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A "halo setting" in the realm of rings involves arranging smaller diamonds or gemstones in a circular or square pattern around a central stone. This design creates the optical illusion of a larger centerpiece. The abundance of smaller stones not only enhances the ring's sparkle but also draws attention back to the central stone, making it more captivating. This setting is known to make a quarter-, third-, or half-carat diamond appear up to half a carat larger than its actual size.

Whether you desire a more substantial, celebrity-inspired ring or are working within a budget to achieve a grand effect, the halo setting is a popular choice. Even if the central diamond is modest in size, the surrounding gems create a contrasting effect, making it look more substantial and impressive.

Halo Diamond Ring Setting

The pave gemstones can vary, from small diamonds to striking alternatives like rubies, sapphires, or peridots. While round and princess-cut diamonds are common in halo settings, you have the freedom to choose an oval, pear, marquise, or emerald cut diamond for a unique touch.

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Within this description, numerous options allow you to have a ring with a setting as unique as you are. The classic halo ring features one large stone surrounded by a circle of smaller stones, all set on a narrow, plain band. Consider the choice of metals—opt for a white gold or platinum shank for a bold statement, or embrace the classic yellow gold or rose gold for a vintage look.

Another option is to pavé part of the shank with small stones. While you could pavé the entire band, be mindful that it might be less comfortable when clenching your fist, and resizing the ring in the future could pose challenges.

Halo Diamond Ring Setting