Have you have found "The One" and decided that St. Valentines' day, the most romantic day of the year is the perfect day for your proposal? If so, with Valentine’s Day just around the corner you will no doubt have begun to consider choosing a diamond engagement ring to pop the question with that she will love and cherish just as much as she does you.  Here we have prepared a short guide to choosing the perfect diamond engagement ring for a Valentines' day proposal:

    Style and taste is a very personal thing and it has been said that no one woman will have exactly the same tastes as any other.  Therefore, as her prospective husband to be it is your job to decide exactly which diamond engagement ring is perfect for your Valentine knowing what her likes and dislikes are in jewellery and fashion.

    Which Style of Setting Will You Choose for Your Diamond Engagement Ring?

    This is possibly the first decision you will need to make as to which style of engagement ring setting is she going to want to wear for the rest of her life? Broadly speaking the styles of engagement ring settings can be categorised into two main engagement ring styles which are Solitaire and Multi-Stone.

    Solitaire SettingsAs the name suggest this refers to an engagement ring that is made from one diamond alone.  The Solitaire style is perhaps the most popular choice of engagement ring as it is simple, stylishly classical yet always fashionable, and its beauty will undoubtedly stand the test of time.  If you choose a solitaire setting for your fiancé, it's important to ensure your diamond is of the highest quality as the solitaire diamond will be the focus of everyone's attention that gazes upon her engagement ring therefore we strongly recommend that  you must go for the diamond that offers the best cut, colour and clarity within your budget.

    Multi-Stone Setting: this is a very general term that describes an engagement ring that is anything but a solitaire and they can be seen as giving you much more freedom to create a Valentines' engagement ring that will stand out from the crowd.

    One of the most popular of the multi-stone setting engagement rings is a ring with a three diamond setting which is often referred to as a ‘Trilogy’ or ‘Trinity’ setting. This classical design is the perfect choice for a lady who loves her jewellery with a lot of fire and sparkle.

    This setting has to be a strong contender for the title of "Perfect Engagement Ring for a Valentine's Proposal" as the multi-stone Trilogy engagement ring setting is said to symbolise the story of the journey that a relationship takes.  Many couples view the three diamonds within the ring as being symbolic of their commitment to being “my past, my present and my future”.  The larger middle diamond represents and the smaller stones either side represent the past and future.

    Which Metal To Choose? 

    Once you have decided upon the setting of engagement ring that will most suit your spouse to be’s taste and style, the next all important decision is which metal to choose for your engagement ring.  Each of our gorgeous diamond engagement ring styles is available in 18ct white gold, 18ct yellow gold or platinum, so your starting point and first dilemma is colour... Is your Valentine a fan of platinum or does she prefer White, or Yellow gold?  Take a look at what jewellery she already owns and then you can decide if you wish to complement or contrast her existing collection with your chosen engagement ring.

    If you loved one is more of a traditionalist then Yellow gold is likely to find favour as it has long been the choice of metal for diamond engagement rings and its rich burnished colour has been a symbol of wealth and prosperity for centuries.

    If you think your Valentine is more of a white metal girl, then the choice between White Gold and Platinum can be more complex so here is a quick guide:

    Platinum derives its name from the Spanish word platina, meaning "little silver."  It is a very dense metal that is more precious than gold.  Platinum is a beautiful metal and its stunning white silver finish instantly brings out the sparkle and shine in any diamond. Due to its rarity, Platinum has become synonymous with the expression of love, becoming the perfect metal for engagement rings.

    18ct White Gold is the result of combining yellow gold with white metal alloys such as silver and palladium, so as such is not actually a naturally occurring metal.  As gold is naturally a soft metal it has to be mixed so that the jewellery that it forms can withstand wear and tear.  The Carat (ct) measurement indicates how much natural gold is present in your White Gold engagement ring. White gold is very popular with modern fashionista’s as it has a very contemporary look possibly because of its metallic ice-like sheen. It will be a great choice of metal if your loved one prefers a silver finish but your budget will not stretch to a Platinum engagement ring.

    Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend

    The final component, but possibly the most important factor, in choosing your perfect Valentine engagement ring has to be the diamond.   There are a lot of factors that combine to make a beautiful diamond and it is very important that you know the basics, the all-important ‘4C's’ which colour, cut, clarity and carat.  We've dedicated a whole section of our website to help you understand quality diamonds. But if all this information makes you head spin, the highly experienced team here at Rêve Diamonds are diamond experts and we are happy to guide you through the process of creating the perfect engagement ring for a Valentine’s Day proposal.

    We even offer a bespoke engagement ring service whereby we will create a stunning engagement ring to your very own design to suit your budget, after all a Valentine’s Day proposal does demand a very special ring!


    Congratulations he’s popped the question and you said YES! No doubt you will be bursting with pride and want to shout your good news all over social media, and of course show off that gorgeous engagement ring that your wonderful fiancé has placed lovingly onto your ring finger.

    Back in the day newly engaged couples announced their happy news with an engagement announcement in their local paper. Nowadays, love them or hate them selfies are THE way to share great news as it's all about shouting it from the rooftops on social media. Engagement ring selfies can be regularly seen plastered all over Instagram and Facebook.

