Shoulder Set Engagement Rings

Proposing to the love of your life is a big moment in your life, every detail of that once-in-a-lifetime event must be flawless. The engagement ring is, without a question, the most essential aspect of the proposal, and choosing the appropriate engagement ring not only shows your spouse how much you love them but also how well you know their personality and jewelry preferences. After all, the engagement ring you choose will be worn every day as part of their jewelry, and it will not only be a symbol of your love but also of your taste and how well you know them. 

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Set Descending Direction

55 items

Set Descending Direction

There are many factors to consider when ordering your perfect engagement rings, such as whether your partner prefers white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, or platinum; whether a diamond engagement ring is the best choice or would your partner prefer an alternative stone; the shape of your chosen diamond engagement ring, such as princess cut, oval cut, emerald cut, and more; and whether your partner prefers a statement solitaire engagement ring or an engagement ring that is going to stand out.

When our customers contact us to begin their quest for the right engagement ring, we've found that they tend to focus solely on the diamond and the dazzling sparkle that comes with it, overlooking the setting and band. We always remind our valued customers that these elements are just as vital in creating a diamond engagement ring that your partner will admire for a lifetime, as we enjoy assisting them to choose the perfect ring in the right style and budget. 

It's crucial not just to choose the perfect size, but also to make sure the style is appropriate for your spouse and that the band and setting suit the diamond (or additional gemstones) you've chosen for your engagement ring. Plus, because an engagement ring will eventually be paired with wedding rings, these considerations are critical from the outset of your jewelry shopping adventure.

One of the first things you should do is decide on the type of metal you want to use. Our customer care team finds that yellow gold, white gold, and platinum are the most popular metals created to order for diamond rings on our website and in our New York showroom. However, we have recently noticed a rise in rose gold orders, which has become increasingly popular in costume jewelry and is now becoming an increasingly popular alternative with diamond engagement rings, as well as being extremely friendly if you are sticking to a budget. While you may favor white gold, you should look at the jewelry your partner wears daily before beginning your engagement ring search. You want to make sure that your selected ring matches what they wear, and if white gold isn't their style, we can help you to look at all the options. You can then look at the type of setting that you want. 

Why You Should Choose Diamond Shoulder Set Engagement Rings?

No diamond does it better than a classic solitaire engagement ring, and diamond shoulder set engagement rings have re-emerged in popularity recently as a very dynamic approach to add intrigue and glitter to a solitaire diamond. This seemingly insignificant detail can have a huge impact on diamond engagement rings.

The point where the setting and band of a diamond engagement ring meet is known as the ring's shoulder. The shoulder set ring, whether made of white gold or another metal, adds a touch of extra glitz to the traditional solitaire engagement ring. The shoulder set design, which consists of a central diamond set surrounded by smaller stones, extends the smaller gemstones part of the way around the band, similar to a shoulder on either side of the central stone. When the design's simplicity is combined with a precious metal polish, it invokes a level of elegance that is difficult to match in other engagement ring styles.

Diamonds set on an engagement ring's shoulders elegantly complement the center diamond's spectacular appearance. Our collection of shoulder set engagement rings is ideal if you want the timeless beauty of a solitaire style diamond ring with a little more shine and glitz.

What are the several techniques to put tiny diamonds on a band's shoulders for engagement rings:

Pavé Set Diamond Shoulder 

This is the most traditional approach to lay stones on a ring's shoulder. The stones in this shoulder set are set in tiny beads and sit gracefully close together. The surface of this shoulder set engagement ring looks to have a diamond-encrusted, frosted effect with a dramatic, sparkling finish since the stones are positioned low and close together.

Channel Set

The stones are laid in a channel or row and secured by vertical metal walls, as the name implies. The fundamental shoulder shape might be parallel, straight, or tapered, but diamonds must be put along a channel cut into the band. The diamonds are placed edge to edge with precision within the straight shoulder, which is a prominent element of more intricate shoulder set engagement ring types, and it usually extends from below the setting to above the midway point. Because there is no metal between the diamonds, they appear to be set in one long row, giving these shoulder set engagement ring designs a very contemporary appeal.

Cut Down Set 

Because there is no visible metal strip on the side of the stones, this style looks great on the shoulder of thin rings. The stones are placed in metal 'cuts,' which are visible from the side of the shoulder set engagement ring.

Diamond Set on the Top and Side- Shoulder set rings with diamonds on the top and sides have a much more spectacular appearance. Diamonds pavé put on the top and sides of the ring offer more glitter and brightness. The beautiful embellishments in this diamond shoulder style of shoulder set ring nod to retro and vintage style and work well with all shapes of diamonds.

We're happy to have one of the most fantastic collections of extremely magnificent solitaire engagement rings with shoulder set here at Reve Diamonds. Our diamond shoulder rings are meticulously handcrafted with remarkable attention to detail by our team of skilled jewelers who are committed to offering the best level of customer care. If you look through our jewelry collections and engagement ring selections on our website, you'll notice a significant difference between a solitaire diamond or princess cut on a plain band and one on a pair of diamond shoulder sets. Our shoulder set engagement rings are ideal for people who prefer their jewelry to dazzle and delight with something a little more eye-catching on their hand, as the latter adds an extra sense of beauty and richness.

If you're thinking about getting one of our magnificent engagement rings but want to add a wow factor, we can assist. We recommend checking out our comprehensive variety of shoulder set engagement rings. To assist our valued clients in selecting the appropriate category from our extensive diamond ring collection, we provide products in a variety of price ranges to suit all budgets. After browsing our website, why not visit our New York showroom to see our products in person? Our diamond collection includes over 50,000 loose diamonds of all shapes and sizes, giving you a wide choice of product options to assist you to discover the perfect diamond for your ring within your budget. At Reve Diamond, we make certain that all diamonds are ethically sourced and perfectly cut, resulting in stunning pieces. All of our loose diamonds are available for viewing in our New York showroom, ready to be delivered after your design is finalized. Make an appointment or give us a call right now!