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Step into the sparkling world of Rêve Diamonds, where lab-grown diamonds reign supreme. These diamonds may have been created in a laboratory, but they're just as real as natural diamonds. In fact, they're chemically, physically, and optically identical to mined diamonds. The only difference? Our lab-grown diamonds are kinder to the environment and more budget-friendly.

Plus, we offer a range of cuts, colors, and sizes to choose from, making it easy to find the perfect diamond for any occasion, whether it's an engagement ring or a pair of dazzling earrings. At Rêve Diamonds, we're dedicated to delivering the highest quality and value, and we back every diamond we sell with a certification.


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3 Reasons to Buy Lab-Grown Diamonds


Better for the Environment

Lab-grown diamonds have a smaller environmental impact than mined diamonds, as they do not require the excavation and processing of earth to extract them. This can help reduce the adverse effects of diamond mining, such as habitat destruction, water pollution, and carbon emissions.


Lab-grown diamonds are typically more affordable than mined diamonds, as they do not incur the additional costs associated with mining and transportation. This means you can get a beautiful, high-quality diamond at a lower price.

Identical to Mined Diamonds

Lab-grown diamonds are chemically, physically, and optically identical to mined diamonds, meaning they have the same properties and characteristics. This means you can get a diamond that is just as beautiful and durable as a mined diamond but at a more affordable price.


Read more about why you should choose a lab-grown diamond.


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Lab-grown diamonds — also known as lab-created, man-made, or synthetic diamonds — are created using highly advanced technological processes within strictly controlled laboratory conditions. These conditions mimic the environment under which natural diamonds form in the mantle beneath the earth's crust.

In recent years awareness of ethical concerns regarding the humanitarian and ecological issues surrounding the mining of diamonds coupled with the high cost of mined natural diamonds has increased the popularity of lab-grown diamonds.

If you’re curious about lab-grown diamonds, we have created this guide to help you find all of the information you need about this ethical alternative to natural diamonds.

Explore Our Collections of Lab-Grown Diamond Jewelry

Rêve Diamonds’ lab-grown diamond collection is where love and sustainability intersect. Our lab-grown engagement rings are a symbol of your love and commitment, but they're also kind to the planet. Our diamonds are every bit as dazzling and durable as mined diamonds, but they're created in a laboratory setting, which means they don't require excavating. This means you can get the same stunning diamond at a lower price and with a smaller environmental impact.

Plus, with our wide range of styles and settings, you're sure to find the perfect ring to suit your personal style. Trust us, you'll fall head over heels for our lab-grown engagement rings. They're the perfect way to start your happily ever after.

Explore our lab-grown engagement rings now.

Lab Grown Diamond Rings


Lab-Grown Diamond Tennis Bracelets

If you are looking for the perfect piece of jewelry for a special occasion, consider Rêve Diamonds' lab-grown diamond tennis bracelets. Not only do these bracelets boast modern and exquisite designs, but they offer unmatched elegance and sophistication, allowing them to be the perfect addition to any outfit.

Plus, lab-grown diamonds from Rêve Diamonds are of exceptional quality and brilliance, each scored to determine shape, clarity, and color grade to provide customers with optimal satisfaction. If you're looking for a sparkle on your wrist that will last forever, look no further than our collection of lab-grown diamond tennis bracelets.

Explore our lab-grown diamond tennis bracelet collection today.


A lab-grown diamond is a real diamond. These lab-created gemstones are unique because they are pure carbon diamonds that display identical optical, physical, and chemical characteristics to natural diamonds. The only difference is that these diamonds are not formed through natural processes but are instead created in a laboratory environment.

Provided you purchase your lab-grown diamond from a legitimate source, there is no difference between a naturally occurring diamond and one cultivated in a laboratory apart from the origin. Many people incorrectly assume lab-grown diamonds are “fake” diamonds. In terms of structure, they are identical to mined diamonds.

What Exactly Are Lab-Grown Diamonds, And Are They Real Diamonds?


How Are Lab-Grown Diamonds Created?

Two methods were developed to create diamonds within laboratory conditions. HPHT, which stands for high-pressure, high-temperature, and CVD, which refers to chemical vapor deposition. In both processes, a diamond crystal or plate is used as a seed to initiate the growth of the lab-grown diamond.


Reasons to Choose Rêve Diamonds to Buy Lab-Grown Diamonds

There are several reasons to choose Rêve Diamonds when looking to buy lab-grown diamonds:


Wide range of options

Rêve Diamonds offers a wide range of sizes, cuts, and colors, making it easy to find the perfect diamond for your needs.

High-quality diamonds

We’re committed to providing high-quality lab-grown diamonds chemically, physically, and optically identical to mined diamonds.

