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Fancy Coloured Loose Pink Diamonds are one of the most sought after Natural Fancy Coloured Diamonds in the world. They are also extremely rare, which in combination makes Fancy Coloured Loose Pink Diamonds one of the most expensive of the Natural Fancy Coloured Diamond family.

It is easy to see why Fancy Coloured Loose Pink Diamonds appeal to ladies worldwide as their beautiful colouring is the very epitome of feminine elegance and romantic appeal. They naturally make a stunning centrepiece for many pieces of jewellery from diamond engagement rings to bracelets, necklaces and wedding bands.

The allure of Fancy Coloured Loose Pink Diamonds combined with their scarcity and high value makes them a highly desirable addition to any diamond or jewellery connoisseur’s collection. In fact it is estimated by experts that a Fancy Coloured Loose Pink Diamond can cost at least 20 times the price of its Colourless (white) equivalent.

If you are tempted by the beauty of Fancy Coloured Loose Pink Diamonds then read on to find out more about these highly prized gems:


The vast majority of Fancy Coloured Loose Pink Diamonds hail from The Argyle Diamond Mine which is located in the East Kimberley region of Western Australia. This mine which is owned by the Rio Tinto company produces over 90% - 95% of the world's supply of Fancy Coloured Loose Pink Diamonds and red diamonds. This mine is the largest diamond producer in the world by volume, and also provides a large proportion of other Natural Fancy Coloured Diamonds including rare blue, brown, cognac and champagne coloured diamonds.

The highest quality of Fancy Coloured Loose Pink Diamonds found at The Argyle Diamond Mine are cut and polished before they are sold via an exclusive tender. To further illustrate the rarity of Fancy Coloured Loose Pink Diamonds, from every 1 million carats of rough pink diamonds that the mine produces; only 1 carat is suitable to sell!

Fancy Coloured Loose Pink Diamonds can also be found in very small quantities in Siberia, Russia, Brazil, South Africa, Canada and Tanzania.


Adding to the fascination of Fancy Coloured Loose Pink Diamonds is the fact that there is very little gemological information about these rare diamonds and until recently the exact cause of the pink colouring in Fancy Coloured Loose Pink Diamonds remained something of a mystery. However what is now known is that in contrast to other Natural Fancy Coloured Diamonds such as yellows, blues, greens, etc., the pink colouration is not as a result of foreign trace elements trapped inside the diamond's structure. Although not proven, scientists believe that the pink colour in the diamond is caused whilst the diamond is forced to the earth’s surface by an atomic level lattice defect that selectively absorbs light producing the characteristic pink shade.


Like other Natural Fancy Coloured Diamonds, Fancy Coloured Loose Pink Diamonds come in several shades and tones. They are graded by the GIA as fancy light pink, fancy pink, fancy intense pink, rare fancy vivid pink and fancy deep pink. Like other shades of Natural Fancy Coloured Diamonds, pink diamonds with a light pink tone are generally less expensive than pink diamonds with darker tones and heavily saturated pure pinks and purplish pinks are considered collectors' items, with prices reflecting their desirability and rarity.

Fancy Coloured Loose Pink Diamonds often feature secondary hues - an additional modifying colour. The most common modifying colours are orange, brown and purple but also found are overtone combinations of Yellow, Yellowish, Blue, Bluish, Red, Reddish, Green, Greenish, Purplish, Orangey, Violet, Gray, Grayish, Black, Brownish, Champagne, Cognac and Chameleon.

Double Halo Pink Diamond Ring


Whilst in most Fancy Natural Coloured diamonds it is usual to have one colour which is more dominant in terms of the factors of rarity, price and consumer demand, within Fancy Coloured Pink Diamonds it is accepted that the shades of pink and purple are practically identical in all these factors.

For example looking at the popular colour combination of pink and brown, it is widely accepted that Fancy Coloured Pink Diamonds are considered rare, whilst in opposition, brown diamonds are more common. This means that if pink colouration is added to a brown diamond the pink will add value to the diamond thereby making it more expensive. However adding brown to a pink diamond will make it cheaper.

This is not the case with the combination of purple and pink. Since both colours are similar it does not make much difference if it is a purple pink diamond or a pink purple diamond, though it must be noted that purple diamonds are harder to find. It also does not matter if the secondary hues are defined as pinkish or purplish. With these, the actual diamond, its basic criteria and appearance define most of its value, not the fact it is pink purple or purple pink.

The combination of pink and purple for example, pink diamonds with secondary tone of purple, purplish pink, purple pink diamonds and purple diamonds with a secondary tone of pink, pinkish purple and pink purple diamonds are quite unique and are the most sought after colour combinations.

