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Cushion cut lab grown diamond

Cushion cut lab grown diamond is essentially a diamond. These Lab Created diamonds are unique in that they are actually pure carbon diamonds displaying identical optical, physical and chemical characteristics as natural diamonds. The only difference is that these diamonds are not cultivated by Mother Nature, but by ‘man’ in a lab. Choosing cushion lab grown diamonds from Rêve Diamonds means you are getting all the beauty and quality of a diamond but ethically sourced for a fraction of the price of similar graded natural diamond. Lab-grown diamonds are made, not mined, meaning not only are they a superior choice for those looking for ethical gems, but they cost less, meaning you can choose a larger stone or better quality for the same budget. In recent years awareness of ethical concerns regarding the humanitarian and ecological issues surrounding the mining of diamonds coupled with the high cost of mined natural diamonds, has led to an increase in the popularity of Man-Made Diamonds.

At Rêve Diamonds, we are a New York, Los Angeles and Dallas based diamond and jewelry company. We specialise in providing top quality lab grown diamonds. Our inventory includes quality round lab grown diamonds and a variety of different shapes and sizes of man made diamonds, including colored diamonds. Our diamonds are all IGI or GIA certified and can be purchased in sizes from 0.30 ct to 10.00+ct. Our clear pricing structure, images and 360 videos means you can see exactly what you are getting for the price and can help you to make an informed decision for your diamonds jewelry requirements. Our highly specialised service allows those wishing to include round lab grown diamonds in their jewelry to provide you with a more personal experience to select only the right diamonds for you. Rêve Diamonds is suitable for a wide range of jewelry, including single stone engagement rings, pendants, earrings, tennis bracelets and more. Choosing to buy your lab grown diamonds directly from Rêve Diamonds allows you to source your diamonds at the best possible price.