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Whether buying loose diamonds or diamond jewelry, you want to know that your diamonds boast quality and have been ethically sourced. The CanadaMark initiative is one that can help you make the right decision time and time again.

What is the CanadaMark hallmark program?

The CanadaMark hallmark program is an initiative launched by the Dominion Diamond Corporation. When a diamond has completed the process may be referred to as a CanadaMark diamond. The program is designed to guarantee the integrity of Canadian diamond supply chains, covering every aspect from mining to retailing.

Once a diamond has been verified through the program, it will be given a unique serial number that can subsequently be used - alongside the polished diamond weight - to authenticate and verify the diamond using the CanadaMark™ and diamond certificate card.

CandaMark Diamond Certificate

Ethically sourced diamonds through CanadaMark

The appeal of ethically sourced diamonds is clear for all. The knowledge that your Canadian diamonds have not caused suffering delivers peace of mind for you, the buyer. And it is also a highly beneficial feature when giving an engagement ring or jewelry to a loved one.

For a manufacturer to become approved as a member of the CanadaMark ethical supply chain, it must be audited by an independent third party who will analyze every stage of the procedures, tracking progress from the mine until it has been polished and ready for retail. A certified manufacturer may promote this fact.

In addition to the manufacturer’s verified status, every CanadaMark diamond is given a certificate card that will feature the unique identification number that buyers can check against the CanadaMark™ for immediate authentication. This will include information regarding the racking system, the technical characteristics, and origin of the diamond. All of this data must be provided by the manufacturer before a certificate card is awarded. All valid cards will have both the CandaMark logo and the identification number laser inscribed.

Each Canada diamond’s serial number and weight will be stored on the system to be accessed at any time. Whether it’s for reassurance over quality or to prove ownership, it is a very useful program indeed.

A little more about Canadian diamonds

Canadian diamonds were formed more than one billion years ago and can be found deep underground in the Northwest Territories, which is a region of barren land and remote areas located just a few hundred kilometers from the Arctic Circle. The most significant mine for carat production in Canada, the Diavik, is one of two mines (alongside the Ekati, which was the country’s first underground and surface mine) that is cited as CanadaMark’s starting point.

Incredibly, it wasn’t until 1991 that diamonds were discovered in the region by geologists Chuck Fipke and Stewart Blusson. The discovery was followed by intensive environmental assessments and permitting at both sites. Due to the vital role that the Northwest Territories play in daily life, along with Aboriginal traditions in the region, saw an emphasis placed on the integrity of wildlife, water, and land.

The protection of wildlife in the Lac de Gras region has affected both of Canada’s primary mines, ensuring ethical diamond mining that has been built in coordination and cooperation with the local Aboriginal communities. It has enabled Canadian miners to benefit from the region’s rich landscape while simultaneously conserving the environment through agreeable strategies, processes, and technologies. The two mines additionally support local companies while also involving both the territorial and federal governments. The ethical works over the past three decades have subsequently supported the local economy of the Northwest Territories, as well as the diamond industry and its consumers.

The importance of CanadaMark diamonds

When Canadian diamonds are supported by a verified CandaMark card and identification number, confirmed by the laser logo, they are 100% certified to have been sourced ethically. Furthermore, it means that the diamond is 100% natural and has not undergone any treatments such as HPHT (high pressure and high temperature), color alterations, or fracture-filled inclusions masking. Similarly, they will not have been laser treated to remove inclusions.

All Canadian diamonds featuring the CanadaMark logo assure quality while additionally meeting all symmetry, finish, clarity, and color standards.in short, CanadaMark plays a key role in keeping the supply chain in good health while simultaneously protecting the region and producing the best results for retailers, jewelers, and consumers alike.

To learn more about Canadian diamonds, how to check an identification number, or where to find the best diamond jewelry, contact Reve Diamonds today. Our friendly sales team will guide you through the process.

Canada mark laser inscriprion number on the additional grading information section on your GIA grading report

Canadamark laser inscriprion number on the additional grading information section on your GIA grading report