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View our halo engagement rings designs to find your dream ring, or visit us in our London showroom. You can use the filters to navigate through the options we have available. Our diamond inventory features over 50,000 loose diamonds of all shapes and sizes, meaning you can find the perfect diamond for your ring, that matches your budget. Halo Engagement Rings refers to a ring where smaller diamonds or gemstones are arranged in a circle or a square around a centre stone. The overall effect is to make that central stone appear larger. At Reve Diamond, we ensure that all the diamonds in our Halo Engagement Rings are sourced ethically and perfectly cut. This results in a beautiful and timeless piece. All of our loose diamonds are available to view in our London showroom. Simply book an appointment or call us now!

Why are halo engagement rings so popular?

Many people opt for halo rings when they need something that sparkles brightly and is synonymous with elegance. If you need to find out more about what a halo engagement ring is, read on. With a halo diamond engagement ring,you get a fantastic single central diamond that’s encased by smaller-sized stones.

A ring to turn heads

These exquisite rings demand the attention of everyone that you encounter. We can cater for you whether you require a white gold, platinum, rose gold or yellow gold halo engagement ring. Options are also available whether a princess cut diamond, oval design or traditional classic round shaped diamond are needed.

More about halo engagement rings

The centre diamond is surrounded by a range of round or micro-pave diamonds. Some halo engagement rings have faceted coloured gemstones surrounding the central diamond. The central diamond looks simply stunning within a halo setting. The diamond is crafted by hand. The sparkle generated by a halo diamond ring is a major reason why so many people opt for this choice. If you require even more sparkle than you’d achieve from most diamond halo engagement rings, you can blend a slightly squared halo with a round brilliant diamond.

Boosting the appearance of your centre diamond

The outer diamonds can make the central diamond appear much bigger than it is. The combination of multiple smaller diamonds and a central diamond costs substantially less than the expense attached to a single diamond with the same overall carat weight. This means you don’t have to miss out on show-stopping elegance even if your diamond halo budget is restricted.

Flush or floating?

You’ll also be able to decide between a flush halo and a floating halo setting. With the former, the centrestone sits flat with the halo. However, the central stone is placed above the halo to create space. We can cater for you whether you have a flush or floating design in mind.

A trend worth embracing

The diamond halo engagement ring has become increasingly popular over recent years. Many experts have even spoke of “the halo craze” as a result, with many celebrities having been seen embracing this style. However, you don’t need to have a huge budget to purchase a halo engagement ring. We can help you acquire a halo diamond ring that might be affordable but doesn’t look “cheap” in the slightest.

Types of halo rings

There are numerous types of diamond halo rings available. With the plain shank halo ring, a polished band move gently up the diamond and halo to draw attention to the centrestone. In a split shank ring, the band splits as it edges closer to the centrestone and halo, ensuring the accent diamonds have more space to shine. A pave halo ring will offer the perfect balance between additional sparkle and classic elegance, as the accent diamonds are only seen part of the way down the ring’s shank. A double halo engagement ring may be ideal if your budget stretches beyond a single halo but you can’t stretch to a large centrestone. When it comes to which style you should opt for, there is no wrong or answer – your personal preferences alone can play a big role in determining which ring style type is right for you.

Oval halo engagement rings

Oval diamond engagement rings are perfect for someone who likes the brilliance and sparkle of a round cut brilliant, but likes the illusion of the stone being larger, as it will have a bigger spread than the round cut brilliant.

In many ways oval halo diamond engagement rings is a close second to the round cut brilliant but gives off a more unique look and is for someone who likes a very classy and elegant look.

Cushion cut halo engagement rings

Cushion diamonds is what we would refer to as a hybrid diamond cut. It will be near impossible to find two cushion cut diamonds that are identical, as some will have a delicate square or straight rectangular shape yet all will have curved/soft corners.

The majority of contemporary cushion cut diamonds come with 64 facets, which is different from the basic 58 facets, which makes this particular shape quite enticing.

Emerald cut halo engagement rings

An emerald cut diamond is a rectangular stone with cut corners and feature step cuts, which are facets that sit parallel to one another, which gives off a “mirror-like” effect.

Whichever setting you decide to go for, the setting will only enhance the beauty of the stone.

Many emerald cut diamond rings have a very unique, art deco feel, which makes the emerald cut diamond truly versatile.

Hidden halo engagement rings

Incorporating a hidden halo to your engagement ring will most definitely ensure a lasting wow-effect due to the sparkle seen from all angles. The centre diamond rests on top of a halo along side the band.

The hidden halo is a modern take on the traditional halo engagement ring designs and unlike some other designs, a hidden halo fits perfectly with any diamond shape.

Your diamond engagement ring options

There are many options available to you when it comes to brand new engagement rings, and many variations to consider in our collection. You can opt for a round, square or diamond-shaped halo. Choose between a white, yellow or rose gold band. Bands can also link to the central diamond in various ways, including as twisted and straight designs. Halo settings can make your centrestone appear to be up to half a carat bigger, saving money whilst giving you all the glitz, shine and elegance that you’re seeking. The pavé design results in outstanding sparkle. As smaller stones cost less, you can achieve a considerable amount of sparkle for less than you think. The surrounding stones will also provide an extra layer of protection for the centrestone.

Source an affordable yet elegant engagement ring

We have vast experience in working with customers with different budgets. This means we can assist you whether you have more to spend on jewellery or have a strict limit in mind. Halo rings have helped couples across the world to maximise their budgets and are becoming more and more popular all the time.

Shop for diamond rings with confidence

If you need advice on choosing the right halo ring, shape and style from our online shop, we are here for you. We have been supplying highly sophisticated diamond jewellery for many years and are confident we can provide all the style and class you need no matter what item you're purchasing. Though we began our journey offering brand new diamond rings to trade customers, we are now able to serve jewellery lovers across the UK and further afield. We are proud to offer the finest standards of customer service possible, and secure insured delivery is also available. Get the diamond halo ring style you need by browsing our range today. It's so easy to search our site to find suitable products for your needs, and we're always on hand to provide you with in-depth advice on sourcing the perfect diamond engagement ring for your requirements.

Browse our range of brand new halo rings today if you require exceptional jewellery to mark your new commitment. We have the ring style or styles for you from the category you're interested in, whether you require yellow gold, white gold, emerald or rose gold. Our shop is also an incredible source for exquisite wedding rings, jewellery gifts and various other elegant products you'll love to show off to your friends and family. More and more people are buying engagement and wedding rings from us to meet their shape, style, stone and budget requirements. Complete a sale you won't regret right here with a brand you can trust.