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Our diamond inventory features over 50,000 loose diamonds of all shapes and sizes, meaning you can find the perfect black diamond for your ring that matches your budget.

Black diamonds are a popular choice when you want to create a timeless piece forever in style.

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Reasons to Choose a Black Diamond Engagement Ring

The Portuguese refer to black diamonds as “carbonados”. Black diamonds are the same mineral as all other diamonds and are sourced from areas like Brazil and Africa. These diamonds consist of graphite and other minerals and work with light differently than other diamonds.

Black diamonds begin their life in colourless form, with a low clarity rating. Once they have been heat-treated or gone through the irradiation process, they become much darker.

In recent years, black diamond rings have become a popular choice for engagements for many reasons:


Health and Wealth

Diamonds are also strongly linked to wellness and affluence. Many people who wear diamonds feel more protected from evil forces. Diamonds continue to be enduring symbols of love. Black diamonds are regarded as elegant, mysterious and highly exquisite. They allow people to make powerful statements that are hard to ignore and have become more popular over time.

Uniquely Composed

Another great reason for investing in black diamonds is their unique composition of materials like amorphous carbon and graphite. They tend to be sourced from relatively recent rock formations near natural water sources. Because of their unique composition, black diamonds are one of the hardest materials on earth, making them an excellent choice for fine jewellery.

A Durable Option

Black diamonds are exceptionally tough, measuring 10 on the Mohs Hardness Scale. This makes them extremely hard to cut, which means experienced professional diamond cutters are required to complete the job successfully. In the past, some people thought of black diamonds as unlucky, but this is now rarely the case. They are now widely regarded as excitingly mysterious and incredibly elegant.



The History of Black Diamonds

Black diamonds aren’t for everyone, but some people love this enduring colour. We can supply you with various types of black diamond rings, including princess cut rings and many more. People opt for diamonds when seeking out engagement rings for many reasons.

Diamonds represent themes like power and prosperity. In ancient Egypt, diamonds represented the sun, truth and courage. Greeks saw diamonds as the tears of Gods, and those that owned them were said to be blessed. In some territories and periods, diamonds have even been thought to have healing powers.



Beliefs About Diamonds

In ancient India, diamonds were believed to protect people from evil. Many were reluctant to cut diamonds because they thought this power would be lost. Mediaeval Europeans also thought diamonds represented protection from evil.

Although colourless diamonds may immediately spring to mind when you think of diamonds, black diamonds have become incredibly popular over the generations.

Powerful Emotional Meaning

Many people believe that diamonds have a deep emotional meaning. One of the most common uses for diamonds is to gift them to partners during proposals. Black diamonds are strongly associated with inner strength.

Many people use black diamond engagement rings to represent the love felt between themselves and their partners and celebrate the strength of their relationships.



Why Choose Rêve Diamonds for Black Diamond Engagement Rings?


At Rêve Diamonds, we offer an unrivalled level of service. Cutting out the middleman, we’re able to offer some of the market’s best prices. Let our customer service team guide you through the purchasing process and source bespoke engagement rings tailored directly to your needs.

You can contact us at any point if you have any queries about the black diamond engagement rings we offer. We can also help if you require a black diamond wedding ring. We are one of the leading suppliers of black diamonds in the UK, and there are many shapes and styles to choose from.

Competitively-Priced Jewellery

When it comes to price, we offer some of the most competitive rates for black diamond engagement rings and other jewellery you'll be offered anywhere.

Our range includes competitively-priced rings to suit all tastes, and you can shop with us offline or online. If you need to source rings of timeless beauty that you'll be able to cherish forever, we are here for you. Feel free to contact us any time to learn more.

A Plethora of Products

Our workshop is located in the city of London. This is where we create a host of engagement rings, eternity rings, necklaces, tennis bracelets, earrings, wedding bands and more.

Our products are shipped worldwide due to their global popularity. We first invited non-trade customers to purchase our products back in 2014 and have worked hard to make the buying process as simple, fun and secure as possible.

