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The Trillion cut boasts a unique triangular shape that not only looks stunning but also has the benefit of hiding inclusions well. It is known for its sharp brilliance and incredible fire. Read on to discover everything you need to know about it.



The Trillion cut can also be referred to as the Trielle, Trillian, or Trilliant cut. It is a triangular shaped diamond with three equal sides. There are many variations of this cut available, including convex cuts, curved cuts, uncurved cuts, concave cuts, triangular step cuts, modified shield cuts, and round-cornered triangular cuts. This largely depends on whether the diamond is used as an accent stone or a solitaire.
Trillion Diamond Shape


The Trillion diamond boasts a triangular shape, with the ideal length to width ratio being 1.00. The number of facets varies, with some diamonds boasting 31 facets and others having 50 facets.
Trillion Diamond Shape


One of the main benefits associated with the Trillion cut is the fact that it hides inclusions well, which means you can afford to go for a lower grading. A lot of people opt for trillion diamonds as accent stones, yet they are becoming more popular as solitaires too.
When buying this stone, one of the most crucial factors to bear in mind is the depth, as this has a large impact on the brilliance and fire. Trillion diamonds can also appear larger than other diamonds of the same carat weight. Finally, it is advisable to ensure the diamond is set in V-prongs, as this unique shape can be more difficult to set.
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The Trillion cut has not been around for too long, originating in 1962. New York’s Henry Meyer Diamond Company is credited with designing the modern Trillion cut. Their creation is trademarked, however, all triangular cuts tend to be referred to as Trillion cuts nowadays.


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