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Trillion Cut diamonds are also referred to as Trilliant, Trielle or Trillian Cut. This is a relatively modern diamond cut developed in the 1960s. As it’s name suggests, this cut produces a triangular shaped diamond with three equal sides, a flat table at its surface, and flat or pointed edges.

Trillion Cut diamonds are rare to find. Unlike many other diamond shapes, Trillion Cut diamonds are better suited to being used as accent stones within a jewelry design than as a center gemstone, but of course can be used as a solitaire with the right cut. This cut of diamonds lends itself very well to contemporary jewelry designs, and the Trillion Cut is the perfect choice for those looking for an on-trend sleek design that stands out from the crowd. If you’re fascinated by this unique and unusual cut, here’s a closer look at Trillion Cut diamonds:



The version of the Trillion Cut diamond that we see today was first developed in the early 1960s by Leon Finker, a New York diamond merchant. His son Marvin Finker, then patented the design in the early 1970s.
Other diamond merchants are also known to have created their version of the Trillion Cut. Perhaps the most well known being the Henry Meyer Diamond Company who developed their own version of the Trillion Cut at about the same time as the Finkers, but they are still widely considered to be the first creators of the Trillion Cut.
Trillion Diamond Shape


Trillion Cut diamonds are triangular in shape with three equal sides. The ideal length to width ratio of the Trillion Cut is 1.00 and the number of facets varies between 31 to 50 according to the use of the diamonds as accent stones or solitaires. As with the Round Brilliant cut, the Trillion Cut has a flat table and this is responsible for the diamond’s remarkable fire and brilliance.
There are many varieties of the Trillion Cut available which include uncurved cuts, curved cuts, concave cuts, convex cuts, round cornered triangular cuts, and modified shield cuts, the cut chosen being dependent upon whether the diamond is to be used as a side stone or a solitaire. So, when a Trillion Cut diamond is to be used as a solitaire it will typically be cut with 50 facets using a convex or curved cut to maximize the diamond’s perceived size. Whereas, when a Trillion diamond is cut to be an accent stone, it will generally be cut with 31 facets using an uncurved or concave cut.
Trillion Diamond Shape


  • For those looking to buy a diamond engagement ring, or indeed any other piece of diamond jewelry with the wow factor, on a budget Trillion Cut diamonds are the perfect choice as whilst they are difficult to find they are less expensive than many other diamond shapes.
  • As with other diamonds derived from the Brilliant cut, the shape of the Trillion Cut works well to hide any inclusions and color within the diamond which means that a lower grade of diamond (with the corresponding lower price tag) is acceptable.
  • Trillion Cut diamonds give the illusion of being of a greater size than their actual carat weight so appearing larger than other diamonds of the same carat weight.
  • Due to their edges, it’s preferable to have Trillion Cut diamonds set within a protective ring setting such as a bezel or flush setting. In addition, as with other pointed shapes such as the Pear Cut, Trillion diamond are more vulnerable to chipping, so need to designed within a setting that will protect the point, which sadly detracts from some of the diamond's beauty.
  • Trillion Cut diamonds can be very difficult to find, particularly if you’re looking for one as a center stone. Trillions as accent stones are slightly easier but the rarity of this cut comes from their delicate nature and being prone to chipping.
  • This cut is also difficult to set. It takes an extremely skilled craftsmen to correctly set a Trillion diamond. This factor makes the jewelry making process far more time consuming than with other diamond cuts and therefore adds to costs and the rarity of this diamond.


When using the Trillion Cut diamonds as accent stones, there is less of a requirement to have higher quality clarity and color. Therefore, in this situation Trillion Cut diamonds offer good value for money.
However, when selecting a Trillion Cut diamond as a solitaire or center stone as these are rare to find this will add to the price tag. Plus when buying a Trillion Cut diamond one of the most important factors to consider is the depth of the diamond as this has a significant impact on the brilliance and fire of the diamond, but will also increase the price.


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