Black Diamond Rings

Black diamond engagement rings are more popular than ever, combining timeless appeal with a modern style that also boasts the versatility to be integrated into rings of various shapes, styles, and sizes. Reve Diamond’s inventory of over 50,000 loose diamonds ensures that you can find the perfect black diamond rings for your budget and tastes.  

You can check out an extensive range of black diamond engagement rings online, visit our New York, Los Angeles and Dallas showrooms, or contact our helpful team to find your dream ring today.  

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Why choose black diamond rings?  

The tradition of presenting a ring when proposing dates back thousands of years while the appeal of diamonds boasts an equally rich history. The ancient Greeks described them as the tears of gods while the ancient Egyptians felt that they represented power and prosperity. Both the ancient Indians and Medieval Europeans believed that they could protect the wearer from evil while some cultures link them to healing powers. It is not hard to understand the appeal of diamonds. But why black diamond engagement rings?  

Black diamonds are made from the same minerals as all other diamonds, often coming from Brazil and Africa. However, black diamonds (which are known as ‘carbonados’ in Portugal) contain graphite and other minerals that respond differently to the light. While they actually start out as colorless diamonds with low clarity, they can be made much darker through heat treatments and irradiation. They are now an incredibly popular option due to their distinct esthetic appeal. 

Furthermore, black diamond rings are also associated with inner strength, which can extend to the relationship and engagement as well as the wearer’s. Black diamonds are also thought of as elegant, mysterious, and exquisite. When combined with the then general popularity of diamonds, along with their universal symbol of love, black diamond engagement rings make a very powerful statement. 

The beauty of black diamond engagement rings. 

Black diamonds deliver an instantly recognizable level of beauty thanks to their unique composition of amorphous carbon and graphite. Meanwhile, they are normally sourced from new rock formations and boast a 10 rating on the Mohs Hardness Scale, which makes them a particularly durable diamond. While it does make them exceptionally hard to cut (only an experienced diamond cutter like we have at our New York premises), the results are phenomenal.  

Moreover, black diamond engagement rings are perfectly suited to a range of traditional and contemporary styles. Whether you want a solitaire or multi-diamond trilogy, for example, doesn’t matter. You will find an extensive range of beautiful black diamond rings in rounded, pear, emerald, and oval shapes - as well as all other popular choices - right here. Alternatively, a bespoke service will guarantee that your left with a ring that will fill your fiance with joy.  

With thousands of loose diamonds to choose from - along with gold, white gold, rose gold, and yellow gold rings - finding the perfect black diamond engagement ring for your budget should be easy. Better still, you can easily match it to the style of jewelry she adores while the black diamond or diamonds will ensure that it maintains its standout appeal.  

Elegant black diamond engagement rings for a lifetime of love. 

The great thing about black diamonds is that they will never lose their appeal. They are the perfect solution to deliver the magical proposal you desire. Moreover, Reve Diamonds can help you find the perfect wedding ring to match the black diamond engagement rings. And it won’t be hard to find inspiration for future anniversary gifts either as black diamonds can be featured in eternity rings, necklaces, tennis bracelets, earrings, and more.  

When looking for the best black diamond rings available, there are many reasons to partner with our world-class jewelers, including but not limited to; 

  • Exceptional value - we source and polish black diamonds ourselves, meaning we can cut out the middleman before passing on the savings to our valued customers. We additionally bast budget-friendly pieces for anyone who desires elegance without breaking the bank. 

  • Tailored service - as well as finding a plethora of products featuring black diamonds on our site, you can take advantage of our friendly and knowledgeable sales team. Whether you know what you want or need some assistance with deciding the features of your engagement ring, we’re here to help. 

  • Beautiful diamonds - all of our black diamonds are expertly cut to deliver the iconic style and shine that only black diamond engagement rings can bring. Whether it’s a solitaire or a cluster of diamonds, Reve Diamonds offers solutions that you will both treasure forever. 

Our black diamond rings are sure to help you begin the next chapter of your love story in style. Come visit us in New York or take advantage of our rapid service, including international deliveries, to find the ring of your dreams today.  

Quality services to support quality products 

Falling in love with the look of a ring is the first step toward finding the perfect black diamond engagement ring, but you also need to have 100% trust in the jeweler that you use. Here at Reve Diamonds, we pride ourselves on delivering a service befitting our gorgeous products. That’s why all of our jewelry is supported by lifetime production guarantees, substantial warranties, and (excluding bespoke items) no-quibble 30-day return policies.  

We also offer free shipping across the U.S. while we can also facilitate worldwide deliveries. Our insurance also means that your products are covered from the moment they leave our showroom to the moment they arrive with you. We’ll even include free returns labels in case of a problem - although they are extremely rare. 

Our diamonds are always ethically sourced while we purchase in large volumes before passing on the wholesale savings to you. This also means that we can usually source diamonds even when they are not currently in stock. We pride ourselves on delivering a streamlined service that delivers a comprehensive, convenient, and cost-effective solution time and time again.  

You only get to propose once and our black diamond engagement rings ensure that you’ll do it in style. Take the first steps by visiting our showroom or booking an appointment with our experts today.