Gemstone Engagement Rings

Gemstone engagement rings are a popular choice for couples who want something unique and special. While diamond rings are still the most popular option, gemstones offer a wide range of colours and styles to choose from.

Scroll through our gemstone engagement ring designs to find your dream ring. We have many more gemstones available to view in our Mayfair showroom — ruby, Sapphire, Emeralds and more.

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Why Are Gemstone Engagement Rings So Popular?

Gemstone jewellery is popular for many reasons, such as variety. There are many gemstones available to you, meaning there is something to suit most tastes and preferences. Gemstones have been used to make jewellery for a long time, and there’s no sign of them falling out of favour. A considerable number of people opt for gemstones when picking designs for engagement rings.

More and more well-known figures have recently been opting for gemstone engagement rings over traditional diamond rings. These include the Prime Minister’s partner Carrie Symonds, who showed off her gemstone engagement ring in 2020. This ring was an oval-cut emerald that drew comparisons to the Duchess of Cambridge’s sapphire ring.



Gemstone Engagement Rings and Spirituality

One of the most common reasons for wearing gemstones is to form a link with the past. In days gone by, people used gemstones due to their religious and spiritual beliefs.

Many people still do, although a large number of people wear them even if they don’t have such beliefs. It’s said that all gemstones have healing powers.



Gemstones for Energy and Empowerment

As each gem represents a planet, many believe they can draw energy from planets and direct them to the wearer. This means someone could benefit from this energy throughout their union with their partner.

Red and pink rubies represent the sun, empowering the wearer to improve their leadership skills and take responsibility.

It's thought that a gemstone's energy improves various aspects of our lives by weakening blockages that lead to poor health. It's no wonder so many couples are opting for gemstone engagement rings.

Anxiety Relief and Gemstones

It’s thought that gemstones could help people with anxiety. Certain gemstones are said to reduce stress and anxiety whilst keeping wearers grounded.

Gemstones are also linked to reductions in recklessness and self-doubt, concepts many people are eager to move away from as they embark on their new lives with their partners.




Gemstones and Royalty

Diana, Princess of Wales, wore a gemstone engagement ring that was then passed down to Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge. This ring was an oval 12ct Ceylon sapphire surrounded by 14 diamonds.

The gemstone revival has also reached Hollywood, with Orlando Bloom proposing to Katy Perry with an oval-shaped ruby stone with white diamonds in 2019. Experts say more and more individuals are seeking out bespoke rings with coloured gemstones, with demand building each year.

Why Choose Rêve Diamonds for Your Gemstone Engagement Ring?


Many people ask us how we’re able to offer such high-quality rings at such competitive prices. One of the main reasons is that we cut out the middleman to avoid unnecessary expenses, passing the savings we make onto you, the valued customer. We are more than happy to support you during the buying process so you avoid making a purchase you come to regret. We are the company for you if you require exceptional designs, amazing attention to detail and tailor-made services.

Our workshop is located in the heart of London. We are known across the world for the quality of our diamond engagement rings, gemstone rings, eternity rings, necklaces, pendants, tennis bracelets, wedding rings and earrings. We ship our exquisite jewellery worldwide and expanded what was a trade-only business back in 2014, allowing non-trade customers to benefit from our exceptional products and prices online for the very first time.

But that’s not the only reason you should buy your gemstone engagement ring from us:


Wider Collection

Whether you're seeking a white gold ring, a blue sapphire ring, an aquamarine centre stone, a sapphire centre, a specific setting or style, fine details, distinctive colours or a classic diamond ring, we are here for you. We are proud to be a market leader in luxury gemstone engagement rings.

Lifetime Production Guarantee

Each item we produce comes with a lifetime production guarantee to cover any manufacturing issues or problems. Our products come with substantial warranties, and we offer a 30-day return policy. If you want to return an item for any reason, just let us know, and we will process this return without asking any questions.