However, even in this case it has to be noted that pure colour is still better favoured, and a pure Fancy Coloured Pink Diamond, or a pure Fancy Coloured Purple Diamond, will be more valuable than a diamond that is a combination of the two.


Due to their rarity and uniqueness, Fancy Coloured Loose Pink Diamonds are amongst the most valuable coloured diamonds. Even those that weigh less than one carat can often command staggeringly high prices at auction. In fact Fancy Coloured Loose Pink Diamonds generally reach anywhere between $100,000 per carat to over $1,000,000 per carat, depending on the colour intensity, cut, clarity, and other given factors.

Prices for Fancy Coloured Loose Pink Diamonds vary considerably according to the graded colour of each diamond. For example, prices for faint pinks to fancy light pink diamonds are on a par with the more expensive yellow diamonds. Vivid pinks have a value more comparable to that of ultra-blue diamonds and on the rare occasion that they reach the market vivid pinks, including purplish-pinks, continually break sales records with some stones reaching as high as seven figures per carat!


As with Colourless Diamonds and other Fancy Natural Coloured Diamonds, there are many ways in which you can buy a more affordable Fancy Coloured Loose Pink Diamond. For instance, purchasing a diamond below a weight class e.g. buying a 0.90 carat diamond instead of 1.00 carat diamond, or alternatively consider a lower clarity diamond with consideration to the location of the inclusion and conceal this with the shape of the setting.

Taking ideas like these into consideration and the fact that graded colour is the most important factor when it comes to the pricing of Fancy Coloured Loose Pink Diamonds; perhaps the best way to save money and still own a pink diamond is to play with the colour. So in essence consider brown / brownish pink and orangey pink colour diamonds which are much cheaper than pure pink and purple pink diamonds. Light coloured diamonds are also stunning so why not consider choosing a fancy light diamond to give you all the romance and allure of Fancy Coloured Loose Pink Diamonds for less than half the price. A very useful tip is that using a rose gold setting will intensify the colour of a lighter pink diamond.

If you still wish to go for the colour shades of fancy pink or fancy intense pink which will cost more than the lighter shades, then why not reduce the size of the main pink stone and use a halo of melee diamonds to save some money. The contrast will look stunning and intensify the pink colour. Plus the halo will make the ring sparkle so much greater and give an impression of a larger ring.

As Fancy Coloured Loose Pink Diamonds are so rare and can command high prices utilising such ideas can help you to invest in a pink diamond at an affordable price.


The answer to this question most definitely has to be YES. Being one of the rarest and most unique of the Natural Fancy Coloured Diamond family, Fancy Coloured Loose Pink Diamonds have historically sold at auction for between $100,000 per carat to over $1,000,000 per carat dependent on graded colour intensity, cut, clarity etc.

In recent years there has been a growing concern surrounding the availability of Fancy Coloured Loose Pink Diamonds. This will undoubtedly mean that as this concern intensifies the diamond market will see an increase in interest in this gemstone and a resultant surge in prices as collectors rush to own their very own Fancy Coloured Loose Pink Diamond before the supply is exhausted.

More and more celebrities are wearing Fancy Coloured Loose Pink Diamonds. This can only add to the appeal of this rare gemstone meaning that investing in a Fancy Coloured Loose Pink Diamond will not only create a fabulous piece of jewellery, but will mean that you will be making a valuable and solid investment.


Fancy Coloured Loose Pink Diamonds by their very colouring ooze romantic appeal, femininity and classical elegance. By choosing to wear a Fancy Coloured Loose Pink Diamond as the centrepiece of your engagement ring you will not only be creating a stunning piece of timeless jewellery, but will be joining the many celebrities and A-listers that have invested in Fancy Coloured Loose Pink Diamonds. Fancy Coloured Loose Yellow Diamonds also look good as jewellery so why not add a matching pink diamond bracelet or necklace to your jewellery collection when celebrating your wedding anniversaries.


One of the most famous Fancy Coloured Loose Pink Diamonds is the Daria-i-Noor. This magnificent table-cut light pink diamond weighs a very impressive 186 carats. It was worn by many kings as part of their ceremonial dress and up until 1739 was part of the crown jewels until the Persian army retrieved it and returned it back to Iran.

Another Fancy Coloured Loose Pink Diamonds which has graced royalty is the Noor-ul-Ain which is also referred to as "the light of the eye". This stunning pink diamond was believed to have been discovered in India's Golconda mines. It is a 60.0-carat oval brilliant-cut diamond and featured as the centre piece within the Iranian Empress Farah Pahlavi's wedding tiara, which she wore at her wedding in 1958.