    For an engagement ring selfie, it is all about making your ring look its very best and showing off that beautiful diamond. Taking a great engagement ring selfie is a bit of an art and if you have ever tried to take a picture of your left hand you will totally understand that it’s not exactly easy. Taken from the wrong angle and you can make your fingers look like stumpy carrots and your beautiful engagement ring look very dull.  So if you are a newly engaged couple here are our five top tips for nailing an awesome engagement ring selfie that will be the envy of all your social media friends:

    The ring is the thing

    It is vital to remember that in the perfect engagement ring selfie the ring is THE thing.  It needs to be treated like a rock-star and allowed to shine and sparkle in all its brilliant glory. To do this you need to take a very close look at the design of your engagement ring. Decide what is special about it and what feature/s you want to emphasise to showcase this jewel in the crown. Is it a solitaire diamond that is perfectly set? Are there unique and romantic details in the profile view? Is there an engraving somewhere? Is your engagement ring custom made and you have not yet seen another quite like it?  You need to define what makes your engagement ring super special and ensure that the selfie that is taken really highlights this special quality.

    Experiment with the angle of your shot so that you capture the most amazing qualities of your ring.  But remember, there can be only two best angles to show off the ring - top down and direct from the top. These two angles will give the most real impression of your engagement ring, giving it best coverage in the shot. So for example if you love the ring setting then take a photo on an angle to highlight it.  To show off the shape of the diamond try an overhead shot without the flash.

    Treat yourself to a manicure 

    The ring has to be king in a good engagement ring selfie so do not detract from its beauty by having less than perfect nails that will attract more attention than the beauty of the diamond on your ring finger.  So treat yourself to a really good manicure and get those weather beaten hands looking silky soft and those overgrown cuticles cut short. Have your nails painted in a colour that suits your skin tone but preferably choose a neutral colour that is mild and gentle on the eye as this will make your engagement ring look even more stunning.

    If your hands are rather veiny, you can resort to the age old trick that many well know models use to make skin look fuller and plumper.  Hold your hand up, above your head for at least 30 seconds which will have the effect of draining the blood from your hand and thus making those protruding veins vanish.

    If your fiancé caught you by surprise when he proposed and you are overdue for a manicure but he is desperate to make that shout out on social media, then as quick measure put plenty of hand lotion on to soften your skin and get creative with your pose. For example, hold hands with your fiancé and keep your nails just out of the shot or even a fist pump with your nails firmly tucked into the palm of your hand!

    Lighting is everything.

    If it’s a diamond engagement ring then you will naturally want it to shine like no other diamond has shone before, to do this use light to your advantage.  The best time of day is the short period after sunrise or before sunset as many professional photographers know that lighting during this time makes everything look better. It is very flattering, not only for your ring, but also for your skin and your surroundings.

    Another reason why natural light is the best for an engagement ring selfie shot is that it will not take over the beauty of your ring.  Nor will it overemphasise the ring or add unnatural gleam to it. It will simply make the beauty of the ring shine out for all to see.

    If you do not wish to take your engagement ring selfie outside then set up your shot near a window to maximise natural light. If you take a photo with your mobile phone in a dimly lit room, you are pretty much guaranteed to get a blurry photo. Fluorescents and yellow bulb lights aren't much better, you want natural sunlight. Whether you take your engagement ring selfie inside or out, watch out for tricky shadows.  Also remember to take away all the accessories that are not related to the engagement ring.

    Get the right background 

    It is essential that you make sure that your chosen background emphasizes your engagement ring. Using the right prop or appropriate background is a much better idea than going for the sole ring shot. Stay away from cluttered backgrounds and use solid colours keeping a good distance between your hand and the background. Many girls like to use feminine details, like flowers or maybe try to use his hand as a background which is a very romantic gesture.

    Above all DO NOT use your bathroom or bedroom mirror as mirror selfies are anything but great.

    Do not use a flash or try to pull in the focus on the ring by zooming in on it as it will only serve to blur the image.

    Camera and Filters

    Photographs taken by mobile phones will never be as good as those taken professionally by a photographer who knows his art. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t take your time to get the perfect one.

    Firstly do not use the zoom function. If you want to take a close-up picture, with more details, bring your phone closer. Then, tap the screen so that the focus will be on your stunning diamond engagement ring. It is better to avoid filters, but if the no-filter quality doesn’t give you the look that you require then use one. The most commonly used filter is Valencia.

    It is crucial to try different poses and angles to get that winning image of your engagement ring.  Change the angles and try to see which highlights the centrepiece – the engagement ring. Keep trying until you find the picture that has the perfect shot, expressing your heart and mind. Keep it perfect, soft and romantic.


    With the flurry of excitement over the royal engagement of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, many couples are now deciding to make a formal commitment to one another by getting engaged. So if you have finally decided to pop the question to your other half this Christmas you will no doubt want to find the perfect engagement ring beforehand.  Here is where it gets interesting!  Considerations such as how much should you be spending, what style of ring to choose, size of diamond…. and many more questions will no doubt be going through your head. But don’t worry we are here to help you choose an engagement ring for your bride-to-be that is on trend and that she will fall instantly in love with. Here are our predictions for the hottest trends in engagement rings for 2018:

    Trilogy engagement rings 

    The royal engagement ring is a stunning trilogy design with a trio of diamonds comprised of two round-cut diamonds and a central cushion cut diamond set on a yellow gold band.  The royal family have a lot of influence when it comes to trends and fashion. Much as Kate Middleton and Princess Diana’s engagement rings sparked a trend, so we expect to see a resurgence in popularity of the three-stone engagement ring.  A trilogy engagement ring is the perfect design to represent your eternal love for your partner as the three stones are said to symbolise friendship, love and fidelity, the necessary ingredients for a happy relationship and marriage. So if you are a couple looking for an engagement ring with a deeper meaning in your the three stone trilogy engagement ring could be just the right choice.

