The Birmingham Jewellery Quarter 

Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter is a small area just outside the city centre of Birmingham that has become established as the home of some of the world’s most highly skilled goldsmiths and jewellery makers.  When the first goldsmith of Birmingham, Roger Pemberton, set up his workshop in the 1500s, little did he know that Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter would grow to become the location of over 500 jewellery businesses.  

Historically, the Birmingham Jewellery Quarter sold only to the wholesale jewellery trade, but since the early 1980s over 15retail outlets have now opened to the public. With its programme of regeneration, the Jewellery Quarter has now become a very desirable place to live, work and shop for jewellery. Naturally this rise in desirability and popularity of the Birmingham Jewellery Quarter has fuelled an increase in the prices that jewellery retailers can command for diamond jewellery purchased there.  Sadly, the reputation that the Jewellery Quarter had of offering better value than high street jewellers is fadingMany customers who had in the past bagged a bargain from buying their jewellery from a retailer in the Jewellery Quarter, are now reporting that diamond jewellery from the Birmingham Jewellery Quarter is overpriced!   

In addition when buying diamond jewellery, the team here at Rêve Diamonds strongly recommends that you obtain an independent certificate of authentication from a body such as the GIA. Not all retailers operating in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter offer such certification and some are reported to be ‘self-certified’ or ‘independently certified.’   

So, if you are looking to buy diamond jewellery that is of the very highest quality at a value for money price, is guaranteed and certified as authentic. Plus, you are looking for a retail experience in the company of diamond experts who will afford you expert care and attention, then there is no other retailer to consider than the professional team here at Rêve Diamonds. 

The London showroom for Rêve Diamonds is located at 1 Berkeley Street, London Mayfair.  We will also be opening a new showroom in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter in January 2018. At our new Birmingham showroom clients will be able to choose a piece of jewellery which will be handmade to their bespoke design at our  Hatton Garden premises, still benefiting from our commitment to the very best service in terms of high quality jewellery items and price.   

At Rêve Diamonds you will not find yourself buying overpriced jewellery such as that found in some retailers within Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter or from stores on New Bond Street, London, where you are paying well over the odds for a big brand name such as Cartier or Tiffany.   

Rêve Diamonds has a fabulous selection of exquisite pieces of diamond jewellery to suit most budgets. From the very highest quality diamond jewellery that will rival, if not surpass, that of the high-end brands, to a choice of equally beautiful pieces offering great value for money for those working to a budget. Rêve Diamonds guarantee that you will pay the correct value for the diamond grade of your choice and that it will be independently established and accompanied by a GIA certificate.  


Please contact us to book an appointment: +44(0) 20 7016 9878  or  Book an appointment 


Below is a list of Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter retailers and jewellers. We’re providing you with this list so that you can compare prices and get design ideas, if you wish, before you contact us. We promise you, we will surpass what each and every one has to offer. 


Quality Diamonds 

317, The Jewellery Business Centre 

0121 285 5311 

The Jewellery Quarter Birmingham 

Handmade and personalised engagement and wedding rings in gold, platinum and palladium. 

309f, 120 Vyse St 

0121 638 0457 


Aspire Diamonds 

Diamond specialists for engagement, wedding and eternity rings, plus earrings, pendants and bangles. 

35 Warstone Ln 

0121 236 5799 


Newey's Jewellers 

103-104 Vyse St 

0121 233 1846 


G H Moore & son 

19 Vyse St 

0121 523 6488 


The Jewellery Quarter 

19 Vyse St 

0121 523 6488 


Diamond Heaven  

0121 200 1300 


Victoria James Jewellers 

39 Vyse St 

0121 515 1161 


Marlow's Diamonds

46 Warstone Ln 

0121 236 4415 


Crystalink Jewellery Ltd 

35 Hall St 

0121 233 2547 


S.P. Green & Co. Ltd 

11, Warstone Mews, Warstone Ln 

0121 212 0370 


Classic Diamonds Ltd 

16 Vyse St 


The Bullion Store Ltd 

43 Frederick St 

0121 236 1111 


Element Bespoke Jewellery Ltd 

Warstone Ln 

0121 236 1119 


Pearl Gallery 

50 Vyse St 

0121 554 3211 


James Newman 

49 Vyse St 

0121 245 1555