Other Fancy Coloured Loose Pink Diamonds famed for their size and rarity include the Steinmetz Pink and the Shah Jahaan. The Steinmetz Pink also known as the Pink Star Diamond was found in Southern Africa. It weighs a substantial 59.60-carat and is an oval mixed-cut, fancy vivid pink stone with a clarity grade of internally flawless (FL). This diamond is considered to be extremely rare and unique diamond and terms of weight it is the third largest pink diamond in the world. In terms of colour grading it is the largest fancy vivid pink diamond in the world. The table-cut light pink Shah Jahaan diamond is close behind, at 56.71 carats.

Other famous Fancy Coloured Loose Pink Diamonds which have hit the headlines due to achieving high prices at auction include the Graff Pink Diamond which has been described as "one of the greatest diamonds ever discovered". The Graff Pink Diamond is an intense pink stone of some 24.78 carats. It was graded Type IIa and when it was sold by Sotheby's auctioneers in Geneva, Switzerland on 16 November 2010 it broke all records reaching a whopping $46 million making it the most expensive single jewel ever sold at auction to that date.

The Martian Pink diamond is a very rare 12.04 carat stone that was named in 1976 by US jeweller Harry Winston to commemorate the year that the Americans sent a satellite to Mars, its name being the colour of the planet Mars. The Martian Pink which was graded fancy intense pink was auctioned in Hong Kong for $17.4m (£11.1m).

The Rose of Dubai is a pear-shaped Fancy Coloured Loose Pink Diamond weighing an impressive 25.02 carats. It was given its name by its owner Amer Radwan, a diamond dealer based in Dubai who named the diamond soon after he purchased it for $6 million from the Christie's Magnificent Jewels Sale in New York, on October 19th, 2005. The name aptly describes the beautiful rose pink colour of the diamond which is graded as a fancy pink colour.

The Princie Diamond is a cushion cut fancy intense pink diamond boasting VS2 clarity which weighs 34.65 carat. It was discovered over 300 years ago in the Golconda mine in India and is said to be the third largest pink diamond in the world. It was named after being purchased at auction by jewellers Van Cleef & Arpels, who named it in honour of the 14-year-old Prince of Baroda, son of Maharani Sita Devi. This beautiful Fancy Coloured Loose Pink Diamond was passed down through generations of Indian royalty before being auctioned at Christie's in New York on 16th of April 2013. The Princie Diamond fetched $39.3 million setting the record for being the most valuable Golconda mine diamond ever sold at auction and the highest price for any jewel sold at Christie's to that date.


Due perhaps to their uniqueness, rarity and high value, Fancy Coloured Loose Pink Diamonds are the choice of royalty and celebrities alike. From Queen Elizabeth II to Jennifer Lopez, pink diamonds can be seen adorning the red carpet and in high society worldwide.

The most famous pink diamond in the world belongs to Queen Elizabeth II. It is the centre piece of the Williamson Brooch. This fabulous 23.6-carat Pink Diamond was given to Queen Elizabeth II her wedding in 1947 and was later set into a diamond flower-shaped brooch by Cartier.

Fancy Coloured Loose Pink Diamonds were the choice of superstars Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck on their engagement when they chose the stunning Harry Winston Pink Diamond engagement ring. Sadly this couple are no longer together but this amazing 6-carat Pink Diamond Ring said to be worth over $3 million is still in existence.

Also saying ‘yes’ to Fancy Coloured Loose Pink Diamonds as the centre piece for their engagement ring include A listers such as Mariah Carey who was given a 10.02-carat emerald-cut Pink Diamond engagement ring from fiancé Nick Cannon. The ring is a most beautiful piece created by Jacob Arabo and the pink diamond is flanked by two side stones and surrounded by pave diamonds. American actress Blake Lively wears an impressive 12-carat oval Light Pink Diamond engagement ring which features a pink diamond set in a custom rose gold setting with a delicate diamond studded band. Its value is estimated to be $2 million. Also choosing Pink Diamonds, Kate Bosworth received an elegant cushion cut Pink Diamond engagement ring.

Other celebrities seen wearing jewellery featuring Fancy Coloured Loose Pink Diamonds are the infamous glamour model Katie Price who has been seen wearing a fabulous heart-shaped Pink Diamond ring by Leandro Penna which is an unusual mix of a Pink Diamond and the rare heart shape. Anna Kournikova, a world famous professional tennis player has been seen wearing an 11-carat pear-shaped Pink diamond ring worth approximately $6 million. Penelope Ann Miller has worn a rare Blue Nile rare 3-carat radiant Pink Diamond ring with the centre stone surrounded with Pink and White diamonds.


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