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Tiffany Engagement Ring

One of the most famous and therefore enduringly popular of the settings is the Tiffany, which is a variant of the prong setting. Created by Charles Tiffany in the 1880s, the design is thought to be one of the most sought-after because of its stunning look and pedigree.

The term and design of the ‘Tiffany setting’ has been trademarked by Tiffany & Co, so you are also likely to see this type of ring advertised as a multi-prong solitaire ring. Prior to the invention of this style, diamonds tended to be set in bezel settings – secure, but obscuring the depths of the stone.

The overall intention behind this kind of setting is to raise the gemstone higher in the setting and allow as much light as possible to get to the diamond’s surface. This results in the maximum sparkle possible from a single stone. It is constructed from a raised claw, which holds the diamond securely while allowing the light to shine through its many facets. The less metal that is used in the fabrication of the claws that hold the ring, the more brilliant and the larger it will appear.

Prong setting engagement rings such as this will usually have three, four or six individual prongs welded or soldered into the band in order to mount the diamond to the metal. Clearly, the fewer prongs that are used, the more the diamond is exposed. This has the advantage of allowing the most light possible to enter the stone and give off brilliance. Equally, however, it can make the stone more vulnerable to accidental loss or damage. Purchasing from a high quality jeweller and regularly checking the stone is firmly set and cleaned when necessary will give you confidence in the security of your stone.

Tiffany Engagement Ring

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Tiffany Soleste split shank double halo ring

The Tiffany Soleste split shank double halo ring is a stunning design that is timelessly classical and the epitome of elegance and sophistication. This beautiful ring takes sparkle and brilliance to the next level. It encompasses a striking cushion cut diamond at its centre surrounded by a double halo of brilliant bead-set diamonds and a diamond band which reflect and refract light to produce an unrivalled display of brilliance that is akin to the rays of the sun.

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