Vintage Engagement Rings

Getting down on one knee to pop the question is one of the longest-standing traditions and most beautiful moments in any couples’ love story. Vintage engagement rings are the perfect way to celebrate the start of a new and exciting chapter. 

Here at Reve Diamond, we boast an inventory of over 50,000 diamonds as well as dozens of ring shapes, styles, and materials to deliver the timeless appeal that you will treasure forever. Visit our New York showroom or book an appointment to find the ring of your dreams today.

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Buy vintage engagement rings to show your never-ending love

Reve Diamonds sells lots of contemporary jewelry too, but vintage engagement rings have enjoyed a sharp rise in popularity in recent times. Their quality craftsmanship and distinct characteristics make them a great source of fascination. Furthermore, classic styles can incorporate diamonds that have been cut to popular shapes including oval, emerald, round, cushions, princess, and more.

The tradition of giving a ring to your bride-to-be can be traced back thousands of years while diamonds have been used since at least the 15th century. Vintage engagement rings instantly tap into that history while there are a host of other reasons to select this style of ring for your engagement, including but not limited to;

  • Vintage diamond rings are designed with durability in mind. Both solitaire and multi-diamond rings may feature gold, white, gold, silver, or other elegant materials. This ensures that their robust strength is coupled with truly stunning beauty that is certain to light up her face.

  • Engagement rings that are made in a vintage style find the perfect blend between modern and antique styles. This is the perfect metaphor for this stage of your relationship as you look to celebrate your history while simultaneously looking ahead to the future you will share together.

  • Vintage engagement rings aren’t only perfect as a standalone product. They can also be matched to wedding rings and other jewelry with ease. So, you will be able to find the perfect gifts for future anniversaries and birthdays - as well as the big wedding day - without any hassle.

Did you also know that the reason for putting an engagement ring on the fourth finger of the left hand is that the ancient Egyptians said it has a “vein of love” that is directly linked to the heart? It is another reason why a vintage ring may be preferred over contemporary looks.

Choosing the right type of vintage ring

When looking at classic engagement ring styles, many people split them into two categories - vintage and antique. It is commonly seen that the latter describes anything over a century old while the former term is used to describe rings that have elaborate designs and/or an interesting history. They can both feature a solitaire diamond or several diamonds. 

While many people fall in love with antique and vintage engagement rings purely for their beautiful designs, it can be useful to learn about some of the different eras. The Art Nouveau period in the 18th century was known for exotic designs centered around muted colors, femininity, and nature while rubies and emeralds were among the most popular gemstones.

The Edwardian and Victorian eras of British history are also heavily seen in the antique collections on both sides of the Atlantic. The Art Deco era of the 1920s and 1930s is another very popular period thanks to its distinctive patterns, geometric shapes, and contrasting colors. They took influence from India and Egypt while they are also popular for their clean lines and cuts - this includes old mine cuts that are completed by hand and measured by the eye.

Vintage engagement rings cut to varying styles

A luxury vintage engagement ring makes a clear statement about the undying nature of your love. However, the cut of the diamond can have a telling impact on the overall design and vibe that it creates. You will keep the engagement ring for life, so it’s imperative that you make the right choice. While the other aspects of the 4Cs will be vital too, the cut should have a huge influence on informing your decision.

As mentioned, old mine cuts are made by hand and noted for their accuracy. Other key cuts to know include;

  • Old European cuts, which featured heavily in the 19th century, and are noted for large triangular facets and rounded tables. As well as being seen in antique rings, they are regularly seen in vintage designs that replicate classical styles.

  • Victorian cuts that often produce large diamonds that have a classical shape, multifaceted top crown, small table and step-cut bottom pavilion. In addition to rounded shapes, you may see ovals and cushions.

  • Carre cut, which is a square shape and features a large facet. They are popular because only high-quality gemstones are used. This is because any blemishes with inferior stones are easily seen.

Furthermore, vintage engagement rings are a fantastic choice for men who wish to show off their engagement in style. Whether looking for his or her vintage engagement rings, Reve Diamonds is the perfect place to find them.

Buy vintage engagement rings with 100% confidence

The appeal of vintage engagement rings is clear but finding the perfect piece of jewelry isn’t always easy. Here at Reve Diamonds, we don’t only offer one of the largest and most varied collections available. We additionally appreciate your desire for a convenient purchase.

You can use a range of filters on this website to navigate your way to the perfect vintage engagement ring for you. Alternatively, you can visit our New York showroom or contact our team for assistance in narrowing your search and finding the perfect vintage engagement ring for popping the question.

Our comprehensive services are further supported by 30-day return policies for ONLINE orders, free delivery, and insurance that covers your product from the moment you place an order to when you receive the product. Whether you know exactly what type of vintage engagement ring you want or need a little support in finding the perfect ring, we’re ready to help.

We are specialists in engagement rings and have helped hundreds of couples start their next chapter in the most magical way. Our reputation within the industry, along with a commitment to quality, transparency, and value for money allows you to buy and propose with 100% confidence. It’s the least you deserve.