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For hundreds of years hearts have been viewed as a symbol of human emotion and particularly an expression of love. The scalloped heart shape first made its appearance as far back as the 14th century and in the 15th century the heart became a symbol of romantic courtship and love. With its enduring symbolism of everlasting love it is no wonder that Heart Shaped diamonds are even today viewed as the perfect shape for a truly romantic gesture that says ‘I Love You’.

Heart Shaped diamonds are the most expensive of diamond cuts and their rarity and unusual shape is one that is unmistakably made to impress a loved one. Couple this with the brilliance and sparkle of a Heart Shaped diamond and you have a beautiful unique gift of love. Here are some more facts about Heart Shaped diamonds to help if you’re considering purchasing one of these stunning diamonds.



Heart shaped diamonds have been ever present in royal history dating back to 1463 when the Duke of Milan described quests of the wealthy political dynasty of Cosimo de Medici in Florence as being similar to a Heart Shaped diamond. In 1562 Mary Queen of Scots presented Queen Elizabeth with a fabulous ring set with a Heart Shaped diamond. This is actually one of the most famous historical Heart Shaped diamond hearts as it was believed at the time to be symbolic of friendship and goodwill between the two Queens.
These first Heart Shaped diamonds were likely to have been more of a drop shape than the Heart Shaped diamonds that we see in modern day pieces of jewelry. And it is widely believed that today’s Heart Shaped diamonds did not appear until around the 1900’s when advancements in technology and cutting tools were able to create the stunning shape that we see today.
Heart Diamond Shape


Heart Shaped diamonds are one of the most sought after diamond shapes but they also pose the greatest of challenges to a diamond cutter. Cut with 59 facets, each of which reflects the light within the diamond equally, only the most highly skilled diamond cutters are able to create the masterpiece of a Heart Shaped diamond. The reason for this being that even the smallest error can damage its profile either irrevocably or significantly reducing the diamonds carat weight if repairs can be made.
Ideally a Heart Shaped diamond should have a length and width ratio of 1:1 making it as wide as it is tall. The main pavilion facets can be anything from six to eight. It is vital that a Heart Shaped diamond is cut symmetrically on both sides as this impacts on the diamonds sparkle, and it is this factor that undoubtedly gives this diamond extra aesthetic appeal and adds to its beauty and charm.
Heart Shaped diamonds can be susceptible to the “bow tie effect”. This is the shadow that can be cast on the diamond’s central facets when light passes through. Adjusting the angles of the facets and the table to create better light diffusion can assist with this issue or alternatively, altering the depth of the pavilion.
Heart Diamond Shape


  • There is no one symbol of love that is more universally recognized than a heart shape. Therefore Heart Shaped diamonds are the perfect romantic gift for a loved one with their sentiment being indisputable.
  • Despite their history, Heart Shaped diamonds are viewed as a very modern cut so are the perfect choice for a lady who doesn’t want a vintage style of ring and has a contemporary style.
  • Heart Shaped diamonds are one of the most expensive cuts therefore you won’t find many others wearing the same design as you should you chose this shape of diamond. For some, this rarity adds to the appeal of Heart Shaped diamonds.
  • As Heart Shaped diamonds are a rarity this means that, all factors equal, over time the diamond will increase in value.
  • Heart Shaped diamonds must be cut to perfection to ensure maximum fire and brilliance. The perfect length to width ratio must be achieved to ensure correct proportions.
  • For some women, Heart Shaped diamonds are just too modern a shape to want to wear them as an engagement ring long term and they may be concerned that something so unusual may feel outdated very quickly.
  • Heart Shaped diamonds require high color and clarity. We recommend a color ranging from Flawless to VS2 and clarity from D to G. This requirement is due to the fact that Heart Shaped diamonds can often display the “bow-tie effect” which will be more noticeable in diamonds with lower quality of color and clarity.


Whilst Heart Shaped diamonds have in recent years risen in popularity and become more accessible to a wider customer base, they still remain as the most expensive of the diamond cuts. This is due to their uniqueness and also the skill and expertise that is required to make a perfectly symmetrical heart shape.
If you wish to purchase a Heart Shaped diamond we advise that you select at least a 2 carat diamond. This choice will ensure that the heart shaped outline is preserved as this diamond shape always needs to be set in a bezel or three prong setting and the heart shape would be compromised in a smaller carat weight diamond.


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