    Yellow gold

    Yellow gold is reportedly Meghan Markle's favourite metal and this was reflected in Prince Harrys choice of a yellow gold band trilogy diamond ring. We predict that this will kick-start a trend with yellow gold rings likely to becoming a popular choice for 2018 much as the Duchess of Cambridge's engagement ring caused an influx of requests for white gold engagement rings.  While yellow gold is by no means new, in recent years it has somewhat lost favour but it is the a very flattering colour for many skin tones and is said to add warmth to diamond rings, with the contrast between cool bright diamonds and the gold band a winning combination.

    The Split Shank

    Trilogy rings are not for every couple and one trend in engagement ring trend that is set to be very popular in 2018 is the split shank ring. This style usually features a solitaire diamond and the band either side is split which leave a gap that shows the finger.  This design gives has a very modern feel to a solitaire ring that is generally considered as a simple and traditional style.

    With the split shank style of engagement ring customisation is a definite option for those that wish to create an engagement ring that is uniquely special. For example, the gap can be made larger on the east and west points and then narrow and closer together at the diamond.  If your fiancé is a fan of all things vintage then a split shank engagement ring will definitely appeal to her as many vintage-inspired engagement rings feature a split shank and the band will often be a French-set or set with diamonds.  In addition for those who love ‘bling’ splitting the band provides more space to add smaller pavé diamonds which give the illusion of added brilliance and sparkle to the engagement ring.   It is also possible to have a variety of diamond shapes for this type of ring.  For example, to create a classic look with an art deco twist why not choose  a round diamond halo style where the split in the band is very subtle and blends into the centre being positioned close to the diamond.

    Many fashionistas and jewellery experts are predicting that this engagement ring trend is sure to dominate in 2018 as vintage fashion is still very much on trend and yellow gold is a great option for this ring style.

    Geometric Silhouettes

    Adding a geometric shape around your solitaire or oval diamond halo ring is becoming very fashionable as many brides-to-be are moving away from feminine lines towards contemporary designs that surround the diamond with a hexagonal frame. The geometric setting makes a very eye-catching statement whilst not detracting from the beauty of the centrepiece diamond.  This style is just perfect for those who embrace cutting edge styles and perfectly complements the 2018 fashion trends for strong metallics and sharp lines.

    On trend shapes

    When choosing the perfect engagement ring for your spouse-to-be it is very important to consider carefully the shape of the centre stone. Pear shaped diamonds are a must have trend for 2018. The elegant cut of per-shaped diamonds will add that extra something to a plain band and give the appearance of slimmer and slender looking fingers.

    Princess cuts are falling in popularity as diamonds with rounded edges are considered the way forward. The oval diamond is very on-trend and it the perfect choice for a look that is far more subtle and has more clarity and depth. Not only do oval diamonds appear larger in a carat by carat comparison with a round diamond, but they also have the bonus of costing less too!

    Fancy Coloured Diamonds 

    Coloured diamonds have become a very popular choice in 2017 and their popularity looks set to increase making it a hot trend for 2018.  If your partner likes to stand out from the crowd why not choose an engagement ring that features a yellow or black diamond as these are set to the stand out colours for 2018.

    Black diamonds are also very much in vogue as they add a slightly frosty feel with a mysterious edge to an engagement ring.  The trend for black diamond engagement rings first became popular back in 2010 when Carrie of Sex and the City was proposed to by Mr Big. Black diamonds are totally natural and offer a very unique brilliance and shine.  They are now being worn by some of the world’s biggest celebrities including Lady Gaga and Selena Gomez.

    Yellow diamonds are reminiscent of warmth and vibrancy and this colour has long been associated with feelings of happiness and positive energy, promoting love and hope.  Yellow diamonds are said to offer spiritual positivity and to provide relief from tiredness and the associated negative emotions.   Yellow diamonds are set to become increasingly popular in 2018 as they are a little different to the brilliant white diamond, and emit more warmth than a black diamond.

    If you decide to choose a coloured diamond for your engagement ring you must be very aware of selecting a band that will complement the diamond otherwise you will end up with a clash of colours.


    Getting engaged is one of life’s milestone events but knowing how much to spend on an engagement ring can also be one of the most frustrating decisions to have to make to ensure that you get your big moment just right.  Buying an engagement ring is a pretty significant investment, and you need to be 100% sure that the engagement ring that you choose for your loved one is within your means/affordable, and reflects the lifelong commitment and eternal love you hold for them.

    There is no set-in-stone amount that has to be spent on an engagement ring, but there are so many different rules and expectations when it comes to the cost of buying an engagement ring that it can be very confusing so we hope that we some pretty solid answers here to help you on your way to deciding how much to spend on an engagement ring:

    How much of my salary should I commit to buying an engagement ring with? 

    You may have heard the rule of thumb that one month’s salary should be spent on an engagement ring? This was started by the world famous mining and diamond jewellers De Beers when during the 1930s era of the American Great Depression they ran a marketing campaign suggesting that men spend one months’ salary on a diamond engagement ring, and since that time the idea has stuck.

