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Despite their classical elegance and chic colouration, Fancy Coloured Loose Gray Diamonds are relatively unknown and tend to be at the lower end of the value range for Natural Coloured Loose Diamonds. They are far rarer than yellow and brown diamonds even though they attract the same value which does make them an interesting buy for those attracted to the mesmerising quality of the colour gray.

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Gray diamonds are mined in Australia at the famous Argyle mine, and in India, Russia, Brazil and South Africa.

Fancy Coloured Loose Gray Diamonds get their colouration from the inclusion of a high concentration of hydrogen, and in some occasions like blue diamonds, the presence of boron during the diamond's formation. Of note is the fact that Fancy Coloured Loose Gray Diamonds, like blue diamonds are semiconductors of electricity - in comparison the majority of Natural Fancy Coloured Diamonds and Natural Colourless Diamonds are non-conductors.

Fancy Coloured Loose Gray Diamonds present a very interesting colour set of the Natural Fancy Coloured Diamonds ‘family. They are referred to by many as 'silver diamonds'. This term is more of a marketing spin than an official terminology. The majority of grey fancies are known as Type Ilb diamonds. This refers to a set of unique markers in the diamond's make-up including the presence of few nitrogen impurities and scattered boron atoms in the crystal matrix that cause the diamond's unique grey (and bluish) colouring.

Fancy Coloured Loose Gray Diamonds come in a variety of different shades and hues that give them their very unique colour. They are often referred to as charcoal gray, steel, slate, silver and pigeon and have little intensity. The tones of gray diamonds range from pewter and nickel to deeper hues like lead and graphite gray, which are quite stunning.

The levels of colour intensity for Fancy Coloured Loose Gray Diamonds are light gray, fancy light gray, fancy gray, fancy dark gray, and fancy deep gray. With Fancy Coloured Loose Gray Diamonds there is no such colour as vivid gray or faint gray. The diamond's colours will appear cooler or warmer according to which tones they contain. For instance brown and yellow give a Fancy Coloured Loose Gray Diamond a warm tone, whilst blue and green modifiers will make the diamond appear cool and very elegant.

The common colour overtones according to the GIA are yellowish, greenish, bluish and violet meaning that the actual colours seen in Fancy Coloured Loose Gray Diamonds are Fancy Dark Violet Gray, Fancy Dark Greenish Gray, Fancy Greenish Yellow Gray and Fancy Grayish Violet. Fancy Coloured Loose Gray Diamonds are a relatively affordable option, however, when combined with blue or violet, which are extremely rare, the prices of these diamonds can rise steeply into the tens of thousands.

Natural Fancy Coloured Loose Gray Diamonds that are of a pure colour with a certain degree or colour saturation are rare. More common are those diamonds with yellow, green or brown secondary colours are. A blue modifier will make a Natural Fancy Coloured Loose Gray Diamond more valuable.

Natural Fancy Coloured Loose Gray Diamonds are a rarity however price wise they are positioned alongside the relatively common Natural Fancy Coloured Diamond colours of browns and yellows. There pricing makes them an attractive proposition if you are looking for an alternative to Natural Colourless Diamonds. So whilst investing in diamonds can be viewed as a good investment in itself, if you are looking for the highest yield then you would be best advised to choose a colour which is rare and higher in demand.

Simply because they are so rare there are very few famous Fancy Coloured Loose Gray Diamonds. However two of the most famous diamonds in the world are blue diamonds with a gray modifier (gray blue diamonds), these being the ‘Hope Diamond’ and the ‘Wittelsbach Diamond’. In addition there is a third diamond that is not as famous but is still related to the family of Fancy Coloured Loose Gray Diamonds. That is a 35.27 carat cushion-cut diamond named the Sultan of Morocco. This diamond was once owned by Cartier was sold in 1972 to an unknown collector for $250,000 - which is an equivalent of $1.4 Million dollars in today's values.

Gray diamonds are both versatile and fashionable, so for the bride to be who seeks to show their individuality Fancy Coloured Loose Gray Diamonds make an excellent choice as an engagement ring. They provide a personalised, elegant and chic touch to an engagement ring that many conventional rings lack. Plus you can achieve the look of a simply stunning engagement ring that will be the envy of all your friends without breaking the bank!

When you see a yellow diamond engagement ring being worn it is very easy to note the colour even at a distance, which is probably what the wearer wishes you to do. In contrast most Fancy Coloured Loose Gray Diamonds do not have this effect. They are far more subtle as most gray diamonds have a weaker colour saturation which in reality will give the impression of a beautiful Natural Colourless Diamond with a very elegant an stylish metallic bluish twist or ora.

In addition there is a considerable advantage to investing in an engagement ring featuring Fancy Coloured Loose Gray Diamonds that Natural Colourless Diamonds will not afford you. That is that gray diamonds often come in a round brilliant shape. The round diamond is traditionally the most sought after shape for engagement rings yet Fancy Coloured Diamonds are very rarely cut into rounds due to the fact that by mathematical definition the round diamond shape causes light to go through the diamond and bounce off it in an optimal way that causes the diamond to appear whiter so not sustaining the colour. Therefore most coloured diamonds are cut into radiants and cushions to show off the colour. If however you are looking for an different shape then do not worry as Fancy Coloured Loose Gray Diamonds can also be cut into other shapes such as cushion cut, pear shape, oval and radiant.

If you dare to be different and would like to choose your next piece of jewellery, engagement ring, wedding band etc., with the centre piece of Fancy Coloured Loose Gray Diamonds then contact the experts at Rêve Diamonds of Hatton Garden, London. We stock a fantastic choice of stunning Fancy Coloured Loose Gray Diamonds jewellery in all shades and intensities which are of course GIA certified.