Have you considered a black diamond ring or a necklace adorned with stunning black diamonds? This is an unusual choice, yet one that is undeniably striking. These diamonds lend themselves well to the popular gothic style, yet they can also be suited to modern jewellery as well. And, one of the great things about black diamonds is that they are more affordable than the other colours that are available, and this is because there is a relatively low demand for them.

However, it is important to note that not all black diamonds are natural. A lot of those available on the market have been treated with a heat treatment in order to achieve the dark and striking shade. But, how do natural black diamonds occur? These stones are primarily opaque, and there colour is caused by criss-crossing assures that contain black deposits. It is rare to find black diamonds that are semi-transparent or translucent. The metallic sheen and incredible lustre of a black diamond impresses, and occurs because there is no prismatic play with this type of diamond.

You may be interested to know that the most famous black diamond in the world is actually an extremely dark gunmetal shade. This shows how difficult it is to get a completely black diamond. This stone, which is a Cushion Cut Black Orlov, boasts an incredible 67.5 carats. Most people either love or hate black diamonds. They are especially popular in Eastern countries, and this is because they are thought to be the gem for grieving. In fact, a lot of people find them somewhat hypnotic and therapeutic.

There are also a few celebrities that are known for their love of black diamonds, including Sarah Jessica Parker, Angelina Jolie, Katherine Heigl, and Jennifer Lawrence. Carmen Electra actually received a black engagement ring when rocker Rob Patterson proposed to her. And, if you are a fan of Sex and the City, you will know that Carrie Bradshaw receive black diamonds from Mr. Big.

Black diamonds are sourced from various locations across the globe, including Central Africa and Brazil. When purchasing black diamonds, it is vital to choose a credible retailer, such as Rêve Diamonds, as you need to make sure that someone does not try to pull the wool over your eyes by selling you a treated black diamond as opposed to a natural one.

In most cases, black diamonds are purchased for their beauty and unique style, as opposed to being an investment diamond. Investment diamonds are primarily blue, red, and pink coloured diamonds. Nevertheless, this does not mean that a black diamond will not rise in value over time. If you have a diamond with a distinctive feature or a diamond that is significantly larger than most, you could find that there is a high demand for it on the market.
If you are interested in purchasing black diamonds, whether you are looking for loose diamonds, an engagement ring, or a different piece of jewellery, Rêve Diamonds can assist. We have a wide assortment of premium quality options for you to choose from.