Insurance and Returns

Your black diamond engagement ring or rings will be insured from the moment we send your product to the moment you receive them. Your free return shipping will also be insured if you need to return it. Just remember to use the free shipping label that you’ll find inside your package.

Remember, you can speak to our diamond experts at any point if you're seeking a particular ring style, type of gold, or have a specific price in mind and can't go over budget. We are here to provide you with the world-class jewellery items you desire.

A Shorter Process

We offer free secure shipping on each order you place with us. We will opt for the quickest delivery option available in your area. Many of our customers ask us how we’re able to offer such competitive prices. The main reason is that our diamonds take a much shorter journey en route to us than they normally would.

They would usually need to go through a diamond mine, manufacturer, polisher, wholesale diamond company and diamond dealer before reaching a jeweller. We cut out several of these stages to bring you the exceptional value you require.

Cutting out the Middleman

In most cases, we can beat our competitors’ prices. A big reason for this is that we source and polish black diamonds and other diamonds ourselves before passing the savings on to our valued customers.

Your Warranty and Guarantee

Our products come with substantial warranties and a lifetime production guarantee, so you’re covered in the unlikely event we fail to meet your expectations. There’s also a 30-day return policy that allows you to get a refund within 30 days of your purchase if you’re unsatisfied for any reason.


But Don’t Just Take Our Word for It


“Bang on time”


“I love the ease of using the website and the ability to personalise the details to match your dreams and your budget! My girlfriend is now my fiancée and absolutely adores her ring. I had a mad panic over Christmas deliveries, but Rêve Diamonds were bang on time and delivered the ring to my place of work.”

— Simon

“Highly recommended!”


“For anyone looking around for the best place to purchase an engagement ring online, there is absolutely no reason to go anywhere else besides Rêve Diamonds. Transparent prices on the website and great service. Highly recommended!”

— Peter

“Fantastic jeweller!”


“Tal is a fantastic jeweller! I always wanted to have a ring made rather than off the shelf, and he managed to provide this for the right price. My now fiancée loves her ring, and we will be coming back for the wedding bands!”

— Luke



Black Diamond Engagement Ring FAQs


A black diamond ring is a luxurious and unique piece of jewellery with many meanings. For some, it is a symbol of elegance and sophistication, while for others, it represents strength and power. Regardless of its personal significance, a black diamond ring is sure to turn heads and make a statement.


Black diamonds are found in many different places around the world, including Brazil, India and Africa. They are typically one of the rarest and most expensive diamonds on the market. In addition to their rarity, black diamonds are also prized for their hardness and durability. As a result, they are often used in engagement rings and other fine jewellery.


Black diamonds are some of the rarest and most valuable diamonds in the world. Also known as carbonado diamonds, these stones are only found in a few places on earth, and they typically command high prices when they come up for sale. Interestingly, black diamonds get their colour from the high levels of carbon impurities in the stone. This gives them a unique appearance that differs from the traditional white diamond. While black diamonds are not as popular as white diamonds, they are still highly sought-after by collectors and those who appreciate rare gemstones.


Most black diamonds on the market are actually dark grey, but truly black diamonds are incredibly rare. Due to their scarcity, they are often used in high-end jewellery and command a significant premium. However, some people question whether black diamonds are real. It is possible to create fake black diamonds using irradiation and annealing, but these treatments are typically detectable by gemologists. As a result, most black diamonds on the market are likely to be real. Nevertheless, their rarity means that they will always be in high demand among collectors and jewellers alike.


Find Your Black Diamond Engagement Ring Today

At Rêve Diamond, we ensure that all the diamonds in our Black Diamonds Engagement Rings collection are sourced ethically and perfectly cut. This results in a beautiful and timeless piece, whichever style (or styles) you have opted for.

We offer a wealth of choices regarding style, colour and setting type and can help you if you wish to source gold, white gold, rose gold and yellow gold diamond rings or wedding bands. Our customer care team is always on hand if you need help finding suitable engagement or wedding jewellery.

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