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The Radiant Cut diamond is the most modern shape of diamond, and is now in the top 5 of most popular diamond cuts used in engagement and wedding rings.

The Radiant Cut diamond rose to popularity in the 1980s largely due to its impressive brilliance and fire which is created by the 70 facets found within the diamond’s crown and pavilion. The brilliance exhibited by the Radiant Cut is second only to the Round Brilliant Cut which makes for a show stopping centerpiece in items diamond jewelry such as engagement rings. Despite the modern origin of the Radiant Cut, this diamond cut is classically elegant and looks perfect in either a contemporary or vintage setting, Let’s take a close look at Radiant Cut diamonds.



The Radiant Cut was designed in 1977 by Henry Grossbard a master diamond cutter who wanted to create a cut that would maximize a diamond’s brilliance. Grossbard combined the best features of the Round Brilliant Cut with the Emerald Cut to create what we now know as the Radiant Cut. This was a combination of the elongation of the Emerald Cut and the many facets of the Round Brilliant Cut which produced a diamond that was the very first to have a brilliant facet pattern on the pavilion as well as on the crown.
Radiant Diamond Shape


Radiant Cut diamonds are a hybrid of the Round Brilliant Cut and the Emerald Cut. They are perhaps best known for their emerald like rectangular shape, but can also be cut to resemble a more square shape which looks more like a Cushion Cut diamond. The most striking characteristic of Radiant Cut diamonds is the unrivaled magnificent sparkle created by the greater number of facets numbering 70.
The length to width ratio is an important factor in Radiant Cut diamonds as if they are too elongated the undesirable ‘bow tie effect’ can appear. However, this is not as common as in Pear, Marquise or Oval Cut diamonds.
The majority of rectangular Radiant Cut diamonds radiants are in the L/W range of 1.20 to 1.40, for square Radiant Cit diamonds ratios can range from 1.05 to 1.50.
The corners of Radiant Cut diamonds should always be clipped to a balanced size so that they don’t have the appearance of being the same size as the sides of the diamonds. However, if they are clipped to small the angle that they bring to the shape of the diamond will be lost by the prongs within the setting covering them.
Radiant Diamond Shape


  • Radiant Cut diamonds display amazing brilliance, fire and sparkle second only to that shown by Round Brilliant Cut diamonds. This is due to the 70 facets within the pavilion and crown of a Radiant Cut diamond making it the perfect choice for those who prefer a non round diamond.
  • Radiant Cut diamonds create the optical illusion of being larger than they really are. This is due to the face up area being slightly smaller than that of Round Cut Brilliant diamonds (of an equal carat weight) which means that the diagonal measurement across this face causes the illusion of being greater than reality. This also has the benefit of making any piece of diamond jewelry into which a Radiant Cut diamond is set have that added wow factor.
  • The Radiant Cut Better is far more durable than other square diamond cuts such as the Princess Cut. This is due to its beveled corners which protect the diamond from chipping meaning that the Radiant Cut is the perfect choice for those with an active lifestyle. Additionally, this characteristic lends Radiant Cut diamonds the ability to be successfully paired alongside Round and Square Cut diamonds.
  • Radiant Cut diamonds hide inclusions well. This means that if budget dictates a slightly lower clarity grading can be selected.
  • Radiant Cut diamonds offer excellent value for money due to low wastage in the cutting process – as discussed below.
  • The GIA do not grade the cut quality of Radiant Cut diamonds. This means that you will need to either rely on the expertise and honesty of the supplier of the Radiant Cut diamond in advising you of its cut quality, or on your own judgement.


YES Radiant Cut Diamonds represent very good value for money and is widely regarded as one of the most affordable of the diamond cuts.
This is due to the fact that the cutting process involved in creating Radiant Cut diamonds utilizes a high percentage of the rough diamond leaving little waste material. Therefore a loose Radiant Cut diamond will attract a lower per carat price than many of the other diamond cuts. So when you chose a Radiant Cut diamond over another cut such as the Round Brilliant cut you will be getting more bang for your bucks as this choice will allow you be to allocate more of your budget to the actual centerpiece diamond or the ring setting so creating a very eye catching piece of diamond jewelry.


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