Fancy colored diamonds

  1. January 11, 2018

    Read about Fancy Red Diamonds

    The color red is generally associated with love, passion, and strength, therefore it is very fitting that the world’s rarest, most desirable and most valuable of the fancy natural colored diamonds is the red diamond! Red diamonds are so rare that it is believed that thirty true ‘predominantly red’ diamonds are in existence, and most are smaller than half a carat - ‘predominantly red’ is the description given by the GIA that indicates that red is the primary color in the diamond with no secondary hues such as purple. Here we take a look at the phenomenon of the world rarest diamonds – the red diamond:

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  2. January 09, 2018

    The Beauty Of Pink Diamonds

    Whilst red diamonds are acknowledged as ‘the’ rarest of all the natural fancy colored diamonds, pink diamonds are considered by experts to also be one of the rarest natural diamonds on earth (along with purple, green, blue, violet and pure oranges). Due to this rarity it is estimated by experts that pink diamonds can cost at least 20 times the price of its colorless (white) equivalent and they are highly sought after by diamond collectors and connoisseurs worldwide for their personal collections and bespoke items of jewelry.  So what is it about pink diamonds that makes them so impressive? Let’s take a closer look:

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  3. January 07, 2018

    Shine Brighter Than The Sun With Yellow Diamonds

    Are you the sort of person who likes to break the mould and turn heads wherever you go? Do you seek out the spotlight rather than shy away? Well if the answer to either these questions is yes then you may want to consider the choice of yellow diamonds for your engagement ring or other item of diamond jewelry.

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