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View our solitaire engagement rings designs to find your dream ring, or visit us in our London showroom. You can use the filters to navigate through the options we have available. Our diamond inventory features over 30,000 loose diamonds of all shapes and sizes, meaning you can find the perfect diamond for your ring, that matches your budget. As its names suggests a Diamond Solitaire ring consists of a single diamond. The word solitaire does not describe a particular diamond shape and therefore a Diamond Solitaire Ring can be designed using any of the widely recognised diamond shapes. At Reve Diamonds, we ensure that all the diamonds in our Solitaire Engagement Rings are sourced ethically and perfectly cut. This results in a beautiful and timeless piece. All of our loose diamonds are available to view in our London showroom. Simply book an appointment or call us now!

Premium quality solitaire engagement rings

We are here to provide you with engagement rings solitaire of the highest calibre. More and more people are choosing to shop with us for a host of reasons, including our highly competitive prices, informative advice and outstanding customer service skills. No matter what ring style you're interested in, we're highly confident that we can help.

We provide a first-class service to jewellery buyers across the UK and the world. One of the reasons that we’re able to provide some of the best prices in the industry is that we cut out the middleman and therefore pass the savings we make onto you. If you need any expert advice during the buying process, we are here for you. You can find a wealth of information on our premium jewellery products and diamonds across our website, but you are welcome to contact us at any point if you do require any further details.

What is a diamond solitaire?

Diamond solitaires style are pieces of jewellery with a single diamond. A diamond solitaire can come in the form of not only a ring but an earring or necklace or. Solitaire settings are incredibly popular due to the way the show off the beauty of your chosen stone. Around a quarter of engaged women receive solitaire engagement rings. These items can be used to mark a whole host of key life events. These include anniversaries, coming of age and engagements. Diamond engagement rings represent lasting love and fidelity. The moment when someone places a diamond ring on their partner’s finger is a magical one that can be cherished forever. As the recipient of a diamond ring is likely to wear it every day and look at it thousands of times, it’s important to purchase something that’s elegant and exquisite enough for the job.

Each member of our team is extremely passionate and knowledgeable about jewellery. We only offer diamonds that are graded appropriately, which means nothing is graded too high or low. You won’t receive a diamond with visible blemishes or graded by poor-quality labs. None of our stones have medium or strong fluorescence. If you wish to purchase diamond rings of superior quality without overspending, we are the brand for you.

The round brilliant is the most popular stone shape for solitaire rings. This is noted for its multifaceted style alongside the way it showcases the depth of the stone whilst offering a splendid sparkle. Many people opt for this cut due to the way it provides the optimal amount of light return via the top of the diamond. We also offer solitaire diamond rings with cushion, pear, radiant and princess cuts.

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You shouldn't have any trouble making your way around our site when you are continuing to browse. You can shop by metal, ring style and ring size to find the items that you desire. We are a leading source for engagement rings and wedding rings, offering you much more choice than you're likely to get elsewhere. Find a magical item that will represent your union for years to come right here. If you have a particular type of engagement or solitaire ring in mind and can't see what you're looking for on our site, don't hesitate to get in touch to see what we can do for you. We offer a magical range of collections for buyers across the United Kingdom and beyond.

Our workshop is situated in the heart of London. This is where we carefully craft a vast range of wedding rings, diamond engagement rings, eternity rings, diamond pendants & necklaces, yellow gold jewellery, tennis bracelets, diamond earrings and bespoke diamond jewellery. Not only do we offer our distinctive designs at wholesale prices but we ship them worldwide so you can source them from wherever you are.

The leading source for solitaire engagement rings

Although we were first launched as a trade-only business, we expanded in the mid-2010s to allow non-trade customers to use our services. When you opt for our service, you remove the fuss, strain and expense from the buying process. We’re confident no retail jewellery around the world can match our quality or value for money. We are eager to assist you if you're ready to celebrate your love with a solitaire engagement ring that sparkles with elegance and sophistication.

Why not browse our site today if you require rose gold, white gold, princess cut or any other kind of jewellery? Perhaps you have seen competitively-priced jewellery elsewhere and are wondering if we can match it? In the vast majority of cases, we will be able to beat their prices. This is because we source and polish our own diamonds rather than depending on other brands, companies and organisations. Our products also come complete with generous warranties, leaving you covered for a considerable period of time. You’ll also receive a lifetime production guarantee that ensures action can be taken if you discover any manufacturing issues.

Risk-free buying for solitaire engagement rings

There’s also a 30-day return policy for each item. This means you can return items within this period if you are unsatisfied with them. As soon as we have received your item back at our workshop, we will refund the money with no questions asked. Your solitaire engagement ring will be insured right until you receive it. The free return shipping will also be insured if you need to return it to us. Just remember to use the free shipping label if you or your recipient are unhappy with your order.

Each order comes with free, secure shipping from leading delivery brands like Royal Mail, FedEx, UPS and DHL. Your diamond jewellery will also come complete with a Certificate of Authenticity from a top diamond grading lab. What’s more is that our diamonds are conflict-free, adhering to the industry’s strict Kimberley process regulations. All the gold and platinum we use is crafted and hallmarked in the UK, undergoing testing and certification from a Government-approved agency.

Choose our service if you're seeking out the ultimate engagement or wedding ring buying experience. Find the best product or products at the best price. You can also book an appointment with our experts if you wish to view our jewellery in person at our showroom before you buy.

To find out more about our collection of refined solitaire engagement rings, contact us today. You can reach us by sending an email to call us on +4420 70169878, using the Live Chat facility on our site or getting in touch via WhatsApp.