Trilogy Engagement Rings

Perfecting every element of your proposal is essential for showing your bride-to-be how much she means to you. No aspect of your engagement is more important in this sense than your engagement ring, which says more than you could know about how much you value the love of your life and also how well you understand her tastes! You’re especially going to want to ensure a design and style that’s as personalized and well-chosen as possible, and that’s something you can easily achieve across our 50,000+ natural and lab grown diamonds here at Reve Diamonds. Our extensive collection of trilogy engagement rings can especially help you to ensure a stylish, elegant ring that she’s guaranteed to love. Whether you browse online or book an appointment in our New York showroom, you certainly can’t put a foot wrong with our fantastic trilogy ring collection. 

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What is a Trilogy Engagement Ring?

Famously worn by celebrities including Meghan Merkle, trilogy engagement rings display three striking diamonds or gemstones in a row. These rings can also be referred to as trinity rings, and are unique in the fact that they can be used for a variety of occasions including weddings and christenings as well as engagements. Trilogy rings are especially effective as engagement rings because they’re affordable, striking, and surrounded by romantic history that’s guaranteed to set any engagement off on the right path.

Why Are Trilogy Engagement Rings So Popular?

While the elegant finish of any trilogy ring makes their popularity unsurprising, trilogy rings are especially popular as an engagement option thanks to some of the incredibly romantic meanings behind this design. Three-stone rings have especially been noted throughout history for their ability to tell a story, which is precisely what you’re doing when you propose! Trilogy rings are also traditionally associated with a range of romantic connotations, including a focus on the past, present, and future, much like marriage itself! Links have also been drawn between trilogy rings and the wedding vows that see us promising to love, honor, and cherish our partners (signified by the three stones). Trilogy engagement rings have especially grown in popularity since Meghan Merkle chose such a design, making this a go-to stylish solution for any modern match made in heaven.

How to Choose the Right Trilogy Ring?

Trilogy rings are available in a variety of styles to ensure a personalized and unique engagement ring. Our expansive collection provides you with access to a great many of these styles to ensure the ideal selection, and our experienced team is always on hand to talk you through your choices. Making the right selection here is especially about understanding the fundamental style options available across our trilogy engagement rings, which will most likely see you considering three key style selections, which are –

  1. ​​Graduating trilogy engagement ring settings: Rings containing a center stone that is approximately equal in weight to the two stones on either side, creating a significant distinction between the ‘past, present, and future elements of a ring like this, and ensuring a traditional finish.

  2. Slightly graduated trilogy engagement ring settings: A slightly more subtle graduation in which the center stone is still largest, but specific graduations vary depending on each ring for a more unique approach.

  3. Equally-sized trilogy engagement ring settings: A design in which all three stones are the same weight, providing a rectangular appearance that can make trilogy ring diamonds appear larger. 

It’s also important to consider whether you would like your trilogy engagement ring to be diamond or gemstone, while further considerations like color can also make a huge difference to the finished ring, with colors like red especially thought to represent passion while green hues can better represent lasting calmness and quality of life. Across our bespoke selection of trilogy engagement rings, we ensure that you can select every single element of your finished ring according to your requirements and her tastes, ensuring the best possible ring to secure your future at last. 

Enjoy the Benefits of a Trilogy Engagement Ring

Trilogy engagement rings are increasingly popular, and investing in one of our fantastic bespoke trilogy engagement ring designs is guaranteed to bring a range of benefits for you and your fiance. The affordability of trilogy rings that can enhance the appearance of even small stones makes investment here especially worthwhile, while the uniqueness of every trilogy design is guaranteed to mean a ring that makes her feel as special as possible. The moving trilogy ring meanings that grow with your relationship and well into your marriage also ensure the longevity of a striking design that she’ll be able to take forward into your shared future. All of this is especially true if you invest in quality, well-designed trilogy rings like any of the selections that you’ll find as you browse our trilogy engagement ring collection.

Trust in Trilogy Engagement Rings with Reve Diamonds

Trilogy engagement rings can transform any proposal with a history rife in romance, and some of the most striking appearances you could hope for. You can especially ensure quality when browsing our fantastic selection of trilogy engagement rings here at Reve Diamonds thanks to our extensive experience in the best diamonds possible, displayed across our full range of rings that are affordable at anywhere between 20-40% less than retail prices. Our GIA-certified, carefully selected diamonds can certainly look striking in a trilogy engagement ring that stands the test of time, providing a fantastic sparkle to your relationship for many years to come. 

Whether you visit our New York showroom or browse our extensive online collections, we can certainly simplify your trilogy ring quest for you, with an online chat that’s always on-hand to help you understand your options and a fully-qualified, experienced team that’s as passionate about your proposal as you are. Each of our striking trilogy engagement rings also comes complete with a free insurance valuation certificate at retail price that provides us with yet more incentive to ensure that your trilogy engagement ring is the ideal option to ensure she says ‘I do’.