    In the 1980s De Beers ran another advertising campaign suggesting that in modern times an engagement ring should cost two months’ salary, which later on then became three months’ salary, as the price of diamonds rose.  Thanks to this very inventive marketing campaign, De Beers have set the bar that the perfect engagement ring needs to cost at least a few months’ salary and this is almost now expected. However,  if three months wages seems a big stretch financially yet one month seems miserly,  perhaps pick a price point somewhere in the middle which is suitable for you. This could be a good option if you are looking to invest in an engagement ring that will be cherished but won’t potentially wreck your finances.

    Consider ways to make your money go further 

    There are some pretty savvy things you can do to make sure that make your money goes further and that you still get the best engagement ring that you can for the money you have allocated.

    Firstly familiarise yourself with what is referred to as the four C’s of diamonds: clarity, cut, colour and carat weight.

    In terms of clarity, the best diamonds are flawless, meaning that they don’t have any blemishes when viewed under a microscope. Consider opting for a diamond with a lower clarity grade that will cost less as many diamonds look exactly the same to the naked eye, unless you are a diamond expert with a magnifying glass in hand. Alternatively choose a lower carat diamond meaning that it weighs less, or one that isn’t completely colourless can also lower its overall price.

    Another idea to get the most bang for your bucks is to choose a style of engagement ring that gives the illusion of the diamond being larger and more brilliant than it actually. For example, choose an engagement ring with a round diamond halo setting accented with pavé diamonds. Within a halo setting even a smaller carat diamond can look fabulous giving the illusion of looking a lot bigger as the brilliant accent stones add a sparkling unbroken expanse of light so adding to the ‘wow’ factor.

    Why not consider shopping online from retailers such as Rêve Diamonds who offer great deals, have an excellent reputation for top quality jewellery, are widely trusted and offer fully certificate diamond rings.



    The prospect of starting a New Year is undoubtedly a thrilling one with thoughts of new beginnings. It’s a time for renewed energy and optimism for happy times to come and a time to take decisive action on some important life decisions that will shape your future.  So what better time after spending a fabulous fun filled Christmas with your partner to pop the question and ask her to marry you and start 2018 with an engagement announcement to your family and friends?  Getting engaged at New Year is a great way to smile way those winter blues and perfect timing with the year ahead to plan the next phase of your life together.

    So with your New Year marriage proposal in mind the next big decision is finding the perfect engagement ring that will set her heart alight. Here at Reve Diamonds we have many thousands of people come through our doors each year to make that all important purchase and we understand that buying an engagement ring can be intimidating, and sometimes even a little scary. After all, this is one of the most important purchases you may ever make.  If you are feeling the pressure and unsure as to where to start we are here to help with five tips as to how to decide upon the perfect engagement ring for your New Year proposal:

    1. Research her style and likes

    Not every woman has the same style of clothing and taste in fashion, and the same follows for engagement ring style. While one woman might love the classic elegance of a traditional three stone diamond ring, another may prefer unique coloured gemstone rings. But how do you know which style is her style, how do you determine if your fiancé to be is a princess-cut, cushion-cut, or round-cut type of girl? Would she rather have platinum, white or yellow? Is she a modern girl or does she prefer classic fashion items or a vintage look?

    Well the answer is relatively simple; take some time to closely observe her tastes and preferences. Look at the style of any current rings or pieces of jewellery that she already owns and wears as this will give you a big clue as to her preferences so that you can choose an engagement ring that she will love. If she’s a low maintenance roll-out-of-bed kind of lady, a simple, easy to wear ring might be the answer but, if she typically spends more time on her hair and makeup, she might be a bit more into some bling!

    Stalk her social media to see if she has commented upon other women’s engagement rings or saved images on sites such as Pinterest. Does she ever express an interest in a particular style when flicking through fashion magazines? Look for trends, for example are the rings that she likes platinum with a solitaire diamond, or does she prefer to go all out with the bling and would choose an engagement ring with a centre diamond and halo setting?   If you are still struggling for clues then why not speak to her female friends and/or relatives, in confidence of course!  If you can trust them with your secret – then you may well be able to gather a fairly accurate picture of her likes and dislikes.

    Perhaps the most important piece of advice is not to buy something according to your own taste but to suit your bride-to-be’s taste.

    1. Select a Shape

    There are numerous shapes of diamonds to choose from that make up engagement rings.  The most popular are perhaps brilliant round and princess, followed by cushion, emerald, square, oval, pear, and heart.  There is no wrong choice in the shape of diamond that you select; it is all about personal preference.  Unlike ever changing fashion trends, diamonds will never go out of style.  To narrow down your choices focus upon what will be important to your partner. If sparkle is a leading factor then choose either a round or princess cut as these have the most facets which are light-reflecting cuts and will therefore bring to your engagement ring maximum sparkle and brilliance.  If you want your diamond engagement ring to be more unique, then consider a more unusual cut like pear, oval, or heart.

    1. Think about the setting

    You have several options when it comes to your engagement-ring setting, from split shanks and prongs to pavé and bezels. For a classic look, go for a solitaire with either a solid metal band or, for added shimmer, a micro-pavé band. Looking for something more glamorous? Try a radiant, cushion cut, or emerald-cut stone with a halo or a diamond-studded band or for the ultimate symbol of love the trilogy engagement ring.

