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Why are vintage diamond engagement rings so popular? 

People choose vintage diamond engagement rings over modern rings for many reasons. Although there are many great reasons for purchasing modern rings, there are many pros attached to buying something with lots of history behind it too. 

A source of fascination 

Many people buy vintage engagement rings because of their interesting characteristics and craftsmanship. Vintage diamonds have so much history behind them.

Historic diamond rings

Many vintage diamond rings have remained within families for decades, having been passed down from generation to generation. The term ‘vintage diamond rings’ can refer to pieces of jewellery from many different eras. Over the decades, many trends have come and gone whilst others have remained popular.

Have diamonds always been the most popular stones? 

Diamonds haven’t been the most popular choice for centre stones. Softer stones were once more common in the past. In the Victorian era, pearls were often used as centre stones, with sapphires becoming popular during the Edwardian era. Gemstones were incredibly popular during the Art Deco era. The Art Deco era has proved to be particularly appealing amongst those seeking out vintage engagement rings today. 

The evolution of diamond cuts 

Technology has changed the way that diamonds are cut over time. If you compare a modern engagement ring with a vintage one, you may spot substantial differences in how the diamonds look. During the late 19th century, there were big changes in the diamond cutting world. Special tools were introduced which allowed for more precise cuts.

How do I identify old diamond cuts?

Old diamond cuts have round outlines as well as deeply cut facets, making them appear thicker than many modern diamonds. The cuts mean there are also big differences between how vintage and modern diamonds perform in the light. Modern diamonds are noted for their sparkle effect, but old diamonds have more of a warm glow. 

Replica jewellery diamond rings

Many people seek out vintage jewellery including antique engagement rings due to the high levels of detail on offer. If you were to enlist jewellery to recreate an antique ring, this can cost more and take more time than simply buying a vintage ring from the era that you’re interested in. If you do decide to opt for a replica, make sure you’re receiving a high standard of craftsmanship for better authenticity. 

How we can help you source vintage jewellery 

We are waiting to hear from you if you need to source antique engagement rings from a trusted source. We have vast experience when it comes to supplying vintage engagement rings and are only happy when you are truly satisfied. Our collection of products consists of rings to suit all tastes and our shop is noted for its diversity.

Make the right choice

Whether you're looking for an Art Deco, Art Nouveau, Edwardian, Georgian, Victorian, sapphire or blue sapphire design, we are confident that we can help you make the right purchase. There are many options available to you in terms of shape, style and ring size. Our products are designed to last a lifetime. We can send your jewellery diamond rings securely to your home, and your package will be fully insured. We believe there is no better source for vintage engagement and jewellery diamond rings in the UK. Why not browse our range today to get the perfect style, shape or type? 

Is there a difference between vintage diamond rings and antique diamond rings? 

Talk to one of our experts today to find out more about vintage and antique engagement rings and diamonds. Some people see a big distinction between vintage and antique rings. The term antique is often used to describe jewellery that’s more than a century old, whilst vintage is often used for items that have lots of history behind them but are yet to reach the 100-year mark. Nonetheless, both antique and vintage engagement rings are popular due to their elaborate designs and the history they are associated with. 

What are old mine cuts? 

Old mine cuts are cuts produced when diamonds were cut by hand and measured by the eye. This is still regarded as an incredibly valuable skill requiring vast accuracy and expertise. Old mine cuts take their name from old Indian diamond mines. These cuts became particularly popular during the Victorian era. 

Old European cut diamonds

These diamonds are noted for their large triangular facets and rounded tables. They peaked in popularity during the late 19th century and early 20th century. 

Victorian cuts 

Victorian cuts are noted for their classical shape, multifaced top crown, small table and step-cut bottom pavilion. When these diamonds are set, they look even bigger. Victorian cuts were part of the gradual shift from old cuts to the modern round brilliant diamonds we so commonly see as part of diamond rings today. 

Key eras in diamond jewellery 

Jewellery has seen a whole host of trends over the years. Many new engagement ring styles have become popular over the generations.

The Victorian era

Old mine cuts were exceptionally popular during the Victorian era, which lasted from 1837 to 1901. Rubies and emeralds were frequently seen in rings during this era. Symbolism was big in this era, with the snakes seen in many jewellery items representing the concepts of love and affection. Diamonds were used to represent prosperity and love, with jewellers using rubies to symbolise devotion and passion. 

The Art Nouveau and Edwardian eras 

Although the Art Nouveau period was brief, it proved to be highly influential in the world of jewellery. This period was characterised by exotic designs centred around muted colours, femininity and nature. During the Edwardian era, more platinum was used to create jewellery. Many pieces were inspired by embroidery and lace. Emeralds and rubies were popular, though diamonds had the most dominance during this era. It's still incredibly common to see modern jewellery inspired by the Art Nouveau and Edwardian periods. 

The Art Deco era 

The Art Deco era spanned the 1920s and the 1930s. Art Deco designs were typically centred around distinctive patterns, geometric shapes and contrasts between colours. Art Deco jewellery was heavily influenced by trends gathering pace in Egypt and India. Many Art Deco pieces had clean lines and sharp edges. There were many experimental combinations of natural materials with man-made glass and plastic. Talk to us today if you require art deco engagement rings that ooze style and sophistication. 

The Retro Era 

The Retro Era occurred in the 1940s and 1950s. During this era, jewellers blended trends from the past and present. There were many modern interpretations of styles that were popular during the Victorian era. Oversized pieces become more popular, with large gemstones being accented by diamonds as well as rubies and sapphires. Warm yellow and rose golds were on-trend, whereas cooler platinum had fallen out of favour. 

Why are engagement rings so important? 

Are you wondering why engagement rings are so important and why the presentation of engagement rings is such a magical event? The exchange of rings is typically the moment when a relationship becomes much more serious. Even centuries ago, engagements were marked by rituals, with cavemen tying strands of grass to their partner’s necks, ankles or legs.

Modern marriage proposals

In modern times, people propose to their partners with metals and gemstones. Engagement rings have been used since Egyptian times. Rings have been used for centuries to inform others that the couple is officially exclusive and that neither partner is available for courtship, with marriage being imminent. 

Rings that can be treasured forever

For many people, the ultimate aim is to find a ring so luxurious and in line with their partner’s expectations that it will be cherished forever. Rings are the physical representation of the commitment a couple has made to each other. It’s clear to see why people are so keen to show off their engagement rings to their friends and family once they have been placed on their fingers. Whilst some proposals are planned, others are highly spontaneous and impulsive. Couples tend to feel that their union is much more official once they have reached the engagement stage. 

Men and women's diamond rings

It’s not only women that love to show off their engagement rings. Many men love to display their rings to their friends and family members too. A luxury ring can feel exquisite on the human hand, but it also reflects the fact that someone they love has chosen to commit their future to them. 

Mark your commitment with a luxury engagement ring

Many engagements don’t occur until the couple has been together for a long time. People tend to avoid rushing engagements, instead waiting for a suitable time when both partners feel ready for a long-term commitment. This is another reason why the event is regarded as so special and magical.

Why is there an engagement finger?

One of the reasons why we wear engagement rings on a specific finger is that the ancient Egyptians believed the ring finger had a “vein of love” that is directly linked to the heart. Diamonds are chosen for engagement rings because they are nature’s hardest substance. This is why diamonds became known as the global symbols of love and marriage. 

Should you buy modern or antique engagement rings?

There are many benefits to owning antique engagement rings, modern engagement rings and rings that blend the new and the old. If you’re struggling to decide between a modern and vintage or antique engagement ring, it’s important to think about which option your partner will appreciate the most. 

Find the perfect diamond engagement ring

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