Shoulder Set Engagement Rings

When you choose to propose to your partner every element of that once in a lifetime experience has to be just perfect. But undoubtedly, the most important part of the proposal is the engagement ring and selecting the perfect engagement ring not only shows your partner how much you love them, but also how well you know their personality and taste in jewellery. After all the chosen engagement ring will be worn every day as part of their jewellery and will not only be a statement of your love but also more of your good taste.  

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When starting the search to order your perfect engagement ring there are many options to consider such as would your partner prefer white gold, yellow gold, rose gold or a platinum engagement ring; is a diamond engagement ring the perfect choice or would your partner prefer an alternative stone; consider the cut of your chosen diamond engagement ring e.g. princess cut, oval cut, emerald cut, etc.; would your partner prefer a statement solitaire engagement ring or a stunning trilogy design with a trio of diamonds; and of course with consideration to your budget - what carat weight which will determine the price to fit with your budget.  

In our experience, when our customers contact us to start the search to select the perfect engagement ring more tend to focus purely upon the diamond and that stunning sparkle that goes with it and forget the setting and band. As we like to help our valued customers make the right decision from the right category for the right price, we always remind them that these factors are just as important to create a diamond engagement ring that your partner will adore for a lifetime.  It’s not only important to ensure that you have the correct size, but that the style is right for your partner and that the band and setting complement the diamond (or other gemstones) that you have chosen for your engagement ring.  Plus of course, as this engagement ring will eventually, be matched up with wedding rings these factors are important to consider from the very start in your jewellery buying journey.

One of the first things you need to do is determine what type of metal you are going to choose. On our website and in our London store our customer service team generally find that yellow gold, white gold and platinum tend to be the most popular metals made to order for our customers for diamond rings.  However recently, we have seen an increase in the order of rose gold which has become very popular in costume jewellery and is now becoming an increasingly popular option with engagement rings, also offering a very good price point. So whilst you may prefer white gold, you should take a look at the jewellery your partner tends to wear on a day-to-day basis before starting your engagement rings search as you want to ensure that your chosen ring is going to match what they wear and if white gold is not their thing then re-think your order. From this point, you then need to decide upon the setting you are going to have.

Why choose diamond shoulder set engagement rings?

Despite the many different diamond engagement ring designs, no diamond does it better than a classic solitaire engagement ring anddiamond shoulder set engagement rings have re-emerged in popularity in recent years as shoulder set is a very dynamic way to add interest and sparkle to a solitaire diamond.  In fact, this very small detail can really have a quite amazing impact on diamond engagement rings.  

The shoulder of a diamond engagement ring marks the point between the setting and band of the ring. The shoulder set ring adds a little extra glamour to the traditional solitaire engagement ring whether it be on white gold or any other metal. Composed of a central diamond set and embraced by smaller stones, the shoulder set design extends the smaller gemstones part of the way around the band, like a shoulder on either side of the central stone. The simplicity of the design, when combined with a precious metal finish evokes a touch of elegance that is hard to match in any other engagement ring styles.

Diamonds placed on the shoulders of an engagement ring beautifully enhance the striking appearance of the centre diamond. If you want the timeless look of a solitaire style diamond ring, with extra sparkle and glamour, our range of shoulder set engagement rings is perfect.

What are the various ways to set small diamonds on the shoulders of a band for set engagement rings:

Pavé Set Diamond Shoulder - this is the most classic way to set stones on the shoulder of a ring . The stones in this shoulder set sit elegantly close together within tiny beads. As the stones are set low and close together, the surface of this shoulder set engagement ring appears to have a diamond-encrusted, frosted look with a dramatic, brilliant finish.

Channel Set - as the name suggests the stones are set in a channel or row and secured by vertical metal walls. The basic shoulder shape can be parallel or straight or alternatively tapering but with diamonds set along a channel cut within the band. This normally extends from below the setting to above the halfway point and the diamonds are set to edge to edge with precision, within the straight shoulder – a popular feature of more elaborate shoulder set engagement ring styles. This gives these designs of shoulder set engagement rings a very contemporary look as the diamonds appear to be set in one long row as there is no metal in between.

Cut Down Set - this style works perfectly on the shoulder of thin rings, as there is no visible strip of metal on the side of the stones. The stones are set in ‘cuts’ in the metal and can be clearly seen from the side angle of the shoulder set engagement ring.

Diamond Set on the Top and Side - this design gives a much more extravagant look for shoulder set rings. Pavé setting diamonds on both the top and sides of the ring adds extra sparkle and brilliance. The amazing details within this diamond shoulder style of shoulder set ring gives a distinct nod to retro styling vintage style and work perfectly with all shapes of diamonds.

Here at Reve Diamonds, we're proud to have one of the most fabulous collections of absolutely stunning solitaire engagement rings with shoulder set. Our diamond shoulder rings are exquisite in detail and handmade with incredible attention to details by the meticulous eye of our team of expert jewellers who have the utmost dedication to providing the very highest standard of customer service.  If you search our jewellery collections and options of diamond engagement rings on our website you will note the stark difference between a solitaire diamond, or princess cut on a plain band, and one on a pair of diamond shoulder set. The latter gives an added sense of glamour and luxury which makes our shoulder set engagement rings the perfect choice for those ladies who like their jewellery to dazzle and delight with something a little more eye-catching on their hand.

If you are considering the choice of one of our stunning engagement rings and are looking for the wow factor then we are here to help and can highly recommend looking at our category range of shoulder set engagement rings. To help our valued clients choose the right category from our range of diamond ring we have products at every price to suit all budgets and once you have browsed our website why not visit our London showroom to see our products in person. Our diamond inventory results in over 50,000 loose diamonds of all shapes and sizes, meaning that you have many products options to help you find the perfect diamond for your ring from our products range, that matches your budget. At Reve Diamond, we ensure that all diamonds are sourced ethically and perfectly cut resulting in beautiful items. All our loose diamonds are available to view in our London showroom for delivery when your design's chosen. Simply book an appointment or call us now!