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The Marquise cut is elegant and sophisticated, and many have fallen in love with its stunning appearance. This is a diamond shape that elongates the finger and also has the benefit of optimising carat weight. It is traced back to the Royal family, which is of little surprise when you consider its beautiful and refined appearance.



The Marquise diamond can sometimes be referred to as the Navette shape. Not only does it look beautiful, but also it is ideal for couples that are on a budget, as you can afford to go for a lower carat weight. It also suits most people, as it has a slimming effect and can make small fingers look slightly longer, yet it looks just as beautiful on those with long, slender fingers.
Marquise Diamond Shape


When buying a Marquise cut, the ideal length to width ratio is somewhere between 1.85 and 2.10, and most diamonds tend to have 56, 57 or 58 facets. This diamond shape can sometimes suffer from the bow tie effect, which relates to a shadow being cast across the face of the diamond when a light shines through. To ensure light does not pass through the back of the diamond, it is vital that it is not too shallow, otherwise you will lose out on fire and brilliance.
Marquise Diamond Shape


As mentioned, one of the great things about the Marquise diamond is the fact that it optimises carat weight. This means that when contrasted with another shape of the same carat weight, a Marquise diamond will look bigger. This diamond can also hide colour tints and inclusions to a certain extent, but you are still advised to go for a fairly high grading. The best setting for the Marquise diamond ring is the six-prong setting, with two prongs placed at either side, one prong at the top, and another prong at the bottom.
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The story behind the creation of the Marquise diamond is one of love. It was created during the mid 1700’s when King Louise XIV commissioned his court jeweller to create a diamond that would resemble the smile of Jeanne Antoinette Poisson, the Marquise de Pompadour, who was his mistress. The Marquise shape has developed considerable since then, resulting in a cut that offers more brilliance.


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