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What are canada mark diamonds?

The CanadaMark hallmark program is a strategic initiative of Dominion Diamond Corporation to assure the integrity of the supply chain of Canadian diamonds from mine to retailer. Verify the authenticity of your CanadaMark™ certified diamond by entering the serial number and polished diamond weight shown on your CanadaMark™ diamond certificate card in the spaces.

CanadaMark Diamond – Ethically Sourced Diamonds From Canada

CandaMark Diamond Certificate

So, how does someone become approved? Well, an independent third party will audit the manufacturer to make certain that the processes they use can completely track the Canadian diamond’s progress, right from the mine it came from through to the end result, i.e. the polished diamond.

A certificate card is given to every CanadaMark diamond. However, evidence regarding the movement of the diamond through the tracking system, the technical characteristics, and the origin of the diamond must be provided by the manufacturer before a certificate is issued. After the diamond is accepted, a unique serial number and the CanadaMark logo are laser inscribed onto it. The weight of the stone and the serial number will be placed into the CanadaMark database.

Deep below ground in the Northwest Territories, you will find Canadian diamonds. They were formed more than a billion years ago by natural forces. The region, which is barren, is a remote area that is situated a mere few hundred kilometers from the Artic Circle. The Diavik and Ekati mines are credited with starting the CanadaMark journey. The Diavik mine is actually the biggest in Canada in terms of carat production while the Ekati mine was the first underground and surface diamond mine in the country.

When diamonds were discovered here, in the 90s, it resulted in a process of intensive environmental assessments and permitting. Both sites had to undergo this, with special priority given to make sure the integrity of the wildlife, water, and land in this area was protected on a long-term basis. After all, the Northwest Territories form a vital part of daily life and local Aboriginal traditions.

The Lac de Gras area has been given a lot of special attention in order to protect the wildlife there. Both the Diavik and Ekati mines were created in coordination with the Aboriginal communities to ensure both parties were happy. This has lead to the continual development of processes and technologies designed to conserve the environment. As a part of this, there are numerous environmental agreements that involve the territorial governments, federal governments, and the local Aboriginal groups. The mines also support local companies, as they appreciate that it will benefit both employees and the business to have a northern economy that is flourishing.

Whenever someone notices the CanadaMark logo on a diamond, they can be one hundred percent certain that no treatments have been used on the diamond and that it is fully natural. CanadaMark diamonds cannot be subjected to HPHT (high pressure and high temperature) treatments to alter color nor can inclusions be masked via fracture filling. They are also not allowed to be treated by lasers in order to get rid of dark inclusions. Consequently, CanadaMark diamonds guarantee quality. They also meet standards in regards to symmetry, finish, clarity, and color.

Canada mark laser inscriprion number on the additional grading information section on your GIA grading report

Canadamark laser inscriprion number on the additional grading information section on your GIA grading report