Eternity Rings

What is an eternity ring?

An eternity ring symbolizes everlasting love and is usually given on the occasion of a significant anniversary in a relationship. We appreciate that choosing an eternity ring is a special moment and we have designed some special rings to help celebrate significant milestones.

Our diamond eternity bands are available in channel, micro, pave or grain set designs. Eternity rings with stones all the way around the band are not favoured by everyone, so we also create rings with stones on the face only. This design is sometimes referred to as a "half-eternity" ring rather than a "full" eternity ring.

Eternity Rings

An eternity ring is a great gift to give your partner if you want to express your everlasting love and commitment to them. Of course, you can both purchase eternity rings together, but in most cases the man presents the woman with an eternity ring during a significant milestone in their life. This could be after the birth of their first child or as a wedding anniversary present. An eternity ring is also perfect for those who do not believe in marriage yet want to display their commitment for one and other. Below, we will tell you everything you need to know about eternity rings, from the history of them to the different factors to consider when choosing.

The history of eternity rings

Rings have long been a symbol of eternal love, as they have no beginning and no end. The first eternity ring known dates back to the Ancient Egyptians in 2000BC. They gave a ring as a token of eternal life and love. Back then, these rings were very simplistic, typically a band of metal with a stone set in the middle. It was also popular for rings to be given with a snake swallowing its tail. This may sound strange, but it was a common symbol of eternity used back in those days. Since then, techniques and trends have progressed considerably, and there are now many options to choose from.

What to consider when buying an eternity ring

The different styles of eternity rings – Eternity rings tend to be split into two categories – full eternity rings and half eternity rings. Let’s deal with the latter first. With a half eternity ring, stones are set halfway round the band. These rings usually feature nine, seven, or five gemstones, depending on the size of the stone. Half eternity rings can be resized, and they tend to be cheaper than full eternity rings, yet this does depend on carat weight and stone quality. As you may have gathered, full eternity rings are those whereby the stones are set around the entire band of the ring. This is the perfect choice for someone who loves glamorous and luxurious styles, as the ring will sparkle from every angle. Please be mindful that full eternity rings cannot be resized.

Should you go for a diamond or gemstone ring?

Of course, the choice is yours, however, diamond eternity rings are the conventional choice. This is because diamonds are considered the most beautiful, rare, and precious stone. Nevertheless, gemstone rings have grown in popularity considerably over the past few years, and thus you may want to consider a sapphire or a ruby eternity ring, for example. This will largely depend on your partner’s taste. You could also go for their birthstone.

Selecting a setting for your eternity ring – You have numerous setting rings to choose from, and your decision is important; not just in terms of appearance, but also in regards to how secure the diamonds are. In general, you have three choices – bar-set eternity rings, channel-set eternity rings, and claw-set eternity rings. A bar setting is one whereby metal bars are used to hold in the stones, letting in a lot of light and thus creating a beautiful glisten. For a modern option, a channel setting is worth considering. With this type of ring, metal forms a channel at the ring’s two edges, and the stones are set in this. This is good for woman with an active life, as the diamonds are very secure and the ring will not snag. Finally, claw settings, which are also known as prong settings, are the most traditional option. This is ideal for allowing maximum light into the stone.

Choosing a type of metal – The next decision you need to make is what type of metal you are going to go for. If you are already married, you should go for the same metal as your partner’s engagement ring and wedding ring. If you are not, take note of the type of jewellery she typically wears. In most cases, you will be choosing between platinum, white gold, and yellow gold. Platinum is the most expensive, rarest, and luxurious. It has a stunning lustre and a natural brilliant white sheen. White gold is also popular, as it is a more affordable solution and thus a great alternative to platinum. Yellow gold is the traditional option, and is ideal for those who want a warm and conventional setting at a good price.