Ring Sizing Chart

Ring Size Chart - How To Measure Ring Size

Traditionally an engagement ring is given as part of the surprise of a marriage proposal. This element of surprise brings with it the issue of ensuring that the engagement ring that you purchase for your spouse to be is the right size! This can be a very tricky prospect and guess work is not advisable when investing in an engagement ring that will no doubt be of considerable value, and is to be worn for a lifetime.

To overcome this issue and still retain the element of surprise Rêve Diamonds offer the use of a free Cubic Zirconia ring for your marriage proposal. This substitute ring can then be exchanged for the real thing when you return to Rêve Diamonds to choose your perfect engagement ring.

However, if your intended proposal of marriage is not a well-kept secret here is our guide to finding the correct ring finger size of your loved one:

Tips Before Your Measure A Ring Finger

Always ensure that the finger which you wish to measure is at normal body temperature as fingers can shrink or expand in hot or cold environments and a false measurement can therefore be obtained.

If the knuckle is larger than the base of the finger then you will need to take two measurements and select a ring size in between the two. The reasoning for this is that you will naturally want the ring to fit over your fiancés’ knuckle, but if it is too loose it will move around and be uncomfortable to wear, plus there is also the risk of the ring coming off and being lost.

Ring Size Gauge - How To Measure Ring Size

The easiest way to measure a ring finger is to take a non-stretchy string or piece of paper which is approximately 6" long and 1/4" wide. Wrap the string or paper around the chosen finger ensuring that the paper/string is below the joint of the finger and close to the knuckle. Clearly mark the spot where the string or paper meets and then measure the distance from end to this point with a tape measure or ruler in millimetres.

This measurement will correspond to the size of the ring required. If you find that this measurement is between two accepted ring sizes (see ring size table below) then choose the larger size. If in doubt, choose a slightly larger size as it is easier for a jeweller to make a larger ring smaller without damaging or altering the visual appearance of the ring. In addition if the engagement ring that you present to your beloved during your proposal is a little too large this will not detract from the romance of the moment, whereas if the chosen engagement ring simply won't go onto your beloved's finger this can be a little awkward!

It is important to bear on mind that the wider the ring, the tighter will be the fit. Therefore if you choose a ring with a deep band width, you will in all likelihood need to go one ring size up.

If you are unsure about measuring a ring finger by this method, Rêve Diamonds are happy to send you a Free Finger Sizer by post upon request however if you are not sure about the ring size to make things easier we offer a FREE ring re size for all our jewellery.

Ring Size Chart

How To Check A Ring Size

Download the ring size chart PDF file via this link and print it on an A4 page.

Just look in her jewellery box and find a ring that she rarely wears and simply place it on one of the rings on the file to discover her ring size.

For accurate sizing the grey line should be seen to be on the inside of the ring.

U.K USA / CND Diameter (mm) Circumference (mm)
F 3.0 13.92 43.65
G 3.5 14.31 44.90
H 4.0 14.70 46.20
I 4.5 15.09 47.45
J 5 15.87 48.70
K 5.5 15.9 49.95
L 6.0 16.26 51.25
M 6.50 16.65 52.45
N 7.0 17.04 53.70
O 7.5 17.45 55.00
P 8.0 17.86 56.25
Q 8.5 18.27 57.50
R 9.0 18.68 58.75
S 9.5 19.09 60.00
T 10.0 19.50 61.25
U 10.5 19.91 62.50
V 11 20.32 63.75
W 11.5 20.73 65.00
X 12 21.14 66.30
Y 12.5 21.55 67.50
Z 13 21.96 68.75

Ring Size Chart Infographic

Ring Size Chart Infographic

Please always remember that this method of measuring a ring finger is not a professional measurement and should be used more as a guide or an estimate.

Therefore if you are unsure about the accuracy of your measurement here at Rêve Diamonds we offer complementary professional ring finger measurements at our London showroom. We do always recommend these before you purchase your engagement ring.

However we also recognise that this is not always possible, particularly if you are planning a surprise proposal and are also able to resize your engagement ring to ensure the perfect fit.