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Cushion Cut diamonds have consistently been one of the most popular cuts for diamond engagement rings. Their understated classic elegance also brings a touch of class to other pieces of diamond jewelry such as necklaces, earrings, bracelets and dress rings.

The level of brilliance emitted from Round Cut diamonds is almost equal to a Round Diamond and this may be one of the major factors accounting for their enduring popularity.

Cushion cut diamonds have always been considered as a vintage style shape mainly because modern day Cushion Cut diamonds are a modified version evolving from an antique diamond shape referred to as “The Old Mine Cut” which is shaped like a square with cut corners (like a cushion) which allows for light to be refracted and reflected in a rainbow of colors. Cushion Cut diamonds are a truly stunning solitaire centerpiece or as part of a halo setting, so let’s take a closer look at these stunning diamonds.



Whilst the Cushion Cut has a very modern appearance, this cut is in fact steeped in history.
The Cushion Cut that we see today owes its design to a diamond cut that can be traced back to the 1700s which was then referred to as “The Old Mine Cut”. This was due to the fact that back in the 1700s the vast majority of diamonds were mined in Brazil (which were called the old mines) once the Indian diamond mines, which were the original source, began to run dry. Brazilian diamond cutters cut the majority of diamonds using the “Old Mine Cut” as this cut minimizes waste and took less time. This cut is of a square shape with rounded corners, a small table facet and higher crown. Today’s Cushion Cut diamonds have both similarities and differences to the original Old Mine Cut. The Old Mine Cut was comprised of 58 facets, whilst today’s Cushion Cut diamonds an have up to 64 facets to really bring that extra sparkle to the diamond. Additionally, the modern Cushion Cut has evolved with the development of the cleaving process and new modified versions of the Cushion Cut have been introduced such as the addition of half moon facets or an extra row to give a slightly different look than the traditional Cushion Cut.
Cushion Diamond Shape


Today’s Cushion Cut diamonds are often widely described as a mix between the Old Mine Cut and the modern Oval shape.
From it’s name it’s not hard to visualize the appearance of the Cushion Cut diamond which of course resembles a pillow/cushion with rounded corners. This cut is known for its prominent dispersal of white light thanks to its large facets which are usually 58 but can go up to 64. The length to width ratio of Cushion Cut diamonds generally tends to be between 1.00 and 1.05 for the square version and for the rectangular cut in excess of 1.10.
There are several variations of the Cushion Cut available. For example, the beautiful Cushion Modified Brilliant Cut differs from the traditional Cushion Cut due to the fact that it has more facets, which make it look as if it has a ‘crushed ice’ effect.
Cushion Diamond Shape


  • Cushion Cut diamonds appeal to a wide variety of tastes and jewelry designs as they combine classic style with a touch of modernism.
  • Cushion Cut diamonds reflect a high level of fire and brilliance and fire meaning that to the naked eye the diamond will sparkle with both white and colored. Due to their rounded edges Cushion Cut diamonds are very durable and less prone to chipping than many of the squarer shapes with exposed corners and edges. This feature makes Cushion Cut diamonds ideal for those who have a sporting or otherwise active life but still like to wear diamond jewelry on a daily basis. Plus the round edges of Cushion Cut diamonds ensure that the ring does not catch on the wearer’s clothiers or hair.
  • The unique shape of Cushion Cut diamonds makes them an excellent option for those who prefer a more personalized engagement ring.
  • Cushion Cut diamonds have a lower per carat price than Round Cut diamonds so making them an ideal option when maximizing budget with no compromise to style or aesthetics.
  • Cushion Cut diamonds are created with an open table which means that any imperfections can be easier to see, so selecting a Cushion Cut diamond with an SI1 or SI2 clarity grade is recommended.
  • When buying a Cushion Cut diamond buyers can get very confused as these diamonds are widely referred to by many different names such as Classic Cushion, Chunky Cushion, Modified Cushion etc.
  • Cushion Cut diamonds show color. Whilst this can be a pro it can also be seen as a con as if you wish to purchase a colorless diamond and need to go down the color scale to save money on that diamond, then the Cushion Cut won’t be the best choice. The reason for this is that going up the diamond color scale means a corresponding increase in price. We advise that to get the best from your colorless Cushion Cut diamond in terms of color that you opt for a diamond from the D-E-F grades.
  • Cushion Cut diamonds can give the illusion of being smaller than other diamond cuts with the same carat weight. This feature is attributable to the deep set cut of Cushion Cut diamonds which means when they are viewed from the top, they can look slightly smaller than a similar Princess or Round cut. Much of the weight of a Cushion Cut diamond is invisible as it is hidden beneath the diamond’s girdle.


The answer to this question is YES. In comparison to a Round Cut diamond, which is generally acknowledged as being the most expensive diamond cut, the Cushion Cut cushion is approximately typically 25% less expensive.
There are several reasons for this price differential. Firstly, Cushion Cut diamonds are in less demand than Round Cut diamonds which naturally means that their prices will be lower by the nature of supply and demand.
Secondly, there’s a lot less wastage when cutting a Cushion Cut diamond than when cutting a Round cut due to the fact that the shape of a rough is cubic, which means that it is more suited for cutting into square shapes.
So for these reasons and also all those that we have highlighted in this article, the choice of a Cushion Cut diamond is the perfect one to make if you are looking for a stunning diamond exuding sparkle, fire and brilliance, that is not only beautiful but durable and affordable.


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