    1. Consider Metal Options

    There are a plethora of metal options for the band and settings of your engagement ring from the stunning silver colour of platinum to white to yellow and rose gold, and again this does  come down to personal preference.  If your spouse to be wears other pieces of jewellery that are predominantly yellow gold, you may choose to stay in that metal family. If her everyday accessories tend to be silver, platinum seems like an obvious choice. Also, consider what will look best on her skin tone. Don't forget, you can always mix up your metals by introducing a different metal within your wedding-ring pairing.

    1. Find out her ring size

    There is perhaps no more awkward moment than presenting your bride-to-be with a surprise engagement with a ring that’s too small. You go to slide the ring on her finger - and it doesn’t fit, awkward!!

    Visit our Ring Size Chart - Reve Diamonds - How To Measure Ring Size

    There are a few ways around this. First of all, step one is to determine her ring size. You could do this by borrowing one of her rings for a few hours and bring it to the Reve Diamonds showroom to get it sized for the most accurate results. Alternatively we are happy to send you a Free Finger Sizer by post upon request that you can compare to a ring you know she wears a lot. Make sure you know that it is a ring that fits her ring finger, though! If she wears rings on other fingers, make sure you didn’t accidentally grab her pinky ring by accident!  If you are really unsure about her exact rign size then we always advise buying an engagement ring that’s too big, it will still fit on her finger and you can get it resized to fit her later.

    If you're looking for the perfect ring to complement your big question for a New Year proposal, Reve you've come to the right place here at Reve Diamonds. We offer a choice from more than 100 handcrafted engagement ring designs, all of which can be customised to suit your needs and offer a 30 day return policy. We also have more than 10,000 loose diamonds and fancy coloured diamonds including yellow diamonds for those looking for something a bit different.  We also offer a bespoke service where your engagement ring can be made to your very own design to give you the perfect engagement ring.


    Getting engaged is probably one of the most important and emotional moments in your life which makes choosing the right engagement ring for your loved one an absolute must. Not only are you investing in a ring which will be a permanent symbol of the most important relationship of your life and your love for each other, but you are about to part with a substantial amount of money - the accepted engagement ring mantra still being that you will be spending at least one month's salary!

    It is a nerve wracking feeling handing over a substantial amount of money if you are not certain your partner will love the engagement ring that you have chosen. But take heart as a recent survey has shown that 500,000 Brits didn’t expect to receive a ring when their partner proposed marriage to them, and 17 million Brits received their engagement ring after the proposal. In fact, getting engaged without a ring can make the proposal more spontaneous, and gives the couple a fun activity to look forward to after saying “yes”. Plus let’s face it you will naturally want your fiancé to fall in love with the engagement ring as much as you so why not choose your engagement ring together!

    There are no strict rules of etiquette when it comes to engagement ring shopping together. The only accepted rule that you both should not want to break is making sure that whatever you do or choose is a joint decision, and that the end goal is spending your life with the one you love most.  Many couples regard choosing an engagement ring together as a beautifully romantic task that will always be remembered and is an important step taken together. Plus going engagement ring shopping together makes the choice easier, especially if your future spouse has very particular taste and knows exactly what they you want.

    From a female point of view many girls grow up thinking how they want their engagement ring to be. So when they are given a chance to choose their engagement ring together with their future spouse, they feel special and privileged and assured that he believes in taking important joint decisions.  From a male perspective choosing an engagement ring together is almost a sigh of relief knowing that his fiancé will be ultimately making the choice, however, if worries about disclosing the budget are an issue, here at Reve Diamonds we are happy to allay these fears. If the sales advisor is informed of the budget beforehand only the engagement rings within that price range will be shown.  However, even if she figures out the price it could be viewed as a blessing in disguise, as after all you two are going to spend the life together and there should not be financial secrets.

    If you still feel in your heart that a proposal seems incomplete without the presentation of an engagement ring, why not present your loved one with a temporary until you splash out on the real deal? Reve Diamonds offer a free Cubic Zirconia ‘placeholder ring’ to use during your proposal. This free ring can then be exchanged for the real thing when you both return to Reve Diamonds showroom to choose the diamond engagement ring that is “the one”.

    Alongside our stunning collection of exquisite diamond engagement rings we also offer couples the opportunity to create a truly one-of-a-kind engagement ring, designed to reflect your love story with our bespoke engagement ring service. Under the guidance of our in-house design experts and master craftsmen jewellers, you can both design your engagement ring from scratch choosing the setting, the metal, diamond cut and carats to suit your budget.

    After all an engagement ring isn’t just a tradition, but an ornament that is going to be worn for a lifetime, so it is important to choose it together so you both are happy about it.


    You have met the person you wish to spend the rest of your life with and are ready to pop that all important question “will you marry me?” Traditionally a marriage proposal is marked with the giving of an engagement ring, but have you ever wondered why we do this?

    Anthropologists believe that the tradition of giving an engagement ring dates back to the time of the Ancient Egyptians nearly 5,000 years ago. They believed that circles symbolised eternity the hole in the centre of the ring signified never ending and immortal love for the woman wearing the ring. To mark this belief, Egyptian men gave their wife to be a handmade ring made out of twisted and braided reeds, sedges and papyrus.  Naturally these rings did not last long and were often replaced with engagement rings made from other natural elements such as leather, bone or ivory with the more expensive the material of the engagement ring signifying the wealth of the giver.

