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The three stone setting, which is also referred to as the trilogy ring setting, is a popular choice for many different occasions, especially when buying engagement and anniversary rings. As you have probably gathered, this setting involves three diamonds set next to one and other. Couples often also buy it for the birth of their first child, as the three gemstones or diamonds represent the baby and the parents.

While this setting is beautiful, it is also very symbolic. The three diamonds or gemstones can be attributed to many different things. We have already mentioned the link between parents and their first born, but this ring also has deep religious significance attributed to it. This is because the diamonds can represent the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost. This makes it the perfect style of engagement ring for a religious couple. This setting is also viewed as romantic because it has a timeless quality, with people often deeming the three stones to be a representation of the past, present, and the future. Needless to say, the way you interpret this setting is up to you, but there is no denying that the three stone setting holds beautiful meaning.

Three Stone Setting – Trilogy Ring

The versatility regarding this setting is extended to the different designs that are available. You can opt for diamonds of different sizes for example, with a lot of people opting for a large centre stone, and then two smaller stones at either side. You can also opt for various gemstones, such as emeralds, rubies, and sapphires. It’s popular to go for a diamond in the centre and then two coloured gemstones either side. The most popular diamond shapes for this setting are the Princess cut and the Round Brilliant cut.

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As the term ‘three stone setting’ infers this classical design of ring incorporates three diamonds, three gemstones, or a combination of both set next to each other in the line of the ring. Three stone setting rings are the perfect choice for women who want a beautiful ring with a lot of sparkle as these rings are one of the most stunning styles you can choose. They are also durable and long-lasting and fit any diamond shape that you may desire.


Three stone setting rings are also commonly known as ‘Trilogy’ or ‘Trinity’ rings. Not only are these rings stunningly beautiful, but they are said to hold a different meaning than the traditional solitaire ring. They have the ability to tell the story of the journey that a marriage, relationship or deep friendship takes in life. There are several interpretations as to the symbolism of the three stone setting which include:

The Holy Trinity – the three gemstones represent the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost. This makes the choice of the three stone setting the perfect style of engagement ring for a religious couple who are said to view the centre stone as representing God, the orchestrator of their relationship and the two side stones as each member of the couple joined who are joined through their faith in God.

The past, the present, and the future – the three stone Trilogy ring appeals to modern day couples who see the gemstones within the ring as symbolic of their commitment to being “my past, my present and my future”. The stone that represents the present is always the biggest and is placed in the centre of the three stones. The smaller stones that surround the middle one represent the past and future. Alternatively, the three stones can also symbolize friendship, love and fidelity.

Commitment, trust, and respect – many mature couples chose the three stone setting as they feel that the three stones are symbolic of the values of commitment (the centre stone) trust and respect symbolised by the supporting stones. As a marriage/relationship matures over time couples may view this sentiment as being of far greater significance and strength than the traditional words of “I love you” and therefore the choice of this ring design perfectly represents their feelings to one another.

Celebrating the first born child - couples who have given birth to their first child often purchase a Trilogy ring as the setting of three diamonds or gemstones can be said to represent the mother, the father and the baby.

Whatever your interpretation of the meaning of a Trilogy ring there is no doubt that the three stone setting holds beautiful meaning and creates a wide range of options for creativity in designing the perfect symbol of your lasting commitment to your relationship.


The design of a Trilogy ring can consist purely of three diamonds, or two diamonds and a feature gemstone. Diamonds are of course traditionally viewed as the ultimate symbol of love and commitment, and it has to be said that the vast majority of couples choose diamonds for all three of the stones in their Trilogy ring. However, if you wish to make a design statement, the two supporting side stones can be virtually any gemstones of your choice or chosen to represent an additional emotion or feeling which is personal to you. For instance, sapphires are said to represent truth and peace, emeralds to signify faithfulness and the red of rubies conveys a burning passion. Alternatively why not choose the birthstones of both the bride and groom as meaningful options for side stones. The choice of a Trilogy ring is also great for those who do not like the look of one huge centre stone or who do not suit this style.


There are several different styles of three stone setting rings that can be chosen from according to your taste, style and budget. These include equally sized, traditional graduation and slightly graduated.

An equally sized Trilogy ring features three diamonds or other gemstones of the same carat weight. Dividing the overall carat weight for a ring, between three diamonds can produce a very different appearance. For Princess cut designs, this often produces the effect of a rectangle of diamonds, across the ring. For round brilliant cut rings, a fractionally large central diamond will visually benefit the appearance of a straight set.

The traditional graduating three stone setting ring usually incorporates a centre diamond weight that is equal to the approximate total of the outer two stones. This means that if the centre diamond weighs one carat, each of the outer two diamonds is half a carat each. In addition to the multiple effect of the 3 diamonds, the same diamond weight and quality in a solitaire will generally cost more. This design of trilogy ring is very popular especially when the design is chosen as an engagement ring as the size of the stones is said to signify the importance of the present, reaffirming the significance of "we are in this moment together”.

