistletoe

    Make your traditional kiss under mistletoe more than just a kiss by hanging your engagement ring within the sprig of mistletoe. So that when you take your special someone under the mistletoe for a kiss you ask them to look up and watch their eyes light up as they realise that the will be getting so much more than a cheeky peck this Christmas!

    • Bake A Tasty Christmas Treat  

    If your partner has a sweet tooth why not add a festive treat into your proposal? Make your own Christmas cake (or for those who are less skilled in the kitchen buy one) and make a hole in the centre for the engagement ring to be placed tied to a ribbon allowing your loved one to pull out the special surprise which is sure to be the icing on her cake this Christmas.

    • Sing her praises 

    Festive music is a great way to sing your loved ones praises and pop the question. There are a couple of ways that music can be part of your Christmas proposal. Firstly you could enlist the help of a local group of carol singers, a church choir, or even a few of your friends to arrive at your prospective fiancés door and serenade her before you ask her to marry you. Alternatively taking inspiration from a well-known Christmas movie ‘Love Actually’, you could arrive at her door playing a festive tune on your smart phone, and without speaking tell your partner how much they mean to you, and ask them to marry you with the help of paper signs.

    • Name in Lights

    The sparkle of twinkling fairy lights at Christmas is an integral part of creating that special festive atmosphere so including some lights in a Christmas proposal is a fabulous way to retain that special magical festive theme.  Plus sparkling lights are not only festive but very romantic so almost guaranteed to give you a yes to your proposal!  Ideas using Christmas fairy lights could include writing ‘Marry Me’ in lights across her home or another building that is special to you both. If we are lucky enough to have snow this Christmas, use candles in the snow or led garden lights to pop the question.

    We are sure there are many other ways that you could make your Christmas proposal special but these are just a few of our favourite ideas. And of course don’t forget that all the team here at Reve Diamonds want your proposal to be perfect and we have a wide selection of the most stunning diamond engagement rings for you to choose from to make that moment truly memorable. Have a very merry Christmas!

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