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If you are specifically looking for a type of halo setting for your engagement ring, you will know that the term refers to the arrangement of smaller diamonds, or possibly other gemstones, around a central stone. The setting of these smaller stones is traditionally called pavé, which comes from the French word meaning ‘paved’, because the gems are attached in such a way as to look like a paved path around the larger stone.

You might think that the more stones you have set into your ring, then the harder it will be to avoid losing one or more. However, provided you purchase your ring from a reputable jeweller, you will find that they do not need any more degree of special care than a single stone ring. The tiny gems are usually held securely together in individual mountings, which, as they are less obtrusive than those found on a larger stone, are not likely to snag or catch as much. You should, of course, take the usual degree of care as you would with any precious item, though.

Double halo diaomnd ring setting

When purchasing your double-halo setting ring, run your finger lightly over the surface of the stones to make sure none are protruding or loose in any way.