Exceptional value

Everyone at Rêve is dedicated to providing excellent value to their customers, offering lab-grown diamonds at a lower price than mined diamonds.


30-Day Return Policy

If you wish to return an item, get in touch, and we will process the return for you. Unlike some of our competitors, within 30 days of receiving your item, if you are not completely satisfied for any reason, we will refund you your money, no questions asked.

Fully-Insured Shipping

Your Rêve Diamonds purchase is insured from our facility until the moment you receive your item. If you wish to return the item, your free return shipping is also insured as long as you use the free shipping label you find inside the package.

Free Worldwide Delivery

Rêve Diamonds offers free, secure shipping on each order. Orders are shipped using the fastest delivery option available in your area. Please see here for our estimated delivery times for our different collections.

Rêve Diamonds Reviews

‘Bang on time’


“I love the ease of using the website and the ability to personalize the details to match your dreams and your budget! My girlfriend is now my fiancée and absolutely adores her ring. I had a mad panic over Christmas deliveries, but Rêve Diamonds were bang on time and delivered the ring to my place of work.”

— Simon

‘Highly recommended!’


“For anyone looking around for the best place to purchase an engagement ring online, there is absolutely no reason to go anywhere else besides Rêve Diamonds. Transparent prices on the website and great service. Highly recommended!”

— Peter

‘Fantastic jeweler!’


“Tal is a fantastic jeweler! I always wanted to have a ring made rather than off the shelf, and he managed to provide this for the right price. My now fiancée loves her ring, and we will be coming back for the wedding bands!”

— Luke

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Lab-Grown Diamonds FAQs


For those who appreciate colored gemstones, lab-created diamonds made by the HPHT process are generally yellow, orangey-yellow, or brownish-yellow. Almost all are type IIb — rare in natural diamonds. Blue lab-created diamonds form by adding boron into the growth process. Pink and red lab-grown diamonds are less common and can be produced by subjecting the crystal post-growth to heat treatment processes involving heating and radiation. Colorless HPHT synthetic diamonds are challenging to create as nitrogen needs to be excluded from the growth process, so modifications to the growth conditions and equipment are required.

CVD synthetic diamonds are usually grayish or brownish. Adding a small amount of boron or nitrogen into the chamber will create yellow, pink-orange, or blue diamonds. Colorless crystals are easier to produce with this method, but they require a longer time to grow. Many CVD lab-created colorless diamonds available are believed to have been originally brown crystals decolorized by HPHT annealing. CVD synthetic diamonds are most commonly type IIa.

Fancy-colored lab-created diamonds sell at comparatively reasonable prices compared to their natural fancy-colored diamond counterparts.


A lab-grown diamond is approximately 50%-70% cheaper than a naturally mined diamond of equivalent clarity, cut, color, and size.

While lab-created diamonds are becoming popular with those concerned about the ethical credentials of some aspects of diamond mining or are on a budget, for many, this price differential is not a great enough incentive to choose them over natural diamonds. This is particularly true for those purchasing an item of diamond jewelry as an investment.


If price is a factor in your choice of gemstone, one of the most significant advantages to buying a lab-grown diamond is that it is a less expensive option. In addition, lab-grown diamonds do not usually exhibit large and visible inclusions. Therefore, if it appeals that you can purchase a flawless or nearly flawless lab-grown diamond at a lower price than a flawless natural diamond, a lab-created gem is for you.


If you are ethically driven and want to combine quality, style, and price with your desire to protect the environment, then the option of a lab-grown engagement ring as a centerpiece is a great choice. Plus, you will not be sacrificing the look of what is possibly the most important piece of jewelry you will ever wear with a diamond engagement ring.


If you have decided to buy the best quality lab-grown diamond, you would be well advised to buy your lab-created gem from a legitimate and respected diamond retailer. At Rêve Diamonds, we will provide you with certification that your choice of lab-grown diamond has been grown in the laboratory, exhibiting exactly the same composition as natural mined diamonds. Book your appointment today.

Lab Grown Diamond For Sale in London UK

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Find the Perfect Lab-Grown Diamond at Rêve Diamonds Today

If you're searching for a high-quality lab-grown diamond, look no further than Rêve Diamonds. Our lab-grown diamonds are chemically, physically, and optically identical to mined diamonds and are available in various sizes, cuts, and colors to suit your needs.

Plus, our lab-grown diamonds are more environmentally sustainable and affordable than mined diamonds.

At Rêve Diamonds, we're committed to providing exceptional value and quality to our customers, and we stand behind every diamond. Start your lab-grown diamond journey with us today and find the perfect diamond at Rêve Diamonds.

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