Man Wedding Bands


While all of the emphasis is on the woman when it comes to ring shopping, it is still important for the man to find a wedding band that he loves. After all, you are going to wear the ring for the rest of your life as well, and thus you want it to look good. This can be a difficult task for men that don’t wear jewellery especially. But, there is no need to fret, as we are going to reveal the different styles of men’s wedding bands that are available to give you a helping hand.




Styles of men’s wedding bands:

Court – This is the most traditional style of male wedding band. It boasts a classic, comfort fit, with both a round inside and outside. No matter what type of court ring you choose, comfort is pretty much a guarantee. The court style is also popular amongst couples choosing matching rings.

Flat court – The inside of this ring boasts a comfortable court fit while the outer offers a contemporary flat edge. When compared with the classic court and flat rings, there is less prominence and bulk with the flat court. This is a ring that has taken into consideration the comforts of streamlined design.

D Profile – This is a modern style of ring, featuring a rounded ‘D’ shape on the outer of the band, and a flat fit on the inside. This style of ring gets its name because when the ring is cross-sectioned, a D shape is formed. Along with the court band, this is exceptionally popular. It is ideal for those who love the court band’s traditional shape but would rather have a close fitting flat profile.

Paris – The Paris design is another great choice, with a comfortable and traditional rounded inside, and a rounded outer band too.

Cushion – A cushion fit is ideal for men that want a wedding band with stones set in them. This is because the structure of the ring, i.e. a comfort fit with flat edges, means stones can easily be set into the side of the heavier profiles.

Rounded Flat – Another sleek and modern option is the rounded flat man’s wedding band. This has a low rounded top, rounded edges, and a rounded inside.

Bevelled Edge – Finally, we have the bevelled edge wedding band, which is the most elegant of all the options. This is an art deco inspired ring that adds a contemporary twist to a classic wedding band thanks to the bevelled edge.

As you can see, there are many different options available, and if you are struggling to decide the best thing to do is book an appointment at our London showroom. We will show you the various options in person and help you choose the right one for you.

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