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Clarity is one of the main characteristics of a diamond that is used to determine its value. It refers to the degree of inclusions that are present - their position and how easy they are to see. Virtually every diamond has inclusions, although a lot of them cannot be seen to the naked eye. Needless to say, the fewer imperfections, the greater the value of the diamond and the more expensive it will be.

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Clarity Grades

Diamond clarity is graded based on a number of attributes relating to the blemishes and inclusions that impact the stone, including their overall visibility, position, number, size, and nature. Gemmological laboratories have different grade systems, but under the GIA, diamonds are ranked from Internally Flawless (IF) and Flawless (FL), which is a diamond that does not have any inclusions, to the lowest grading, which is Included (I3).

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Diamond Inclusions & Blemishes

Diamond blemishes and inclusions are the two factors that impact a diamond’s clarity. There are many different types of inclusions and blemishes, as you will discover in this section. However, in general terms, a blemish is a flaw that impacts the surface of the stone while inclusions are foreign material, usually diamond crystals, that formed within the diamond.

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Clarity Enhancements

Imperfections in clarity can often be ‘fixed’ via the process of filling the cracks or fractures with molten glass. This is not a solution that can be applied to all diamonds. However, it is an option that appeals to some people, and it can lower the price of the diamond. We will reveal the advantages and disadvantages of these diamonds in this section.

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Expert Advice: Eye-clean Diamonds

Eye clean diamonds basically related to diamonds that do not feature any inclusions to the naked eye. This is what most people are interested in. They don’t want to buy a diamond that has evident blemishes. However, they don’t want to be forced into spending higher sums of money when the inclusions can only be seen under magnification.

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