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The pave grain set diamond setting is widely popular and refers to a ring adorned with closely set diamonds, creating the appearance of continuous sparkle. The diamonds are meticulously placed to minimize the visibility of prongs or tiny metal beads. The term "pave" comes from the French word meaning 'to pave'.

To craft this type of ring, jewelers typically drill holes into the ring, carefully placing a diamond into each hole. Subsequently, mini prongs or tiny beads are formed around the diamonds to secure them into the holes. For very small stones, this is known as the micro-pave setting, which you can learn more about on the relevant page. To be classified as a pave setting, the diamonds need to be larger than 0.1 carats.

Pave Grain Set Diamond Setting

This setting is highly favored for various reasons. Many choose it when their chosen center stone lacks sparkle or is lower-set, as the paved diamonds enhance the overall brilliance. Opting for this setting virtually guarantees that your ring will turn heads.

However, it's essential to note that ring sizing can be challenging if the entire band is pave-set. Choosing a reputable jeweler, such as Rêve Diamonds, ensures there are no issues with the ring's size. Additionally, we offer stone replacement if any are lost over time due to knocks.

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