    The tradition of wearing an engagement ring on the left hand ring finger is also thought to date back to the Ancient Egyptians as they believed that an engagement ring worn on the ring finger would ignite eternal love as there is a vein that runs directly to the heart. This vein was later called the ‘Vena amoris’ by Latin philosopher Macrobius Ambrosius Theodosius in 395 - 423 AD who believed the vein of love had magical properties.  In latter days the vein of love has been disproven but the tradition still remains to wear an engagement and wedding ring on the ring finger of the left hand ring finger.

    The giving of engagement rings have also been dated back to the Romans in the 2nd Century when it was given to a bride to be in lieu of a money or a valuable object and was also seen as symbolic of the legal agreement of ownership of the woman by the man who gave the ring.

    The very first recorded giving of a diamond engagement ring was one that was commissioned in 1477 by Archduke Maximillian of Austria for his betrothed, Mary of Burgundy.  He proposed to Mary of Burgundy with a diamond engagement ring in the shape of an ‘M’ which was made from comprised of thin, flat pieces of diamond.  However, it was not until the 1870's when miners discovered diamonds in South Africa that diamond engagement rings became prevalent within the jewellery industry.

    By 1872, the output of the South African diamond mines exceeded one million carats per year and as production increased, diamonds became more widely available to the general public. However, for a long time after this diamond engagement rings were still seen as mark of wealth, nobility and aristocracy.

    In 1938, De Beers the world famous diamond cartel created a marketing campaign that would have a major impact on the giving of diamond engagement rings.  This campaign initially educated the public about the 4 Cs of cut, carats, colour, and clarity and then in 1947 De Beers created the world renowned slogan "a diamond is forever". The aim of this was persuade consumers that a diamond engagement ring is the only acceptable stone for an engagement ring as it is indispensable and life lasting. De Beers also created the ideology that at least a month’s salary should be spent on a diamond engagement ring, but whether you spend one month's, three months' or the equivalent of a year’s salary on an engagement ring it is the giving of a gift that symbolises your promise of eternal love that matters.


    The Festive Season is traditionally a time of celebration and love, a time to look forward to new beginnings as the New Year fast approaches. This makes Christmas time the perfect opportunity to ask your loved one “will you marry me?” and begin to plan your happy ever after. In fact in a recent poll Christmas Eve took first place as the most popular day of the year to propose marriage.   

    So, if you are planning to propose this Christmas you will of course need to give some serious thought to the perfect engagement ring that will grace the finger of the person you plan to send the rest of your life with.  Here at Rêve Diamonds we have many thousands of men, women, and happy couples come through our showroom doors each year looking for the perfect diamond engagement ring, and we know full well that this can be quite a daunting task. So here are a few pieces of advice to guide you through the process of finding the perfect diamond engagement ring at the perfect price: 

    • Set you budget  

    Buying a diamond engagement ring is a significant investment and they say that a diamond engagement ring should cost at least a month’s salary.  When beginning the quest for the perfect engagement ring for your Christmas proposal first and foremost we advise that you set a realistic budget and spend only what you can afford. Once you have set your budget this will to some extent determine the choice of rings that you have.   

    • Do your research 

    Do not make the mistake of shopping for a diamond engagement ring from a person/retailer that is not a true professional. To make the right purchase you will need expert advice from a highly experience and qualified jeweller such as Rêve Diamonds. Also you must ensure that the diamonds that they sell are certificated by one of the leading diamond laboratories such as the GIA, HRD or IGI. As with most things in life, the better prepared you are, the better the results will be! 

    • Know your diamonds – The Four C’s 

    Ensure that you understand the basics about diamonds and the all-important ‘4C's’, these being colour, cut, clarity and carat.  All these factors should be considered equally when comparing diamonds and we always advise that you need a good balance between the colour and clarity.  However, it is widely held that more than any other factor; it is how the diamond is cut that will determine its defining characteristic.  

    Remember that with diamonds size isn't everything, it is the cut that directly influences the stone’s ability to absorb and reflect light to impart brilliance and sparkle. If a diamond is cut incorrectly then its sparkle will be compromised. It is how the 57 or 58 facets cut on the diamond's surface are angled and sized that dictates how light reflects and exits the diamond, an effect known as its "fire". Cuts that are too deep or too shallow will make the diamond less brilliant. 

    Therefore, do not be misled into thinking that the bigger the stone, the better the ring, and the better the chance that she will say yes! With diamonds the carat (weight) doesn’t always have to be large to be expensive, and in fact many women prefer to have a well cut quality diamond engagement ring over a large but more inferior stone – and at the end of the day she will be the one who will be wearing the ring every day.  

    • Choose A Shape That Will Flatter    

    The cut will also determine the shape of the diamond and this is an important factor to consider when choosing the perfect diamond engagement ring. The most popular common shape is perhaps the round cut brilliant diamond with the princess cut in second place, but others include the emerald, the pear, the marquise, the oval and the heart shape. 

    When choosing the perfect diamond engagement ring you should always consider the shape of the ring in relation to the shape and size of your fiancés fingers/hands. For instance, for those with shorter fingers elongated styles like pear, marquise or an oval cut diamond ring are more flattering. Avoid wide bands as these tend to make the fingers appear shorter than they really are. The radiant and princess cuts, or other rings with square shaped diamonds set within, are best for women who have long fingers. If your fiancé has large hands, then do not choose a delicate ring setting, or slender narrow diamond on her finger.  If you are still unsure on which shape of diamond engagement ring to choose then perhaps take a look at the style of rings that she currently chooses to wear as this may give you a guide to what suits her and her personal taste.   

