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Diamond Earrings

No outfit feels complete without a beautiful pair of earrings and if those earrings happen to be adorned with diamonds that makes them even more special.

Almost since the dawn of humanity man has adorned himself with metals and precious stones. This was often seen as a sign of a person’s status, wealth or rank, as in many ages people who were considered to be of “common” birth would not have been allowed to wear jewelry. In truth only the most wealthy could actually afford an item as precious as a pair of diamond earrings!

The oldest earrings that have been found are thought to be between 8500-8200 years old. These were jade rings discovered by the Chinese at the Xinglongwa culture site in Inner Mongolia. During the 11th and 16th centuries earrings disappeared almost entirely in Europe due to hairstyles and headdresses obscuring the ears. The 16th, 17th and 18th centuries saw a return to fashion of diamond earrings amongst the very wealthy who could afford them.

Diamond Stud Earrings

The gift of diamond earrings will go a long way to showing the lady in your life your dedication and love for her or as a gift to yourself as a special treat or in recognition of a job well done they are a truly a gift to be treasured, However, like any piece of diamond jewelry, when buying diamond earrings there are a number of factors that it is important to consider before making your final purchase.

As with any piece of diamond jewelry, there is a lot of variation in the cost and quality of diamond earrings. So before you go shopping for that perfect pair of diamond earrings it is best to decide the style that you are looking for and your budget to save you a lot of time and frustration. Consider the metal that you wish the earrings to be set into you, white or yellow gold, silver, and platinum all make excellent choices and will complement the diamonds in many ways. Being able to examine the characteristics of diamond earrings and understand what the ‘four Cs’ are about will enable you to make the right choice for the minimum of hassle.

For many couples choosing an engagement ring can be a minefield. However , if you understand the guidelines of the ‘4 Cs’ method for assessing the quality of a diamond, finding the perfect diamond engagement ring will become a lot easier:



Cut is often mistake for shape. however, the cut relates to the proportions of the diamond. if a diamond is cut meticulously. it will reflect light in the most beautiful manner. creating the desirable sparkle we all look for. This is why it is crucial to know about diamond cut before buying.


A lots of people mistakenly believe that carat relate to size of the diamond. but rather the carat refers to its weight. One carat is equivalent of 200 milligrams. Carat weight plays a critical role in determining the price of the diamond; large carats equate to a more expensive price tag.


It is imposible to find a perfect diamond: they all have small impurities. which are known as inclusions. The clarity grading system is used to determine, just how many inclusions the diamond has. It is impurities are visible to the naked eye, the diamond will have a very low clarity rating.


The color grading system rank the diamond from being transparent to having yellow appearance. 'D' is the most desirable grade. and the diamond gets yellower as it goes down the scale towords 'Z'.

Diamond stud earrings can add that splash of style to any outfit whether it is a special occasion or a more formal affair. They are the choice of many trendsetters, for example Meghan Markle the Duchess of Sussex has been spotted at many occasions wearing classic diamond stud earrings. In fact when she married Prince Harry in 2018, Meghan chose Cartier diamond stud earrings to accessorize her wedding gown.

Diamond stud earrings first emerged in the late 19th century and their popularity surged in the 1970s after which they have remained in vogue and a must in every jewellery collection. As diamond stud earrings sit flush to the ear with no (or very minimal overhang) you will see them worn in many ways, even as a single earring by men, or as part of a more edgy look by women (or men) who have multiple piercings on one or both ears.

We offer a wide selection of diamond stud earrings in many different cuts and shapes. Each has its own appeal according to personality and taste but there are two cuts which we find are most popular for diamond stud earrings.

The round brilliant cut which allows a diamond to exhibit maximum brightness, fire and sparkle is a best seller and possibly the most popular cut for diamond stud earrings. If a round brilliant cut is surrounded by a halo of diamond melee this creates the most fantastic design for diamond stud earrings.

The princess cut which is essentially a square shape that makes the design of the diamond stud earrings look more contemporary. This design is very much up and coming in the popularity stakes for the lady who likes a more edgy look to her diamond jewelry but maintaining the ‘bling’ factor, as the Princess cut has a modified brilliant facet arrangement, these diamonds typically have exceptional sparkle and scintillation.