Claudia Design Princess Cut Micro Set Diamond Engagement Ring

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Claudia Design Princess Cut Micro Set Diamond Engagement Ring


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For lovers of Princess Cut Micro Set Diamond engagement rings we offer the very popular Claudia Design Princess Cut Micro Set Diamond Engagement Ring. The Claudia design diamond engagement ring combines a sparkling centre princess cut diamond held in a classic claw setting, set in a feature band of micro set round cut shoulder stones. The ring can be crafted in 18 k white gold, 18k yellow gold or platinum and available to be custom ordered with a centre 0.40ct up to 5.00ct certificated Princess cut diamond. All of our jewellery is designed and manufactured in the United Kingdom.





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The Princess Setting Engagement Ring is one of the most popular designs of ring chosen for marriage proposals.  The Princess Cut is unrivalled in terms of the sparkle and brilliance that is exhibited by a diamond cut in this shape. The combination of a round cut with the clean angles of a square shape and sharp, uncut corners ensures that the diamond is showcased at its very best.   

When combining a princess cut diamond with accent micro diamond set shoulder stones a truly stunning Princess Setting Engagement Ring is created as the micro diamonds add a dazzling, diamond-encrusted look that is like a glittering, unbroken expanse of light and sparkle. Princess Cut Micro Set Diamond engagement ring is a very timeless piece but with a modern twist.  

What is a Princess Cut Diamond?  

Princess Cut diamond exhibits a pyramidal shape with four bevelled sides. It is comprised of either 57 or 76 facets with a ratio of 1.0 to 1.05 and is the square version of the brilliant round cut diamond as it displays a flat square or rectangular faceDue to the cut princess diamonds give the illusion of being up to 15% larger than round diamonds of the same weight which is undoubtedly  one of the factors that contribute to their popularity. This is due to the fact that a princess cut diamond has four corners which would otherwise have been cut off and rounded to form a round brilliant.  

What is a Micro Set Diamond?  

Micro setting is also termed "micro pavé”. Pavé which is pronounced "Par-vayoriginates from the French word which literally means ‘paved’ as in paved with diamonds which is a very accurate description of this technique 

Very small diamonds, known as melee, that are as small as 0.01-0.02 carats and uniform in size are laid out in close proximity to one another in such a way that the tiny flat claws holding the diamonds in place are less visible in comparison to other settings. This creates the illusion of an iridescent belt of shimmering diamonds much like a pavement  

The best diamonds to use when creating the micro setting for a Princess Cut Micro Set Diamond engagement ring are small sizes of full cut diamonds possessing 57 facets. This reason for this is that the multi-dimensional surface created will result in a truly dazzling effect with the wow factor, as any movement will cause light to literally dance across the surface of the Princess Setting Engagement Ring 

History of the Princess Cut Micro Set Diamond engagement ring 

The princess cut originated in connection with the ‘Profile’ cut of diamond and was designed by London cutter Arpad Nagy in 1961. The term princess cut was popularised by Israeli jewellers Ygal Perlman, Betzalel Ambar, and Israel Itzkowitz who created the Princess Cut as we now know it in 1979. 

Micro Pavé settings have been used in jewellery making since the 1700s, but were not widespread in engagement rings until the 20th century.  It is quite common to find Retro Princess Cut Micro Set Diamond engagement rings featuring pavé diamonds as big, bold designs with lots of bling and sparkle were very much in vogue during the era.  

Famous Celebrities wearing Princess Cut Micro Set Diamond engagement rings 

In recent times many famous red carpet celebrities have opted for Princess Cut Micro Set Diamond engagement rings.  Perhaps the attraction is extra brilliance that the accent of delicately set micro set diamonds adds to an eye popping round cut diamond centre stone making this the design of choice for ladies who love glamour and sparkle.  

Academy Award nominated actress Natalie Portman’s fiancé chose a Princess Setting Engagement Ring which features a pavé halo as well as pavé diamonds on the band. Reese Witherspoon’s four carat Ashoka diamond ring features pavé accents along the band, as do the engagement rings of famous actresses Katherine Heigl and Blake Lively. 

Essential tips for Maintenance of your Princess Cut Micro Set Diamond engagement ring 

When you choose a Princess Cut Micro Set Diamond engagement ring you need to be very aware that a ring with a micro-pavé setting could be susceptible to diamond loss, irrespective of the quality of the setting skill and skill of the jeweller who created your ring 

With careful wear as long as the micro diamonds have been accurately set they should be secure but be very careful to avoid knocks. Having said this, should a diamond be lost from a micro pavé setting it is possible to replace the stone and the cost is not extravagant.  

When wearing your Princess Cut Micro Set Diamond engagement ring make sure it is clean, as it is very easy for dust or other particles to get caught between the diamonds. To clean your Princess Setting Engagement Ring we recommend that you use a very soft brush with warm water, and a small amount of a very mild detergent. We do not recommend that you use ultrasonic cleaning as it is highly likely that this process will shake the diamonds from the setting as the piece vibrates within the cleaner. 

Choosing a Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring 

When choosing a Princess Cut Micro Set Diamond engagement ring it is very important that you pay close attention to the diamonds in the micro setting as it is very easy for them to break at the time of setting if they are forced too hard into the mounting. Examine the micro pave under a jeweller’s magnifying glass for any signs of chipping. Also ensure that the tiny flat claws holding the micro set diamonds are secured well into the setting as there should not be any diamonds that are loose. 

The surface of the setting should be smooth, and none of the diamonds should be out of alignment. Look at the micro setting with a loupe and you should see that the diamonds are set be close to each other, but not overlapping as this pressure can cause some of the diamonds gems to chip. 

The claws holding the micro set diamonds should not be overly big as they can obscure the diamonds which are supposed to be the focal point of the engagement ring.  In addition, the claws should not be too high or they will be more exposed to accidental hits and easier to damage.