Tess Vintage Design Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

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Tess Vintage Design Diamond Halo Engagement Ring


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The Tess vintage design diamond engagement ring brings a host of dazzling round brilliant cut diamonds into one ring, creating a vintage look that will be admired whenever worn.The sparkling centre Round Brilliant Cut stone is surrounded by a mille grain halo of round diamonds and held in a tension setting, sitting on a feature band containing two small round brilliant cut shoulder stones. The ring can be crafted in either 18k white gold, 18k yellow gold or platinum and can be custom ordered with a center 0.40ct up to 10.00ct certificated round cut diamonds. All our jewellery is designed and manufactured in the United Kingdom.

Diamond Expert Advice:

Tension settings ensure your stone is secure and there won't be any worries about losing or knocking your stone.


G - Colourless  G - H -Near Colourless 


SI1 - VS2


  • 18kt White gold
  • 18ct Yellow Gold 
  • Platinum 

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Halo vintage engagement rings take their inspiration from the opulence and elegance of the Art Deco era of the 1920s to 1930s when modern, daring geometric patterns were combined with clean cut angular lines to create distinctive and unique pieces of jewellery and fashion items.   

Originally halo vintage rings were designed using diamonds cut with large top table facets and newer cuts such as baguettes, triangle cuts and emerald cuts.  Diamond accents and stepped diamond shoulders were often used to accentuate the natural beauty of the more traditional diamond cuts which was in total opposition to the traditional flowing pieces of former times.   

In modern times halo engagement rings vintage are extremely popular with women who love the classic elegance of the Art Deco period as they are the perfect embodiment of the iconic style of this era which remains timeless in its elegance. 

What is a halo vintage engagement ring?  

The design of a Halo vintage ring consists of a halo of smaller diamonds surrounding the centre diamond. The halo is crafted from round pavé or micro-pavé diamonds - the pavé technique (pavé being the french word for paved) being the setting of very small diamonds (melee) in multiple rows over the surface of the halo vintage ring. The difference between micro pavé and pavé is that the stones used in micro pavé are smaller than, even as small as 0.01-0.02 carats, and are set using a different technique. Unlike regular pavé, where stone sizes can vary in order to fill the space, micro pavé achieves that same result by using stones of a uniform size that are offset from row to row, creating a honeycomb-like pattern. They are laid out in close proximity so that the tiny flat claws holding the melee diamonds are not visible to the naked eye so creating the illusion of a stunningly beautiful shimmering pavement of diamonds.  

The most common halo vintage engagement ring contains the round diamond halo setting or round diamond with double haloWhat makes the halo settings for round stones truly unique is that within a halo setting even a smaller carat diamond can look fabulous giving the illusion of looking a lot bigger. A high-carat centre diamond will look enormous in a round diamond halo setting, and a quarter, third, or half-carat diamond can look, by some estimates, as much as a half a carat larger when presented in a halo setting for round stonesThe reason for this illusion of increased size is that the brilliant accent stones add a dazzling, diamond-encrusted look that is like a glittering, unbroken expanse of light and sparkle and can be said to be unrivalled in terms of the brilliance and sparkle that it emits.  

The history of halo vintage rings and round diamond halo setting 

The round cut diamond dates back to the Georgian era but the very first round diamond halo setting emerged in Victorian times when the most popular design of engagement ring was a flower motif crafted from coloured gemstones surrounded by a halo of diamonds.  

However, its was during the Art Deco era of the 1920s to 1930s that designs of round diamond halo setting and round diamond with double halo engagement rings emerged which modern day halo vintage engagement rings seek to replicate.  Art Deco halo vintage rings of the time typically exhibited the bold and geometric designs that were so popular. Platinum was very much the metal of choice during this era and jewellers also started utilising variations of diamonds and other gemstones that they had at their disposal to accentuate  the show stopping centre stone. In addition they also began to use various kinds of patterns such as milgrain and filigree, which are still used in modern day designs. Here at Reve Diamonds we are widely recognised as experts in recreating Art Deco engagement rings that are in keeping with the designs of 1920s and 1930s and we pride ourselves upon creating round diamond halo and round diamond with double halo setting Art Deco style engagement rings.   

Famous Celebrities wearing a round cut diamond halo ring 

Some of the most beautiful female celebrities are each year seen wearing halo vintage engagement rings.These include Scarlett JohannsonJessica Biel, Mary-Kate Olsen, Nicole Richie most recently one of the most recent famous is the stunning engagement Art Deco inspired halo vintage ring received by Pippa Middleton on here engagement to James Matthews. 

Advantages and disadvantages of halo settings for round stones 

Halo settings for round stones have major advantages as to how much this setting can add to the appearance of a ring as it undoubtedly makes the centre diamond look huge. From a distance a round diamond halo setting can appear to be a ring comprised of one huge, sparkly diamond. A halo can typically add 2 mm of width which means that a 1-carat round diamond with a halo can appear as large as 2 carats. The ‘bling factor’ is of course massive as a round diamond halo setting engagement ring is by its nature centre diamond surrounded by a border of small diamonds so having a very intense sparkle which will have a big impact in terms of the glamour factor. So no matter what your budget, a round diamond halo setting engagement ring will give you a bigger bang for your buck.

For those looking for an engagement ring that has an even bigger impact than a round diamond halo settinga round diamond with double halo ring is the ultimate in bold and dramatic jewellery!  Just like it sounds, this ring design has two halo circles of accent diamonds around the centre diamond. As you can imagine, this really makes the diamond look HUGE as the double halo setting provides yet more magnification to the brilliance and sparkle of the engagement ring.  

The disadvantages that must be considered of halo settings for round stones as that is easy to lose one of the small micro pavé diamonds.  If you are a person that is very active or works a lot with your hands, then you may wish to consider getting a style of ring with a bezel around it which is a rim of metal that wraps around the diamonds. This will give more protection to all the little diamonds. Alternatively a platinum setting will better hold the diamonds. 

Due to the pavé of diamonds in the design of halo vintage engagement rings, this style of engagement ring can easily catch on things such as clothing and can be prone to scratch other things. Therefore again, if you love the style of halo settings for round stones but work with your hands or with children, consider a bezel around it for a smooth outline. 

All factors considered if you love the style of the Art Deco era and all things vintage then choosing to purchase a halo vintage engagement ring will provide you with a ring design that will be a much admired timeless classic.