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Welsh Gold, a rare and exquisite treasure, has captivated the hearts of jewellery enthusiasts and collected for centuries. Revered for its unique qualities and rich history, Welsh Gold has become synonymous with elegance and luxury.

Here, we explore the enchanting world of Welsh Gold, and help you find out more about its origin, meaning, and distinct characteristics.

What is Welsh Gold?

Welsh Gold, which is used for jewellery is refers to gold that is found within the borders of Wales. This specific gold is highly prized for its unique purity, exceptional quality, and scarcity, making it a renowned symbol of prestige and distinction.

The special appeal of Welsh Gold

What sets Welsh Gold apart from other varieties of gold is its specific historical and cultural significance. For many years, Welsh Gold has been associated with the British Royal Family, particularly visible in the wedding rings of the royal couples.

In fact, the royal tradition of incorporating Welsh Gold into wedding rings is precisely one-hundred-year-old. It dates back to 1923, when Queen Mother (Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon) used a nugget of Welsh Gold for her wedding band. The tradition has since carried on, first through Queen Elizabeth II, but also Princess Diana, and more recently, the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton. As such, this special connection with the royalty family lends Welsh Gold an unmistakable touch of prestige and romance.

Interestingly enough, early Welsh princes were more likely to wear Irish Gold as Ireland was a prominent area of gold working during this period. The strong connection between Wales and Ireland also supports this theory.

Welsh Gold mining locations

As explained, Welsh Gold is found in Wales. Its primary mining sources come from three distinct locations in North and West Wales:

  • The Gwynfynydd Gold Mine in North Wales
  • The Clogau Gold Mine, also in North Wales
  • The Dolaucothi Gold Mine in West Wales

Located in the vicinity of Dolgellau and Snowdonia, the Gwynfynydd Mine operated from 1884 to 1999 and has been shown to produce some of the finest quality of Welsh Gold in history. Gwynfynydd remained active until the end of 1998. The mine is said to have produced over 45,000 troy ounces of Welsh Gold during its operation.

Once the richest and largest of all gold mines in the Dolgellau mining area, the Clogau Goldmine began operating at the time of the gold rush production, around the 1860s. It remained in operation until 1911 and has produced around 78,500 troy ounces of Welsh gold. Between 1911 and 1989, the mine was reopened on several occasions for small-scaled operations. It finally shut down permanently in 1998 as a result of the cost of extraction and the limited quantities of Welsh Gold. The mine also appears sometimes as Clogau St David’s Mine.

Comparatively, the Dolaucothi Gold Mine has a much more complex history. This mine based in the valley of the River Cothi is reported to have been in operation for centuries. Experts have found evidence of gold extraction dating back to Roman times, and estimates the Roman closure of the mine around 300 AD. In 1938, the mine was officially closed before joining the National Trust in 1941.

Distinctive colour and identification of Welsh Gold

Perhaps the first thing that comes to mind about Welsh Gold is its unique colour. Welsh Gold has a distinctive warm rose hue, which adds to its luxurious appeal. The colour, which is instantly recognisable, is the natural result of the mineral composition that builds Welsh Gold deposits.

Yet, identifying Welsh Gold can be a challenging task. Indeed, it is often alloyed with other metals in order to enhance its workability and durability. Thankfully, experienced and trusted jewellers can employ different methods that enable them to certify the authenticity of Welsh Gold with certitude. These methods include hallmarking and specific assay testing. The Welsh Gold certification process is designed to reassure customers and ensure them of the authenticity of their purchase.

Clogau jewelry is famous for containing Welsh Gold and is one of the most exclusive jewellery around the world. But whether you are seeking Clogau pieces or any other item containing Welsh Gold, you want to look for distinctive identification. At Rêve Diamonds, our Welsh Gold jewellery is made in a Welsh workshop and certified Welsh jewellery with a unique stamp mark: the Welsh dragon stamp.

Welsh Gold Dragon Hallmark Stamp

What is the value of Welsh Gold?

The scarcity and historical significance of Welsh Gold contribute greatly to its enhanced value in the market. Since the closure of the Gwynfynydd Gold Mine in January 1999, the supply of Welsh Gold has become increasingly limited. This rarity along with its association with British royalty has made Welsh Gold a highly sought after metal, which is more valuable than conventional gold varieties.

In fact, for comparison purposes, Welsh Gold can be up to 30 times the value of standard gold in auctions, making a kilo of Welsh Gold worth around £25,000.

Where can you buy Welsh Gold?

We invite you to browse our collection of jewellery online to find out more about our Welsh Gold pieces. We work with the highest quality materials and secure our Welsh Gold from reputable and approved sources from Wales.

If you have any questions about our Welsh Gold jewellery or how to get your dream piece tailor made by our experts with Welsh gold, we encourage you to reach out to our team. We are here to guide you through the process and help you choose the best solution to bring Welsh Gold to shine.

As a distinguished jewellery brand, we are proud to offer a range of exquisite pieces containing Welsh Gold and bearing the coveted Dragon stamp mark. This mark ensures its authenticity and quality as well as its Welsh origins. At Rêve Diamonds, we are passionate about offering our customers the best gold quality, preserving the heritage and tradition associated with this precious metal.

Welsh Gold captivated the hearts and minds of jewelelry connoisseurs as an enduring symbol of rarity, historical meaning, and elegance. With its warm rose colour and allure, Welsh Gold jewellery makes a much-treasured possession. As a family heirloom or a symbol of love, its qualities ensure it remains a timeless and meaningful choice.

Welsh Gold Bespoke Solitaire Oval Diamond Ring