    • Ring Size 

    This can be a tricky part of the process as ensuring that the diamond engagement ring fits perfectly is of course dependent upon knowing the correct ring finger size of your loved one.  If you wish to keep your Christmas marriage proposal a secret until the day then you could consider one of the following tactics:  

    Borrow one of her rings or trace one of her rings on a piece of paper and take it to your chosen jeweller. 

    Ask one of her friends or family her ring size or to find out on your behalf.  

    Have her try on a ring you are pretending to buy for another friend or family member or have her try on one of her friends’ engagement rings. 

    We are happy to send you a Free Finger Sizer by post upon request to help you with determining the correct size of engagement ring. 

    Or you could ask her! 

    Although your actual marriage proposal can be a nervous moment – will she say yes or won’t she? With these helpful hints on choosing your perfect ring the team here at Rêve Diamonds hope that when you go down on bended knee to pop the question you will at least feel that you have done your best to pick the perfect diamond engagement ring.  However, if you are still feeling unsure about choosing the perfect diamond engagement ring for your Christmas marriage proposal then we are happy to help by providing you with a Cubic Zirconia ring free of charge that can be used during your proposal. This substitute ring can then be exchanged for the real thing when your visit our London showrooms to purchase your engagement ring together after the proposal. 


    Christmas is a magical time of year, a time of joy, a time for families and friends to gather together, and a time to tell those closest to you just how much they mean to you.  So why not make this Christmas one that you will remember forever by proposing to your special someone and truly putting the icing on top of their Christmas cake!

    If you are planning a Christmas proposal we have six romantic and charming ideas for a Christmas that are sure to make this moment unforgettable:

    • Think outside the box 

    As the Christmas tree is the focal point of many homes why not make your tree sparkle even more with the addition of a beautiful diamond engagement ring. Cleverly disguise your engagement ring perhaps as the centre point of the star or angel on top of your Christmas tree, within a festive box hung like a bauble or inside a custom made proposal bauble that contains your ring.  Or for a more traditional approach why not hide your engagement ring with the other presents under the tree adopting the Russian doll tactic, and build up the excitement as each parcel gets smaller with your engagement ring being the last to be unwrapped.  As you get down on bended knee to make your proposal your loved one will be delighted to receive the ultimate Christmas present - your declaration of love and a stunning diamond engagement ring the whereabouts of which are revealed as you make your proposal.

    • Pull A Christmas Cracker

    Christmas crackers are a traditional feature on the Christmas dinner table. Why not make your proposal in front of your friends and family over Christmas dinner – a great way to share this special moment with those that mean the most to you. Present your loved one with a Christmas cracker that when pulled, instead of a corny joke, reveals a note asking her to marry you at which point you present her with your chosen diamond engagement ring.  Just make sure that you put the right cracker on her table place to avoid the embarrassment of asking Great Aunt Mabel to marry you!

    • Underneath The Mistletoe

    Make your traditional kiss under mistletoe more than just a kiss by hanging your engagement ring within the sprig of mistletoe. So that when you take your special someone under the mistletoe for a kiss you ask them to look up and watch their eyes light up as they realise that the will be getting so much more than a cheeky peck this Christmas!

    • Bake A Tasty Christmas Treat  

    If your partner has a sweet tooth why not add a festive treat into your proposal? Make your own Christmas cake (or for those who are less skilled in the kitchen buy one) and make a hole in the centre for the engagement ring to be placed tied to a ribbon allowing your loved one to pull out the special surprise which is sure to be the icing on her cake this Christmas.

    • Sing her praises 

    Festive music is a great way to sing your loved ones praises and pop the question. There are a couple of ways that music can be part of your Christmas proposal. Firstly you could enlist the help of a local group of carol singers, a church choir, or even a few of your friends to arrive at your prospective fiancés door and serenade her before you ask her to marry you. Alternatively taking inspiration from a well-known Christmas movie ‘Love Actually’, you could arrive at her door playing a festive tune on your smart phone, and without speaking tell your partner how much they mean to you, and ask them to marry you with the help of paper signs.

    • Name in Lights

    The sparkle of twinkling fairy lights at Christmas is an integral part of creating that special festive atmosphere so including some lights in a Christmas proposal is a fabulous way to retain that special magical festive theme.  Plus sparkling lights are not only festive but very romantic so almost guaranteed to give you a yes to your proposal!  Ideas using Christmas fairy lights could include writing ‘Marry Me’ in lights across her home or another building that is special to you both. If we are lucky enough to have snow this Christmas, use candles in the snow or led garden lights to pop the question.

    We are sure there are many other ways that you could make your Christmas proposal special but these are just a few of our favourite ideas. And of course don’t forget that all the team here at Reve Diamonds want your proposal to be perfect and we have a wide selection of the most stunning diamond engagement rings for you to choose from to make that moment truly memorable. Have a very merry Christmas!


    Proposing marriage with the gentleman on bended knee with a gift box opening to reveal a stunning diamond engagement ring has always been the classical way to make this life changing proposal. However, a recent market research survey undertaken by the team here at Rêve Diamonds & Fine Jewellery has shown that 40% of men in the UK now propose without a real diamond engagement ring.

