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If you are looking for a diamond that exudes brilliance and fire with the sparkle of Round Brilliant cut, yet has a slender shape that will elongate, slim and flatter fingers then an Oval Cut diamond is the perfect choice for you.

Oval Cut diamonds are considered a ‘fancy’ diamond shape falling between the Round Brilliant Cut and the Pear Shape. They are versatile, elegant and classically timeless, and loved by those who are looking for a unique characterful centerpiece that has the wow factor.

In recent years Oval Cut diamond engagement rings have become the choice of many famous Hollywood celebrities including Heidi Klum and Salma Hayek which has further enhanced their popularity. So let’s take a closer look at Oval Cut diamonds.



Oval shaped diamonds have existed for many hundred of years. However, the Oval Cut diamond that we see in today’s jewelry pieces was not developed until 1957. It was invented by Lazare Kaplan a Russian born diamond cutter who is also the nephew of Abraham Tolkowsky who was responsible for creating the Ideal Cut.
Kaplan was also very well known in the diamond world for his exceptional cleaving skills. This is a process whereby badly flawed or cracked diamonds are cut into smaller diamonds with minimal inclusions, so transforming worthless diamonds into diamonds with considerable value. It was however the development of the Oval Cut as we see it today that earned Kaplan true recognition for his work and a place in the Jewelers International Hall of Fame.
Oval Diamond Shape


Oval Cut diamonds are, as their name suggests, symmetrical, elongated rounded shape diamonds. They feature 58 facets which work to give Oval Cut diamonds a very similar level of fire and brilliance to that exhibited by a Round Cut Brilliant diamond.
Oval Cut diamonds are available in length to width ratios from 1.30 to 1.60, the most popular being between 1.30 to 1.45. Choice of ratio depends on preference for shape as a larger ratio will create a long, narrow oval shape, whilst a smaller ratio will give a more rounded shape. The latter is generally more likely to prevent the “bow tie effect” which is often seen in Oval Cut diamonds. The “bow tie effect” is essentially a shadow that is seen across the diamond’s central facets when light passes through it. This effect can be reduced in Oval Cut diamonds by altering the depth of the pavilion or, to create a better diffusion of light, to adjust the angles of the table and facets.
Oval Diamond Shape


  • Oval Cut diamonds are one of the brightest cuts of diamond exuding sparkle and brilliance that make for a stunning showpiece.
  • Oval Cut diamonds offer good value for money costing less than a Round Cut diamond of the same carat weight and clarity so giving you more bang for your bucks.
  • Oval Cut diamonds exhibit a greater surface area which gives the optical illusion of being larger than a Round Cut diamond of the same size, so making them the perfect choice for those looking for a large stunning centerpiece.
  • If you have short or wide fingers Oval Cut diamonds are the ideal choice as they have the effect of elongating and slimming the fingers.
  • Oval Cut diamonds have no sharp corners which makes them ideal for everyday wear or for those with an active lifestyle. No sharp corners means that Oval Cut diamonds are unlikely to catch on surfaces, clothing or hair. When a diamond catches this can lead to the prongs that set the gemstone breaking but due to this feature there is a lower risk of this with Oval Cut diamonds than with a Square Cut diamond.
  • Oval Cut diamonds allow themselves to be set within a greater variety of settings. They are able to be set within a bezel setting, a 4 or 6 prong depending upon your preference.
  • The Oval Cut does have the ability to show blemishes, flaws or inclusions within the diamond more readily than some other cuts. Therefore we suggest that in choosing an Oval Cut diamond you select a color of F or above and clarity of SI2 upwards.
  • Many Oval Cut diamonds exhibit the undesirable “bow tie effect”, however generally this is barely visible and light. But it is important to check this presence before purchasing your Oval Cut diamond and decide if this factor is acceptable to your purchasing decision.


Oval Cut diamonds are on average approximately 25% less expensive than Round Cut diamonds of the same carat weight, clarity, cut quality and color. This is due to there being less wastage in the cutting and polishing process of creating an Oval Cut diamond from a rough diamond.
Additionally, the shape of an Oval Cut diamond maximizes carat weight meaning that it appears larger than other diamond cuts of the same weight. This gives the option of being able to go down to a lower carat without compromise to design. Both of these factors combine to make Oval Cut diamonds good value for money.


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