Safe and Secure Jewellery Shopping

Choose us if you want to ensure your jewellery purchase is safe, enjoyable, straightforward and cost-effective. In most cases, we can even beat any price a competitor jeweller gives you, largely because we source and polish our diamonds rather than relying on third parties to carry out this work.

Free Insured Jewellery Shipping

We also offer insured shipping. From the moment your jewellery leaves our facility to the point it arrives at your address, you’re covered. Your return shipping will also be insured if you decide to return the item or items to us, as long as the free shipping label inside the package is used.



Rêve Diamonds Happily-Ever-After Customers


“Blown away”


“I had a brilliant experience dealing with Rêve looking for an engagement ring. To personally explore the perfect band and diamond became such an easy process. I made my choice with their insights and knowledge, and then within two to three weeks, I was looking at a gorgeous ring that my partner was blown away by. I can’t speak highly enough of the experience with Emma.”

— Ciaran

“Can't recommend Rêve enough”


“I can't recommend Reve enough. Milena was extremely helpful throughout the entire process of designing and buying an engagement ring. She was patient, professional and incredibly knowledgeable and helped me pick the perfect diamond and design a bespoke ring around it. She took my feedback on board throughout the whole process and was not pushy or patronising in the slightest.”

— Oliver

“A very happy fiancé”


“Excellent tailored service from start to finish. I’ve since been singing Rêve Diamonds’ praises to everyone. Very competitive prices too. Milena was fantastic; she offered her views and ideas for the design. It was also refreshing not to feel like a tourist trapped in Hatton Garden. Outcome: one very happy fiancé.”

— Max



Gemstone Engagement Ring FAQs


While many couples choose diamonds for their engagement rings, other couples opt for coloured gemstones. While diamonds are certainly beautiful, they are not the only option for an engagement ring. Gemstones come in a wide variety of colours, each with its unique meaning and symbolism. For example, rubies represent love and passion, while sapphires symbolise faithfulness and loyalty.

Plus, gemstones can be more affordable than diamonds, making them a good option for couples on a budget. And because each gemstone is unique, a coloured engagement ring can be a truly one-of-a-kind symbol of your love.


When choosing an engagement ring, there are various stones to choose from. However, not all stones are created equal. Some are more durable than others, and some have more visual appeal. Here is a brief guide to help you choose the best stone for your engagement ring:

Diamonds are the most popular choice for engagement rings, and for good reason. They are incredibly durable and have a brilliant sparkle sure to catch your eye. However, diamonds can be quite expensive.

Sapphires are another popular choice for engagement rings. They are nearly as durable as diamonds and come in a wide range of colours, from classic blue to vibrant green. Sapphires tend to be less expensive than diamonds, making them a great option if you're on a budget.

Rubies are another option to consider. Like sapphires, they are very durable and come in a variety of colours. Rubies tend to be less expensive than diamonds or sapphires and are another great option for those on a budget.

No matter which stone you choose for your engagement ring, it is sure to symbolise your love for years to come.


The most popular type of ring is the diamond engagement ring. Diamonds are durable and beautiful, making them a perfect choice for an engagement ring. However, diamonds can be quite expensive.

For couples looking for a more affordable option, gemstone engagement rings are a great choice. Gemstones are available in many colours and styles and can be just as beautiful as diamonds. However, because some gemstones are less common than diamonds, they can be more expensive.


While diamonds have long been the traditional choice for engagement rings, they are not necessarily the best option. For many couples, a more unique and personal gemstone is a better choice. For instance, emeralds are associated with hope and new beginnings, making them perfect for an engagement ring. Rubies are also a popular choice, as they symbolise passion and love. And while diamonds may be the hardest gemstone, sapphires are more scratch-resistant, making them a more durable option for an engagement ring.

Ultimately, the best gemstone for an engagement ring is the one with the most meaning to the couple. Whether it is a traditional diamond or a unique stone, the most important thing is that the ring represents the love between two people.


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