Wedding Rings 

The giving and receiving of wedding rings is a physical representation of the wedding vows that a couple make to one another. The shape itself being representative of an everlasting promise of love and commitment - a circle with no beginning and no end, much as a marriage has no end.  

The tradition of giving of wedding rings dates back as far as the Ancient Egyptians when couples exchanged rings braided from sedges, reeds and rushes with papyrus.

The custom of wearing a wedding ring on the ring finger of the left hand, also originated from Ancient Egypt as they believed that this finger enclosed a special vein that was connected directly to the heart, denominated in Latin the "Vena amoris" However, it  was only in the early 20th century that the tradition of males wearing wedding rings began. During wartime soldiers would wear wedding rings as a memento to remember their loved ones by. It was only after the Korean War that male wedding bands took on the sentimental value that they have today.
Wedding rings of the past have also been made of leather, stone, aluminium, and metal. Today, wedding rings are almost always made of rose, yellow or white gold, palladium or platinum.
Here at Reve Diamonds we appreciate the choice and purchase of a wedding ring is like no other piece of jewellery as it will be worn 24/7 for the rest of your life, therefore we offer a superb selection of exquisite wedding rings for Mr and Mrs.  

From modern shaped and curved wedding rings to classic and vintage wedding bands, we have wedding ring designs to suit all tastes, lifestyles and budgets. We also offer a selection of stunning diamond set wedding rings which have recently become fashionable once more with the incorporation of pave and other decorative finishes.  
Reve Diamonds also offer a personalisation service for your chosen wedding ring through the choice of different width, alloys, diamond content, shapes and finishes.  

As experts in engagement and wedding rings we are very happy to help, guide and advise on what styles are the best when it comes to your choice of wedding rings.


The classic collection covers a range of our most popular profiles which are available in a wide selection of widths and alloys. The core profiles have been extended to include light, medium and heavy weight options in court, flat court, D shape and beveled edge.

Our diamond set wedding rings are manufactured in-house and are supplied with a choice of G colour SI clarity or F colour and VS clarity.


Diamond Wedding Rings

For those who are seeking something truly distinctive, we present our selection of diamond-set wedding rings.  These wedding rings are available in a variety of settings from Classic Mille Grain to Channel Setting to Pave Setting and many more. With diamonds of G colour SI clarity or F colour and VS clarity, they are chosen specifically to sit inside your wedding ring to create a truly stunning effect.  

Baguette Diamond Wedding Bands

The baguette cut diamond has a long narrow rectangular shape with a flat top. This stunning cut originated in the early 1900s and initially had rounded corners, but quickly evolved into the geometric shape with 90-degree corners that we now appreciate.  Featuring 0.80ct total stunning baguette cut diamonds, our baguette diamond wedding band exudes fire and sparkle and is perfect for the contemporary bride.


Shaped Wedding Rings


If your engagement ring is of a fancy shape or with a large centre stone that will not sit comfortably with a traditional court shaped wedding ring, then a shaped wedding ring is the perfect choice.  The exact shape you choose will depend on the style of your engagement ring and we offer a selection of shaped wedding rings. Alternatively, could choose a bridal set, incorporating an engagement ring and shaped wedding ring designed to fit together perfectly.


Princess Cut Wedding Rings


The princess cut is one of the most popular of diamond cuts undoubtedly because it shows off a diamond’s most important characteristic: the way it reflects light, to sparkle and shine.  The face-up is square or rectangular and the profile is similar to that of an inverted pyramid with four beveled sides. This contemporary cut with maximum sparkle makes the princess cut wedding ring the perfect choice to be worn on its own or with an engagement ring.


Wedding Rings for Women


Women have been wearing wedding rings as a symbol of their everlasting promise of love and commitment as far back as the Ancient Egyptians.  We appreciate that choosing a wedding ring is one of the most important decisions a couple will ever make so to help we offer a wide variety of styles in wedding rings for women from classic to contemporary shapes to diamond settings and offer an array of personalised finishing touches.


Platinum Diamond Wedding Rings


Nothing says I love you more than the prestigious gift of a platinum diamond wedding ring.  Platinum is the rarest of precious metals and also the most hard-wearing making it the ideal metal for a wedding ring that has to withstand the knocks of everyday wear.  When combined with the brilliance  of sparkling diamonds, a platinum diamond wedding ring has to be the ultimate indulgence for your loved one on their wedding day.



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