Tennis Bracelets

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Tennis Bracelet

If you are looking for an elegant and timeless piece of jewellery, a tennis bracelet is well worth considering. This is a thin bracelet that features a symmetrical pattern of individually set gemstones or diamonds that go all around the wrist.

Below, we will reveal more about the history of these beautiful bracelets, as well as further details about their features.

This is a thin bracelet that features a symmetrical pattern of individually set gemstones or diamonds that go all around the wrist.

Tennis Bracelet

This is often the first question that people have about tennis bracelets; after all, it is an unusual name.

The name for this piece of jewellery comes from an incident that involved Chris Evert, a former American tennis player. During a match at the US Open, Evert lost her designer diamond bracelet that was designed by George Bedewi.

A clasp on the bracelet had snapped, causing the bracelet to fall off. Evert asked the officials to pause the match until she found her bracelet. Ever since the incident, the diamond line bracelets have become known as tennis bracelets, and sports stars today, including Serena Williams, commonly wear them.

Tennis Bracelet

The great thing about tennis bracelets is that, not only do they look stunning, but also they are easy to wear. This is why a lot of athletes wear them.

The form of the bracelet makes it convenient for those who play sport or have an active lifestyle, as they don’t have to wear a heavy bracelet that clatters around and gets in the way.

Instead, a tennis bracelet is flexible and lightweight, which means there is less chance of it getting dinged or banged when playing a sport or carrying out day-to-day activities.

Tennis Bracelet

It is important to purchase your tennis bracelet from a reputable jeweller, such as Rêve Diamonds, so that you can be sure of exceptional quality and premium diamonds that sparkle brightly. When purchasing, make sure that the setting and the stones give you the flexibility you need.

When purchasing, make sure that the setting and the stones give you the flexibility you need.

Consider how you are going to be wearing the bracelet, and when you will wear it. Moreover, look for the traditional diamond characteristics, i.e. carat weight, colour, clarity, and cut.

It is important to note that tennis bracelets do not measure the weight of individual stones; rather they measure the overall carat weight.


The top 2 most popular types of tennis bracelets are known as the ‘classic tennis bracelet’ and the ‘bangle bracelet’. The one important difference between the two is purely the fact that the tennis bracelet has been designed in a way to make it a flexible wear whereas the bangle does not have this quality.Different types of setting in a tennis bracelet.There are 2 main different types of settings used on tennis bracelets. These settings are, Prong setting , and Bezel setting:

Claw setting

Prong setting – Also commonly known as a ‘claw’ setting refers to the metal which holds the diamond in place. This type of setting is very visible to the eye whilst still allowing the diamond to show of its stunning features. The metals used for the prongs are generally gold, silver and platinum. This type of setting allows the diamond/stone to gain more light though the ability to show off more of its angles.

Claw Setting Tennis Bracelets

Rub Over Setting

Bezel setting- Also known as ‘rub over’ setting simply means each diamond/stone has a metal setting surrounding it. Some people may compare this type of setting to the image of a watch head. The great quality of the

Rub Over Tennis Bracelets

Round Cut

The most wanted type of tennis bracelets is a round cut diamond tennis bracelet. This is usually available to purchase in 18 karat white gold with a length of 7inches (18cm). The round cut is most popular as it is an easy wear and can be worn on casual yet formal occasions with almost any outfit, still giving off that elegant look. Although the round cut is commonly brought it white gold, it can also be purchased in gold or rose gold however, these options are not usually as popular.

Round Cut Tennis Bracelets

Emerald Cut

The emerald cut tennis bracelet is a modern take on this iconic design that adds an extra touch of class. The step faceting pattern of the emerald cut exquisitely captures the translucent beauty of the diamonds by creating the illusion of broad flashes of white light that contrast the dark planes within each step. This gives the effect of flashes of light, known as the hall of mirrors, and makes the emerald cut tennis bracelet a real head turner.

Emerald cut Tennis Bracelets

18kt White Gold

The shimmering 18k white gold tennis bracelet is the epitome of elegance and looks flattering on every skin tone. This iconic and dazzling design is the perfect accessory for a woman whose wishes to radiate classical elegance and grace. 18K white gold has the highest level of purity with 75% being pure gold making it not only highly desirable but also ideal for those who may have allergic reaction lower-karat jewellery because of the lower gold purity/presence of nickel.;

White Gold Tennis Bracelets

18kt Yellow Gold

18kt yellow gold tennis bracelets are somewhat unique and regarded as not being the traditional diamond tennis bracelet. This style of tennis bracelet has a classic and elegant feel to the design and complements warm skin tones, therefore making this the perfect choice of bracelet for those who prefer a warmer look to their jewellery. In addition for everyday use an 18kt yellow gold tennis bracelet is the ideal choice as it is strong enough to be worn regularly without worrying about the bracelet breaking.

Yellow Gold Tennis Bracelets

Rose Gold

18kt rose gold has become a very popular choice of metal for the setting of tennis bracelets in recent years as when coupled the brilliance of diamonds it exudes femininity. This bracelet is the perfect choice for the woman who wishes to add a modern, stylish touch to any outfit by accessorising with an 18k rose gold tennis bracelet. Rose gold is an alloy meaning that the gold is blended with other metals. In the case of rose gold, the alloy creates a stronger metal that is more durable thus making the 18k rose gold tennis bracelet an ideal choice for everyday wear.

Rose Gold tennis Bracelets

Yellow Diamonds

The yellow diamond tennis bracelet is very much a statement piece that appeals to the lady who likes to be classical in her style statement, but also dares to be different. Yellow diamonds are widely regarded as the most popular choice after the colourless variety. Their bright vibrant colour is often associated with warm sunlight, happiness, cheerfulness and prosperity. Therefore they are a fabulous compliment to a tennis bracelet adding a touch of colour that will look particularly stunning against a holiday tan.

Yellow Diamonds Tennis Bracelets

Blue Sapphire and diamonds

The blue sapphire and diamond tennis bracelet is particularly alluring and evokes an air of sheer elegance and luxury on a woman’s wrist.This classical combination of gemstones gives an almost art deco to the tennis bracelet design.It is perfect for the lady who is seeking something a little different than the plain diamond tennis bracelet, or perhaps to be worn for an occasion rather than as an everyday piece of jewellery with the luxuriant and colourful contrast of deep blue sapphires and brilliant diamonds.

Blue Sapphire Tennis Bracelets