Like many people you may have heard the term synthetic or lab grown diamonds and thought that this referred to diamond alternatives such as cubic zirconia or moissanite, so hesitated in your purchase thinking these are not the real deal for your engagement ring. But you would be wrong! Lab grown diamonds are very much the real thing, the only difference is where they originate from.

As with natural mined diamonds, lab grown diamonds are formed from crystallized carbon. They are chemically, physically, and optically exactly the same as natural minded diamonds. The only difference is that they are created in a laboratory in a matter of weeks, using the same replicated conditions of extreme heat and pressure that takes billion of years to form natural diamonds in the Earth.

To the naked eye there is no difference between lab grown and natural diamonds. This is just one of the reasons why many couples are now choosing the option of lab grown diamonds for their engagement ring.

So with this factor in mind, let’s take a look at why lab grown diamonds are the perfect choice for a stunning engagement ring.

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 Three Reasons to Buy a Lab-Grown Diamond Engagement Ring


 1. Lab grown diamonds give you more bang for your bucks!

As lab grown diamonds cost significantly less to produce they consequently offer significant savings. In fact, lab grown diamonds are up to 70% less expensive than their natural counterparts of the same quality. This is a massive plus point for those on a budget as it means that by purchasing a lab grown diamond engagement ring you can get a larger or higher quality diamond for your money. And who wouldn’t refuse the opportunity to make an upgrade in clarity, cut and carat for less money when lab grown diamonds are exactly the same as natural diamonds in every way! And in fact, due to being formed in controlled conditions can actually show more clarity than some natural diamonds.

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 2. Lab grown diamonds are more ethical

Sadly the diamond mining industry has a tarnished reputation for being unethical. The long association with unethical practices such as human rights violations, child labor, poor wages and working conditions, the associated health risks, “blood diamonds” used as a means to fund wars and rebellions in African countries where they are mined, are all issues that surround the diamond mining industry with controversy and conflict. Lab grown diamonds have none of these associations as being created in a controlled environment they are 100% ethical.

Additional to these ethical violations, is the factor that the origins of naturally mined diamonds are not as easily traceable as lab grown diamonds. This means that it is more difficult to ensure that a naturally mined diamond is ethically sourced. In comparison, the exact origins of a lab grown diamond are known meaning that it is guaranteed from an ethical source, so that you can enjoy the beauty of your lab grown engagement ring totally guilt free.



 Lab grown diamonds are more environmentally friendly

Diamond mining is known for its negative impact upon the environment and ecological systems causing significant and irreparable damage. Lab grown diamonds are much more environmentally friendly with minimal environmental disruption.

The huge mining holes that have to be dug deep into the Earth to extract natural diamonds require heavy machinery and explosives with a significant carbon footprint and energy usage. The mining itself disturbs habitats, creates thousands of tons of mineral waste, causes water pollution, carbon emissions, the release of toxic gases such as sulphur oxide and also leaves land unsuitable for future use.

The creation of lab grown diamonds causes none of these adverse environmental factors and has no impact on biodiversity. The process involves minimal water and energy usage – in fact much of the energy used in manufacturing lab grown diamonds is renewable.

So Is Choosing A Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Ring a good choice?

Undoubtedly lab grown diamonds are here to stay and offer a fabulous alternative to natural diamonds. Both in terms of offering great value for money being significantly less expensive for high quality, and being ethically and environmentally friendly, lab grown diamonds are fast becoming the choice of discerning consumers.

Of course, ultimately the decision between a lab grown or a natural diamond engagement ring comes down to personal choice as with every element of such an important purchase. But if you’re an ethically and environmentally minded couple and want to enjoy your engagement ring guilt free. Plus like the idea of getting a higher quality ring for your budget then YES choosing a lab grown diamond engagement ring is the perfect choice for you and your partner!

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