Solitaire Engagement Rings

Solitaire engagement rings are a firm favorite for engaged couples, and you can find an extensive range of stunning solitaire rings either on this site or by visiting our New York, Los Angeles or Dallas showrooms.

Our diamond inventory includes over 50,000 loose diamonds of all shapes, sizes, and styles all of which have been assessed using the 4 Cs to help you find a beautiful ring that matches your budget and is befitting of this truly special occasion. The name Solitaire simply means that the ring is designed with a single diamond rather than a Multi-Diamond piece. A Diamond Solitaire can be designed in any of the commonly known diamond shapes and paired with a variety of ring materials and sizes. Here at Reve Diamonds, our extensive collection has something for every taste and budget while the fact that all of our diamonds are both certified and ethically allows you to purchase with confidence.

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What exactly is a diamond solitaire?  

A Diamond Solitaire is a style of jewelry that features a single diamond. While it can describe necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and other jewelry pieces too, solitaire settings are especially loved for engagement rings. In fact, it is suggested that roughly one in four engagement rings sports the solitaire diamond design. Their popularity can be attributed to the fact that they can show off the beauty of the stone in stunning style while also celebrating your relationship and engagement in a magical way. Moreover, the single diamond can be featured in both subtle designs and big statement pieces. As such, solitaire engagement rings can be found to suit any woman’s personal style and preferences.  

One of the amazing things about diamond solitaire engagement rings is that they don’t only create a magical occasion when you pop the question. Your bride-to-be will fall in love with the elegant jewelry each time she looks at it. This regular reminder of your love won’t only fill her with joy, it’ll also create excitement for planning the big day. Our team of passionate and experienced jewelers and diamond grading experts certify every solitaire diamond we sell, whether it’s online or at our showroom. This allows you to find the best solitaire ring that your budget can afford and allows you to get down on one knee with confidence. 

Solitaire engagement rings often feature a round diamond shape, which is heralded for its intense sparkle due to the high volume of light that shines on the top of the diamond. However, solitaires can be cut to other popular shapes like pear, princess, and cushion. Either way, Reve Diamonds ensures that your beautiful solitaire engagement ring delivers the beauty and quality that you deserve.  

Solitaire engagement rings that are ready for the occasion 

Here at Reve Diamonds, we don’t just understand diamonds and engagement rings. We also understand you. This is one of the most important questions that you’ll ever ask in your life, and you need a solitaire engagement ring that fills you know your fiance will love. All of our solitaire engagement rings, including bespoke designs, are of the highest caliber. Meanwhile, we can provide full details on the grading of your chosen diamond as well as the ring style and material choices. Better still, this premium service comes at an exceptional price. 

Our incredible value for money is made possible due to the fact we provide a comprehensive service. This means that there is no middleman, subsequently allowing us to pass the savings onto our valued customers. And that’s certainly a good thing given that the wedding will cost you thousands of dollars. We have helped thousands of couples across the US and beyond start their engagement in style with stunning solitaire engagement rings. We’d love to help you too. You will find plenty of valuable info on this website to make the process easier or can contact our friendly advisors for further support.   

Searching for engagement rings made easy 

Solitaire engagement rings are available in a wide range of styles, sizes, and designs. While navigating your way through hundreds of pieces can feel daunting, our responsive filters should allow you to navigate your way through our extensive collection with ease. You can narrow your search by metal type, ring style, ring size, and a host of other features. So, even though we offer arguably the largest selection you are likely to find either online or offline, you can get to your dream ring within a few clicks. Whether you have your mindset on a particular style or have an open mind to different designs, you’ll soon find the perfect ring that will feel at home on your fiance’s finger.  

We craft all rings from our workshop in the heart of New York, combining our years of passion and experience to carefully craft beautiful items including our phenomenal solitaire rings that cover both traditional and contemporary designs. And if you’re not in New York, we offer a worldwide delivery service to ensure that your engagement is everything you want and more.  

An experienced specialist in solitaire engagement rings  

Here at Reve Diamonds, we have directly served consumers for nearly a decade. But did you know that our history of dealing in solitaire engagement rings goes back far further? That’s because we initially launched as a trade-only business. This background not only gives us an extensive understanding of jewelry but additionally enables us to provide the no-fuss service that we’re loved for. We believe in making your purchase as quick, convenient, and affordable as possible so that you can focus on planning the perfect way to pop the question.  

The simple sophistication of solitaire engagement rings is sure to help you celebrate your love with elegance and sparkle. Whether your solitaire diamond is matched with a rose gold, white gold, platinum, or another ring material doesn’t matter. You can always choose Reve Diamonds with confidence because we source and polish every diamond in our inventory. And if you’ve seen competitively-priced jewelry at another store, do not hesitate to ask us about what we can do to match or better those prices.   

Solitaire engagement rings you can trust 

When buying a diamond engagement ring, whether it’s a solitaire or Trilogy, Reve Diamonds offers warranties, lifetime production guarantees, and a 30-day return policy for online orders to give you added peace of mind. So, if you’re not happy with your ring for whatever reason, we’ll issue a full refund without question. We even include a free return shipping label in your order for added convenience. All orders are fulfilled by leading delivery brands like USPS, FedEx, UPS, and DHL while a Certificate of Authenticity confirms the diamond grading in line with the industry-standard Kimberley process regulations.  

Furthermore, our gold and platinum metals are crafted and hallmarked in the US, completing Government-approved certification. Whether you order your solitaire engagement ring online or via our showroom, you can be sure to receive the very best product. Say ‘i do’ to finding the ring of your dreams by calling, emailing, or using our Live Chat facility today.