Diamond Colour

Colour is one of the most vital attributes you need to consider when buying a diamond. The colour of a diamond is graded on the scale of D to Z according to the widely used GIA colour scale. ‘D’ represents the highest grading and this is the most colourless diamond. White / colourless diamonds are widely considered the most desirable, and thus this is the most expensive grading. On the other end of the spectrum we have ‘Z’, which is used to grade the diamond that is most yellow in its appearance. Below we have grouped the colour grades to give you a better understanding:

D, E & F – When it comes to these three diamonds, the untrained eye will typically find it impossible to tell the difference between them. If you set one of these diamonds in yellow gold, it will counteract the colourless effect, so make sure you go for platinum or white gold.

G, H, I & J – A lot of people tend to go for diamonds with an I or J grade because they appear colourless yet they offer great value. You can expect around a ten to 20 per cent increase in price from the G grade to the H grade and so on. These diamonds do contain traces of colour although they are minimal.

K, L & M – Now we get to the point where a hint of yellow colour is somewhat easier to spot with the naked eye. Some people do feel that these diamonds have a bit too much colour, yet they do represent great value, which is the main reason for purchasing them.

N, O & R – The yellow colour in N, O and R graded diamonds is evident. There is not much diamond for these grades although they are very cheap when compared with the options mentioned above.

S, T, U, V, W X, Y & Z – Most people feel that all of these grades show too much colour for a white diamond, and thus they are not sought after.


Diamond Colour