Tennis Braclets

If you are looking for an elegant and timeless piece of jewellery, a tennis

bracelet is well worth considering.



The top 2 most popular types of tennis bracelets are known as the ‘classic tennis bracelet’ and the ‘bangle bracelet’. The one important difference between the two is purely the fact that the tennis bracelet has been designed in a way to make it a flexible wear whereas the bangle does not have this quality.Different types of setting in a tennis bracelet.There are 2 main different types of settings used on tennis bracelets. These settings are, Prong setting , and Bezel setting:


  • Claw setting

  • Rub Over Setting

  • Round Cut

  • Emerald Cut

  • 18kt White Gold

  • 18kt Yellow Gold

  • Rose Gold

  • Yellow Diamonds

  • Blue Sapphire and diamonds

This is often the first question that people have about tennis bracelets; after all, it is an unusual name.

The name for this piece of jewellery comes from an incident that involved Chris Evert, a former American tennis player. During a match at the US Open, Evert lost her designer diamond bracelet that was designed by George Bedewi.

A clasp on the bracelet had snapped, causing the bracelet to fall off. Evert asked the officials to pause the match until she found her bracelet. Ever since the incident, the diamond line bracelets have become known as tennis bracelets, and sports stars today, including Serena Williams, commonly wear them.

The great thing about tennis bracelets is that, not only do they look stunning, but also they are easy to wear. This is why a lot of athletes wear them.

The form of the bracelet makes it convenient for those who play sport or have an active lifestyle, as they don’t have to wear a heavy bracelet that clatters around and gets in the way.

Instead, a tennis bracelet is flexible and lightweight, which means there is less chance of it getting dinged or banged when playing a sport or carrying out day-to-day activities.