The slightly graduated style will appeal if you prefer a lesser graduation between the diamonds i.e. within this design the centre stone will be slightly bigger than the others, but the degree of graduation varies from ring to ring.


When you have decided that you wish to purchase a three stone setting ring there are several important factors that we recommend that you consider when choosing your Trilogy ring:

Carefully consider the cut of the centre diamond as this will have major influence upon design, appearance and feel of your ring. The Round Brilliant cut is still the most commonly used, but in recent years Princess and Solitaire cuts have become popular as well. These cuts will show off the centre diamond and will not in any way detract from the two supporting smaller diamonds or gemstones. You can also have a three-stone ring with other shapes like ovals or marquise.

Choose the precious metal that your diamonds or gemstones will be set within very carefully so that it enhances their sparkle and lustre. We recommend that you avoid yellow gold, as this can detract from the sparkle and shine of the diamonds. The perfect choice for your Trilogy ring is platinum, palladium or white gold all of which will enhance your choice of three stone setting ring.


For those working to a budget then a three stone setting ring provides a great option as this design of ring allows for variance of the gemstones therefore can be a little lower in price.

By selecting gemstones as opposed to diamonds for the surrounding stones, or a gemstone for the centre and diamonds for the side, this will prove to be less expensive than choosing three diamonds but will still provide you with a stunning and exquisite ring that is an everlasting symbol of your relationship. If your heart is set upon a Trilogy ring consisting of three diamonds which add to add up to 2 carats of total weight, the cost can be much less than one 2 carat diamond solitaire.

In addition one of the great things about Trilogy rings is that by incorporating diamond halo's or a diamond "bouquets," or clusters these are great ways to make the diamonds appear larger in the ring. Three stone setting rings also have the added advantage of taking up a lot more space on the finger so it is easy to get smaller stones while still achieving that big diamond look.

Three stone setting rings have been increasing in popularity for many years. The reasons for this may be that undoubtedly this design of ring allows for personality and variety and yet is stunningly beautiful and glamourous to wear. So if you are looking for a ring that perfectly symbolises the elements of your relationship and is reflection of your tastes and style, then you would do very well to consider the purchase of a three stone setting ring also known as a Trilogy ring.

When it comes to achieving maximum sparkle in a diamond, the cut of the stone plays a significant role. Our round cut trilogy diamonds, with 58 facets per stone, are designed to enhance the brilliance and fire of the gem. As a diamond expert, here is some advice to help you make the most of your sparkling trilogy diamond:

  1. Choose the Right Cut: The round cut is renowned for its ability to maximize a diamond's brilliance. With 58 facets, each precisely angled and positioned, this cut is optimized for light reflection and refraction, resulting in a stunning display of sparkle. Stick with the round cut trilogy to ensure you achieve the maximum brilliance.
  2. Consider the Proportions: While the round cut trilogy already offers an excellent balance of proportions, it's essential to consider factors like table size, crown height, and pavilion depth. Ideally, aim for a well-proportioned diamond to optimize light performance and maximize sparkle.
  3. Opt for Excellent or Ideal Cut Grades: The cut grade of a diamond determines how well it interacts with light. Look for diamonds with an excellent or ideal cut grade as they have been precisely crafted to maximize brilliance. This will ensure your trilogy diamonds achieve their full sparkling potential.
  4. Prioritize Diamond Quality: Beyond the cut, consider other quality factors like colour, clarity, and carat weight. While each of these factors contributes to a diamond's overall beauty, a diamond of higher color and clarity grades will enhance the sparkle. Additionally, choosing diamonds with well-matched color and clarity within the trilogy will create a harmonious and dazzling effect.
  5. Pay Attention to Setting: The setting of your trilogy diamonds can affect their sparkle. Opt for settings that allow ample light to enter the diamonds, such as prong or bezel settings. These settings expose more of the diamond's surface, enabling greater light interaction and enhancing the overall brilliance.
  6. Regular Maintenance: To maintain the maximum sparkle of your trilogy diamonds, regular cleaning and maintenance are crucial. Visit a trusted jeweller for professional cleaning, and consider gentle home cleaning methods in between visits. Keep in mind that dirt, oils, and debris can dull a diamond's sparkle over time.
  7. Enhance with Proper Lighting: To showcase the maximum sparkle of your round cut trilogy diamonds, consider the lighting conditions. Natural daylight or white lighting is ideal for highlighting the brilliance. Avoid dim lighting or yellow-toned lighting, as they may diminish the sparkle.

Remember, the round cut trilogy diamonds with 58 facets per stone are designed to maximize sparkle. By selecting the right cut, prioritizing quality, and taking proper care, you can ensure your diamonds dazzle with brilliance, creating a truly mesmerizing and sparkling effect.