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Planning an engagement is a massively exciting time, and you will want the proposal to be just perfect topped off with the perfect engagement ring. But choosing the perfect engagement ring can in itself be mind-boggling with so many different styles, metals, diamond cuts, and other gemstones to choose from! And what if you're looking for an engagement ring that conveys a more personal and deeper meaning than perhaps a more traditional solitaire engagement ring would do, what style do you choose? Here at Reve Diamonds from our many years of customer service experience we have the perfect answer to end your search - a three stone trilogy ring.

A three stone trilogy ring is also the perfect choice of engagement ring for a lady that loves her jewellery women to turn heads with sparkling star quality as trilogy rings are one of the most stunning setting type styles that can be chosen. This design of engagement ring is also highly durable and long-lasting and suits any stone shape, gemstones or diamond cuts, or metal from rose gold to yellow gold to white gold and of course platinum.

What is a trilogy engagement ring?

Trilogy engagement rings are often referred to by diamond experts as three stone or trinity engagement rings as they feature just that three diamonds (or gemstones) - a larger centre diamond or gemstone, with slightly smaller side stones on either side. Generally, the side stones are around one-third of the size of the centre stone, but there can be designs with very small side diamonds to accentuate the design. A trilogy ring also has a symbolic meaning in that the three stones set next to each other in the line of the ring are believed by some to represent the past, present, and future or the three pillars of a healthy relationship – friendship, love, and fidelity. There's also a religious angle in that a trilogy ring is seen as the literal illustration of The Holy Trinity. All perfect symbolic reasons to shop for a trilogy engagement ring for your engagement.

Why choose a trilogy engagement ring?

Trilogy diamond rings can be designed using any metal as the band - white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, or platinum etc. They can be designed purely of three diamonds (a diamond trilogy), or two diamonds and a feature gemstone such as a blue sapphire or even three gemstones. Traditionally diamonds are viewed by many as the ultimate symbol of love and commitment - diamonds are, after all a girl's best friend! - and in our experience, the vast majority of couples who book an appointment to choose their trilogy ring from our Hatton Garden shop opt for three cut diamonds in their trilogy engagement ring. However, we do also have couples who wish to make a design statement in their choice of design for their trilogy ring, so if this sounds to be your style then we do offer bespoke design of trilogy rings whereby the two supporting side stones to the center stone can be virtually any gemstones of your choice. For example, you may opt for your trilogy engagement ring to represent a feeling or emotion personal to you such as a blue sapphire which is said to represent peace and truth, or a ruby gemstone to represent the red of burning passion. A trilogy engagement ring is also the perfect option for those who do not like the style of one large center diamond (solitaire diamond ring) or who simply do not suit this style of jewellery.

What styles are trilogy engagement rings available in?

As with many engagement rings, trilogy engagement rings are available in several different options for the style of ring and shape. The range within our collection of trilogy engagement rings at our Reve Diamonds Hatton Garden store and on our website has something for everyone with options to suit the price that you wish to pay (your budget), your style, finger/hand shape, and taste. These include traditional graduation, slightly graduated, and equally, sized diamond trilogy rings.

The traditional graduating trilogy engagement ring setting

Usually incorporates a centre stone (diamond) weight that is equal to the approximate total of the outer two stones which means that if the centre diamond weighs one carat, each of the outer two diamonds is half a carat each.  This design of trilogy engagement ring is very popular as many of our customers feel that the size of the stones signifies the importance of the past present and future, reaffirming the significance of "our partnership together”.

The slightly graduated trilogy engagement ring style

This style will appeal to those who prefer lesser graduation between the diamond trilogy. So for example, within this design, the centre stone will be slightly bigger than the others, but the degree of graduation varies from ring to ring.

An equally sized diamond trilogy

This design features three diamonds (or other gemstones) that are of the same carat weight and this can provide a trilogy ring with a very different appearance. For baguette diamonds, this often produces the effect of a rectangle of diamonds, across the ring.

How much should I spend on a trilogy engagement ring?

You’ve probably heard the phrase ‘three month’s salary’ bandied about as a guideline for how much you should spend on an engagement ring. However, it's important that other factors also be taken into account such as financial commitments, job security, credit card commitments, etc. as a base for your budget. The great news about choosing a trilogy ring setting for your diamond engagement ring could be an excellent option as trilogy rings can be lower in price then a traditional engagement ring design as they allow for a variance of the gemstones with no compromise to style e.g. if you decide to choose to use a gemstone such as blue sapphire for the surrounding stones, or a gemstone for the center stone and diamonds for the side, this will prove to be less expensive than choosing three diamonds but will still provide you with a classically stunning and timeless piece of jewellery as an everlasting symbol of your love. If you have however decided upon a trilogy engagement ring consisting of three diamonds which add to add up to 2 carats of total weight, the cost can be much less than one 2 carat diamond solitaire engagement ring.

Another advantage that trilogy engagement rings have is that by incorporating diamond shape 'halos', 'clusters' or 'bouquets' these are fabulous ways to make the centre shape diamond appear larger than it perhaps is. Additionally, a trilogy engagement ring appears to take up more space when worn so therefore it is easier to use smaller stones in the ring whilst still achieving that wow factor with a big diamond look. And of course, another great advantage of choosing a trilogy engagement ring is that any metal can be used for the band of the ring including white gold, rose gold, yellow gold the choice of which can influence the cost of your chosen engagement ring.

If you would like to book an appointment to discuss options and price for your engagement ring and view our extensive list of products. including our collection of trilogy engagement rings please get in touch. All the diamonds used in our trilogy engagement rings are sourced ethically and perfectly cut to ensure the delivery to you and your partner of a beautiful and timeless piece of jewellery.