    The survey also revealed that an astonishing 40% of men in the UK said that they proposed to their loved one using fake plastic rings purchased from a well-known online auction site, or alternatively used another method such as a letter to propose to their loved one.

    Whilst times of economic austerity may be making men more cautious when making a marriage proposal in not immediately investing in an engagement ring and using a substitute, the survey revealed that after receiving the magic answer of ‘yes’, they then went on to spend an average of £3000 on an engagement ring. In fact 50% of respondents told Rêve Diamonds that they had then gone on to spend between £3000 and £5000 on a diamond engagement ring and 40% of respondents chose their engagement ring together.

    If you are considering a marriage proposal and wish to delay purchasing an engagement ring, we have a few hints and tips on how to make a romantic and memorable proposal without a ring, including details of a fabulous new offer from Rêve Diamonds of a free Cubic Zirconia ring to use during your proposal:


    Making a marriage proposal should create a memory that will last a lifetime for both of you.  Not using an engagement ring to propose is no excuse for a proposal that is undertaken lightly or without planning. Creating magical memories requires careful and considerate planning and the time has to be right for both of you. Be sure that you both feel the same way and are ready to make the commitment of marriage, then when you are sure carefully plan and execute your proposal as you would do if you had made the commitment to buying an engagement ring so that when the moment comes it is one of the most romantic moments of your partner’s life.


    Whilst you may not use an engagement ring to propose there is undoubtedly still nothing as romantic as the gesture of the man (or woman) down on one knee, gazing into his beloved’s eyes and holding his/her hand whilst popping the question ‘will you marry me?’. This is the stuff that dreams are made of and whilst you may be breaking with tradition by not proposing with an engagement ring already bought, there is no reason why your proposal cannot be every bit as romantic . So why not make a feature of your plans to propose the element of getting down on one knee. Show your emotions and declare your love when the moment is right and make memories that will last a lifetime.


    Choose carefully the setting for your marriage proposal as this will be an important part of your memories.  Whether you chose to propose on a romantic weekend break in a city aboard, during a picnic in the countryside, over diner at a top class restaurant or even at the place where you first met, make sure that your chosen setting is special to both of you and a place that matters.


    Ok so it’s not the real thing but why not give your future wife/husband a costume jewellery Cubic Zirconia engagement ring when you make your proposal?  This is a great fun idea and Rêve Diamonds & Fine Jewellery are now offering their valued clients a Cubic Zirconia ring free of charge to be used during the proposal. This substitute ring can then be exchanged for the real thing when the couple return to purchase their chosen engagement ring from the company.  Measure the ring size of your spouse to be by ‘borrowing’ a ring from their jewellery box or trace the inside of the ring onto paper then take to Rêve Diamonds who will  provide you with a substitute Cubic Zirconia engagement ring to make your proposal with.

    However, when you give this Cubic Zirconia ring be sure to explain to your beloved that this IS NOT the real engagement ring but simply a token until you can both chose the diamond that she/he has set her heart upon from Rêve Diamonds– failure to do this may mean the joke is on you!


    If you have decided that you wish to create a romantic proposal without buying an engagement ring beforehand there is no reason why you should not replace the ring with the gift of a beautiful piece of jewellery that will provide a very special keepsake for your beloved.  A stunning diamond necklace, dazzling bracelet or exquisite pair of earrings is a thoughtful way to commemorate and celebrate your marriage proposal.  Rêve Diamonds & Fine Jewellery has a superb selection of exquisite pieces to choose from before returning to them to choose your engagement ring. Giving a piece of jewellery is the perfect way to show your love to your partner and the world before you both choose the engagement ring after your proposal.


    If you have kept a special memento perhaps from your first date such as a concert ticket, a photograph, a train ticket, or anything else that symbolises your relationship and that means something to both of you, why not use it to create a new memory as part of your proposal.  Perhaps frame the item or create a memory book if you have more than one and give this to your beloved with the promise that the next part of your memories will be choosing your engagement ring.


    There is nothing so touching as a personal gift and nothing as romantic as a poem, song or letter that is dedicated to the one you love.  This is a gift that your loved one will cherish forever so use your words wisely and create a beautiful and romantic masterpiece to use in your proposal that will bring her tears of joy. Tell her what she means to you and at the end ask her to marry you.


    An engagement ring is traditionally viewed as a symbol of the love between two people. It should not be seen as something that your love depends upon, or that its value demonstrates the depth of your affection. A proposal of marriage with a substitute Cubic Zirconia ring (or even without a ring) can be an extremely significant landmark in the start of your lives together as it shows that to you both the ring is purely a symbol. Therefore if your partner is unhappy or upset about not having a real diamond engagement ring from the very start, then maybe their reaction may signify that it is time to rethink the possibility of your commitment married life together.

    If you do choose to make a proposal with a substitute Cubic Zirconia ring from Rêve Diamonds, do not make the explanation as to why there is no real gemstone ring at that point in time the focus of the occasion.  You both need to focus on your happiness, the fact that you are in love and are planning on starting your new lives together.  Enjoy what should be one of the happiest moments of your life.  When the emotion has calmed down later on then this is the time to explain why the real engagement ring will be bought post-proposal with a visit to Rêve Diamonds. Generally those couples who make a romantic proposal without a diamond engagement ring are in a relationship that is close enough that they both understand why this is so.

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